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Endgame Magic #229: Indian talent Leon Luke Mendonca shows endgame highlights from his games

by Karsten Müller - 01/03/2023

GM Dr. Karsten Mueller is an endgame legend. His knowledge in endgame play is impeccable. Twice or thrice in a month he has the Endgame Magic show with one of the well-known guests who visit the ChessBase office. Karsten's guest on Episode #228 and #229 was India's 67th GM Leon Luke Mendonca. Leon recently finished at third place at Kragero Resort Chess 2023. Leon was at the ChessBase studio in Hamburg, Germany. Find out how you can watch the entire episode in this article along with a position from the show which was discussed. You can watch the Endgame Magic Show on-demand with a ChessBase Premium account. Photo: Endgame Magic #228/ChessBase

Endgame Magic #229

GM Leon Luke Mendonca with GM Dr. Karsten Mueller | Photo: Endgame Magic #228/ChessBase

The diagram position below shows a tricky knight endgame. Leon had White and had to defend against Zhansaya Abdumalik. The game ended in a draw but in this position Zhansaya Abdumalik missed a way to win. Do you see it?

Leon - Zhansaya, Polgar Challenge 2021

Black to play and win

To find out the correct answer to above positions, watch the entire episode here.


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