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Endgame Magic #232 with Ilamparthi A R: Endgame highlights from the WR Chess Masters in Düsseldorf

by Karsten Müller - 21/03/2023

Ilamparthi A R (born in 2009) is one of the most promising talents from India, a country with a lot of amazing talents. He is the reigning World Under-14 Champion, India's latest International Master and has just won the Under-14 Boys and Blitz tournament at the WR Masters in Düsseldorf. When Ilamparthi visited the ChessBase headquarters in Hamburg, he and Karsten had fun analysing some tricky endgames together. You can watch the Endgame Magic Show on-demand with a ChessBase Premium account. Ilamparthi joins the long list of various chess players from all over the globe attending this iconic show focused on endgames which is running for over a decade. Watch the latest episode and enrich your knowledge in the endgame. Photo: Endgame Magic #232 / ChessBase

Endgame Magic #232

IM Ilamparthi A R with GM Dr. Karsten Mueller | Photo: Endgame Magic #232/ChessBase

Praggnanandhaa - So, WR Chess Masters 2023

Black to play and win

To find out the correct answer to above positions, watch the entire episode here.


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