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Leon Luke Mendonca wins Spring Chess Classic 2024

by Shahid Ahmed - 20/04/2024

GM Leon Luke Mendonca defeated GM Christopher Woojin Yoo (USA) in the final round to win Spring Chess Classic 2024 A. GM Abhimanyu Mishra (USA), Leon and GM Mikhail Antipov were the three leaders 5/8. Leon was in a must-win situation and he needed the remaining two results to go in his favor. That is exactly what happened as both Abhimanyu and Antipov drew their respective final round games. GM Samvel Ter-Sahakyan (ARM) and Abhimanyu scored 5.5/9 each to finish second and third respectively. GM Aryan Chopra was the only other Indian in Group A. He scored 4.5/9 to finish fifth. GM Harshit Raja scored 5.5/9 to finish as the runner-up in Group B. This is Leon's second triumph in 2024 after he won Tata Steel Challengers 2024 early this year. Photos: Crystal Fuller/Saint Louis Chess Club

Harshit second in Group B

The Brand Ambassador of Geno Pharmaceuticals and Microsense, GM Leon Luke Mendonca won $5500 for winning the tournament. The total prize fund was US$ 40000, $23000 in Group A and $17000 in B. The top three prizes in A were $5000, $4000 and $3000 each, for B they were $4000, $3000 and $2500 each. The winner of each section receives a bonus $500.

Champion in A - GM Leon Luke Mendonca 6/9

Round 9: Yoo - Leon: 0-1

GM Abhimanyu Mishra (USA, 2626), GM Leon Luke Mendonca (2608) and GM Mikhail Antipov (2574) were the three leaders 5/8 going into the final round. Leon had to win and hope the remaining two results go in his favor. He was up against GM Christopher Yoo (USA, 2583).

Position after 20.c4

20.c4 created a lot of possibilities to break the center. Leon went 20...exd4 21.exd4 Na5 22.cxb6 dxc4 23.bxc7 Qxc7 24.Bb4 Qb7 25.Bxa5 cxd3 Black went on to win the game converting his material advantage. Abhimanyu and Antipov drew their respective games which allowed Leon to become the champion.

GM Leon Luke Mendonca en route his final round win over GM Christopher Woojin Yoo (USA)

GM Leon Luke Mendonca during various rounds

Leon Luke Mendonca scored 6/9, suffered only one loss and finished a half point ahead of the field

5th in A - GM Aryan Chopra 4.5/9

2nd in B - GM Harshit Raja 5.5/9

Harshit Raja, Leon Luke Mendonca and Samvel Ter-Sahakyan (ARM)

Leon Luke Mendonca, Aryan Chopra and other participants of the tournament at the closing ceremony

The tournament hall at Saint Louis Chess Club, Saint Louis, Missouri in USA

Two ten-player Round-Robin tournaments were held at Saint Louis Chess Club, Saint Louis, Missouri in the USA from 11th to 20th April 2024.

Replay Group A games

Replay Group B games

Round 9 results in A

1GM Yoo, Christopher Woojin4.5USA2583GM Mendonca, Leon Luke5.0IND26260-1
2GM Theodorou, Nikolas4.0GRE2622GM Ter-Sahakyan, Samvel4.5ARM26440-1
3GM Antipov, Mikhail Al.5.0FID2574GM Bok, Benjamin2.0NED2620½-½
4GM Swiercz, Dariusz2.5USA2612GM Hakobyan, Aram3.5ARM2619½-½
5GM Aryan Chopra4.0IND2630GM Mishra, Abhimanyu5.0USA2626½-½


Final standings in A

1GM Mendonca, Leon Luke6.0INDM26262739+1.36½½1011½½1
2GM Ter-Sahakyan, Samvel5.5ARMM26442692+0.610½½½11½½1
3GM Mishra, Abhimanyu5.5USAM26262694+0.86½1½½½½½1½
4GM Antipov, Mikhail Al.5.5FIDM25742700+1.571½011½½½½
5GM Aryan Chopra4.5INDM26302614-0.2201½½½½½½½
6GM Yoo, Christopher Woojin4.5USAM25832619+0.451½½½½½½½0
7GM Theodorou, Nikolas4.0GREM26222572-0.570½1½½½½½0
8GM Hakobyan, Aram4.0ARMM26192572-0.5510010½½½½
9GM Swiercz, Dariusz3.0USAM26122491-1.45½½½½00½0½
10GM Bok, Benjamin2.5NEDM26202449-2.06½0½000½½½


Final standings in B

1GM Batsuren, Dambasuren7.0MGLM25152689+1.80½10111½11 forf
2GM Raja Harshit5.5INDM24582585+1.59½½½1½1½10
3GM Kantor, Gergely5.0HUNM25272540+0.12110½1010½
4GM Kevlishvili, Robby4.5NEDM25242497-0.340½1½½½½½½
5GM Ali Marandi, Cemil Can4.5TURM25162498-0.23½0½½1½½½½
6IM Stearman, Josiah4.5USAM24622504+0.53½1100½½½½
7GM Van Foreest, Lucas4.0NEDM25122456-0.67½½0½10½½½
8GM Chandra, Akshat3.5USAM24892421-0.84½0100½½01
9GM Budisavljevic, Luka3.5SRBM24832422-0.76½0½00½½1½
10IM Woodward, Andy3.0USAM25152409-1.20½½½10½000 forf



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