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MPL 34th National U-12 R3-4: Aadhya Jain stuns top seed Shubhi Gupta

by Shahid Ahmed - 11/04/2022

Aadhya Jain (DEL) defeated the top seed of the Girls event, Shubhi Gupta (UP) in Round 4 of MPL 32nd National Under-12 Chess Championship. Shubhi was unable to realize her advantage in a complex position. Her exchange sacrifice turned out to be inaccurate as her opponent returned the exchange in the next few moves before going into a winning major piece endgame. Raghav V (TN) held the top seed of the Open section Arjun Adireddy (TEL) to a draw in the same round. Six players in the Open and five in the Girls are at 100% score 4.0/4. Round 5 starts today at 10:00 a.m. IST today. Photo: Saishyam Srikanth

Raghav draws with Arjun Adireddy

Ethan Vaz (Goa), Kushagra Jain (MAH), Aansh Nandan Nerurkar (MAH), Sadbhav Rautela (UTT), Md. Reyan (BIH) and Haridev S (TN) in the Open, Kalyani Sirin (KER), Prishita Gupta (DEL), Sherali Pattnaik (UTT), Aadhya Jain (DEL) and Aadya Gupta (DEL) in the Girls, are in the lead with a score of 4.0/4 each.

Aadhya Jain (DEL) defeated the top seed Shubhi Gupta (UP) in Round 4 | Photo: Saishyam Srikanth

Open Round 3: Mithiran - Aakash: 0-1

Mithiran A (TN, 1328) was completely winning against National Under-9 2019 champion Aakash G (TN, 1611).

Position after 25...Nxc3

White has a devastating attack on the kingside. He only needs to prevent the Nbxa2# threat which is exactly what he overlooked. 26.Rxf7 Nbxa2# is how the game ended. Instead 26.bxc3 Rxc3 27.Qh6 Rxc2+ 28.Kd1 would have been completely winning for White.

Mithiran A missed an excellent opportunity against Aakash G | Photo: Saishyam Srikanth

Round 4: Ethan - Adharsh: 1-0

Ethan Vaz (Goa, 1772) seized his opportunity against Adharsh K (TN, 1487). The latter made a positional mistake in the middlegame.

Position after 22...Qd7

22...Qd7 is a mistake. Find out why.

Ethan Vaz is in a terrific form | Photo: Saishyam Srikanth

Round 3 Girls: Nihira - Kalyani: 0-1

Nihira Koul (MAH, 1183) had an opportunity to draw the game against Kalyani Sirin (KER, 1434) in the pawn endgame.

Position after 67...Ke5

68.Ke2 Kf6 69.Kd2 Kg5 70.c4 bxc4 and White went on to lose the game. What could have White done differently to save the game?

Nihira Koul (MAH) could have saved the game against Kalyani Sirin (KER) | Photo: Saishyam Srikanth

Round 4: Shubhi - Aadhya: 0-1

Shubhi Gupta (UP, 1610) made some questionable positional choices. Her opponent Aadhya Jain (DEL, 1234) capitalized them all. Eventually the top seed decided to give up an exchange to gain initiative which actually gave her opponent an advantage.

Position after 36...Rfd8

The position is certainly complex. 37.exd4 c4 38.g5 would have been better for White. 37.Rxd3 exd3 38.e4 Qc6 39.Qxd3 Rxd6 40.exd6 Qxd6+ 41.e5 Qc7 now Black is completely winning because her central passed pawns are much stronger than White's pawns on the wing.

Aadhya Jain (DEL) played fantastic to beat the top seed Shubhi Gupta (UP) | Photo: Saishyam Srikanth

For more Round 3 and Round 4 photos, please click at the respective links.


A total of 237 players in the Open and 134 players in the Girls tournament are taking part. It is organized by Mandya Chess Academy, Mandya District Chess Associationn and New Tumkur District Chess Association. Both tournaments are taking place at Hotel Amaravathi, Mandya, Karnatak from 9th to 14th April 2022. The eleven-round Swiss league tournament has a time control of 90 minutes + 30 seconds increment from move no.1

Replay Open Round 3-4 games

Replay Girls Round 3-4 games

Open Round 4 results

124Raghav V14863½ - ½3Adireddy Arjun18891
22AIMVaz Ethan177231 - 03Adharsh K148723
36Jain Kushagra167531 - 03Ayushman Mohanty148025
48Aakash G16113½ - ½3Darshan S146327
528Vignesh Kannan P144630 - 13Aansh Nandan Nerurkar156411
642Sriram Adarsh Uppala13453½ - ½3Sharnarthi Viresh154913
714Sadbhav Rautela154331 - 03AIMMuthukumar Mukesh134541
816Reyan Md.152231 - 03Rishabh Kumar129953
920Ajay Santhosh Parvathareddy15073½ - ½3Nijesh R114892
1022Haridev S149231 - 03Shreesuday Behera1109115


Round 5 pairings

114Sadbhav Rautela1543UTT44AIMVaz Ethan1772GOA2
216Reyan Md.1522BIH44Jain Kushagra1675MAH6
311Aansh Nandan Nerurkar1564MAH44Haridev S1492TN22
41Adireddy Arjun1889TELAjay Santhosh Parvathareddy1507UP20
547Vandan Alankar Sawai1320DELAakash G1611TN8
69Goutham Krishna H1609KERRaghav V1486TN24
713Sharnarthi Viresh1549MAHDarshan S1463TN27
817Vivaan Vijay Saraogi1519MAHSriram Adarsh Uppala1345TEL42
992Nijesh R1148TNRaihaan Zahid1517KAR18
1019Sherla Prathamesh1510MAHChalla Saharsha1316TEL48


Girls Round 4 results

11AFMShubhi Gupta161030 - 13Aadhya Jain123416
25Kalyani Sirin143431 - 03Krupha S Ukkali122318
315Dheeptha B123630 - 13Prishita Gupta14176
49Sherali Pattnaik134331 - 03ACMTheephigaa K P121820
523AFMAadya Gupta120231 - 0Arockiaraj Cheryl Nancee124414
63Shreya G Hipparagi1552½ - ½Vaishnavi S K116432
711WCMShriyana S Mallya12771 - 0Anandhi P115834
867Shashini Puvi1045½ - ½Charvi A126712
913Devaki Nandana12660 - 1Saranya Devi Narahari0122
1017ACMNivedita V C12301 - 0Pavithra N105364


Round 5 pairings

116Aadhya Jain1234DEL44Kalyani Sirin1434KER5
26Prishita Gupta1417DEL44AFMAadya Gupta1202DEL23
311WCMShriyana S Mallya1277KAR4Sherali Pattnaik1343UTT9
4122Saranya Devi Narahari0TELVidula Anbuselvan1159TN33
51AFMShubhi Gupta1610UP3ACMNivedita V C1230TN17
62Arshiya Das1569TRI33Rudra Rajeev1141KAR39
731AFMHiya Garg1164DEL33Shreya G Hipparagi1552MAH3
832Vaishnavi S K1164TN33Saparya Ghosh1390WB7
912Charvi A1267KAR33Advika Sarupria1108RAJ47
1015Dheeptha B1236PUD33Kirthika B1088TEL52


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