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Celebrate this Diwali with ChessBase 15 and huge discounts!

by Sagar Shah - 03/11/2018

The festive season of Diwali is just a few days away! ChessBase India would like to brighten up your day with the big Diwali Sale. The big news is that you can now pre-order ChessBase 15 from the ChessBase India shop and make use of the Diwali discount offers. We also have the pre-order for Mega Database 2019. Both ChessBase 15 and Mega Database 2019 will be released on 13th of November 2018. Another important update: you can now buy ChessBase 15 in hard copy! This will be delivered to your doorstep in India via courier. The best part about the ChessBase India shop is that you can club ChessBase products with Quality Chess and other books and our tastefully designed accessories and enjoy huge discounts! This is something that you cannot do anywhere else! So dive in the Diwali Sale on 2nd and 3rd of November to become a stronger chess player! 

The Annual Diwali ChessBase India sale

Just like every year, this year too we have the ChessBase India Diwali Sale on 2nd and 3rd of November 2018. As the number of products in the ChessBase India shop keep increasing (now over 400 products) ranging from chess softwares, books, accessories and more, the sale becomes all the more interesting! And this year to take things a notch further we have the launch of ChessBase 15!

The all new ChessBase 15 is here! It will be released on 13th of November 2018. But you can make use of the Diwali sale and pre-order it from the ChessBase India shop!

How does the Diwali Sale work?

If you buy between

Rs. 1 to Rs. 1,000 you get 5% off

Rs.1001 to Rs. 5,000 you get 10% off

Rs. 5001 to Rs. 10,000 you get 15% off

Rs. 10,001 to 20,000 you get 20% off

Rs. 20,001 and above you get 25% off

The amount of discount depends on your sub-total which is before GST.

What should you get this Diwali?

Getting the latest version of ChessBase 15 is a wonderful idea! It has so many amazing features that working with it for even a few days will take your game to the next level.

The cover design of ChessBase 15

What's new in ChessBase 15?

It all started in the 1980s and now we are in the 15th edition of ChessBase. Each version has improvements over its predecessor. In ChessBase 15 there are so many improvements that it is impossible to jot them down all here. Here are the major things that you can look forward to.

One of the most useful features in ChessBase 15 is that now you can take just about any game and turn it into training material with the new replay option. As you can see above, it's a game between Spassky and Marsalek, that was subjected to Tactical Analysis. Now if you want to go over the game from white's side, you can just use the feature of Training and it will give you points for each move and also hints in case you are unable to find the Spassky's moves! It is an excellent way to remember, train and learn from these high class games!

Perhaps the most important addition in ChessBase 15 is the introduction of plans explorer in a position. Now take for example the position from Carlsbad structure in Queen's Gambit Declined. If you use the reference function it will show you only the moves that have been played in the position. They can be Rab1, Ne5 or Rae1 and so on. But with the Plans Explorer, you can see that it even suggests b2-b4 and also games in which b4-b5 was executed and so was bxc6! So this is what the Plans Explorer can help you with! It can give you ideas of plans in a position which may take even ten moves to execute and you learn from the games in which they were actually played.

If you are feeling rusty about your tactics, now with just a couple of mouse clicks you can find games related to specific tactical theme and you can train with these positions

ChessBase 15 introduces new 3D boards based on “ray tracing” technology. Ray tracing takes a lot of computing power but produces perfect shadows and reflections for a given scene. This leads to breath taking renderings of chess positions. You have to allow a minute or two of calculation time, but the result is strikingly realistic. A tool to easily create beautiful chess illustrations! Here's one more example:

Now you almost want to grab the piece from your screen and make a move!

The reference search is the central tool to study openings. ChessBase 15 introduces new search technology which yields instant search results on modern machines. Even in early positions, where there are millions of games to scan, the result is immediately available. This will help you cut down your time in searching games and improve your user experience of working with ChessBase and Mega Database.

You have the new Fashion Index, which in a glance shows you the popularity of a particular opening!

Endgame probability is a unique feature in which you get to know what is the probability of an endgame that is going to arise! For example, the above graph is from the French Defence Exchange variation. As you can imagine, after exd5 exd5 only one file is open in the centre of the board and the rooks and queen get exchanged. Also bishops are exchanged off more often than not with Bc8-f5. What remains are knights on the board and hence you can see the first bar graph of knight versus knight to be very high. A fresh approach towards the game could be to study more knight endgames and then play the Exchange French!

Chess Movies (64 bit only)

By clicking on a Board Window, and then Menu, File -> Publish, you can now publish a game in these formats:

Game as GIF (for Twitter, What’s App, etc)

Game as MP4, either 2D, 3D or ray traced.

The raytraced movie might take a while ( up to many hours, depending the quality and resolution settings), the movie will have sound added for the moves. The 3D versions will automatically change the camera perspective to create a striking movie of your favourite game.

Introducing hard copies!

Since the inception of ChessBase India we have been selling products in soft copies/ downloadable format. Once you place an order with us we would send you the setup file and serial key. While all of this will continue, with ChessBase 15 we have introduced the concept of hard copies. For an additional Rs.500, you will get the product in hard copy and delivered to your doorstep anywhere in India.

The inlay of the DVD where you will have the installation procedure as well as the Program Key printed.

The print on the DVD

Let's say you would like to buy ChessBase 15. Once you go to the ChessBase India shop, you will have an option where ChessBase 15 is available, whether you want to buy it in downloadable format via email or you would like to buy it in hard format and get it delivered to your home address.

If you choose the first option then you will get the it via email, if you choose the second, the DVD will be delivered to your doorstep via courier! 

Different ways to get ChessBase 15:

If you have bought ChessBase 14 from us, you can buy ChessBase 15 for a discounted price from us. This would mean you have to email the serial key of ChessBase 14 to us.

If you are buying ChessBase for the first time from our store then the cost is Rs.3149 + GST.

We would recommend you that you should go for ChessBase 15 + the biggest and the best database in the world of chess - the Mega Database 2019, which not only has 7.6 million games, but also 72,000+ annotated games by some of the best players in the world including Magnus Carlsen, Vishy Anand, Garry Kasparov and many others.

For all our trusted users who had bought the ChessBase 14 + Mega Database 2018 combo from our shop, you can now buy the ChessBase 15 + Mega Database 2019 upgrade at a very huge discounted price:

To buy the above you must mail us your CB14 + Mega Database 2018 key to


You can of course get the Mega Database 2019 on its own. But if you did buy Mega Database 2018 from ChessBase India, then you get the new version for as little as 2/5 the cost!

By mailing us the serial key of Mega Database 2018 to you can now get the Mega Database 2019 at 2/5 the cost:

This year we have also introduced the Big Database 2019, which has all the games of Mega Database 2019 but not the annotated ones. You can check out the Big Database from here.

Launching the all new - ChessBase 15 mega Pack!

The ChessBase 15 Mega Pack!

The mega pack has everything that a serious player needs for preparation. The ChessBase 15 Mega Pack includes:

1. ChessBase 15

2. Mega Database 2019

3. ChessBase Premium Account

4. ChessBase Magazine (6 issues)

The total cost of all the four would come to Rs.3149 + Rs.4999 + Rs.1499 + Rs.4194 = Rs.13841 +GST

However the ChessBase 15 Mega Pack helps you to save huge amount of money (Rs.4842 to be precise!) as it costs you just Rs. 8999 + GST. It is an offer not worth missing!


ChessBase 15, Mega Database 2019 release on 13th of November 2018. You will get the soft copies by 15th of November 2018 and those who have ordered hard copies, your DVDs will be couriered to you on 15th of November and you should receive them within a week.

Quality Chess Books:

There are many Quality Chess Books which we could recommend to you. We had a stall at the Goa GM International 2018 and based on that experience and the regular online sale, we would like to let you know about the bestsellers:

If Shankland's book helps him to beat 2700+ opponents, I am sure it can help you as well.

The Woodpecker method is a training regime found by GM Hans Tikkanen when he was stuck in the 2400 zone and wanted to make the next leap towards the GM title. He devised a strategy which involved heavy focus on solving tactical positions. The book consists of 1128 tactical positions. The real meaning of the Woodpecker method is to complete the book and then do it all over again in lesser time and then once again in even lesser time and so on, until you have a strong grasp of these tactical patterns.

Jaan Ehlvest's talent in chess was comparable to the greats like Kasparov and Karpov. His understanding of the game was at the highest level. It's a pity that he couldn't achieve up to his potential. In the book Grandmaster Opening Preparation you get to see how a world class GM approaches the first phase of the game. It is not theoretical or based on lines and variations, but as you can see from the contents below, it is more about developing an understanding about the opening phase of the game.

Check out point 2. It shows how the Isolated Queen Pawn was evolved and what approach different top players would take when they were playing with and against an isolated pawn. Now such insights are not easy to find! 

There are many reasons to buy Under the Surface by Jan Markos. The best one being it is really a fantastic book that gives you insights into what goes "under the surface" i.e in the mind of a grandmaster. But if this reason is not enough, here's another one:

Tactimania is something that is loved by children. It is filled with animated pictures throughout the book. But let not these drawings fool you! The book has excellent positions selected by GM Glenn Flear and some very nice illustrations by his son James.

Of course, getting Polgar's best game books is never a bad idea! And if they are autobiographies, then it's just a must read! We have the first two books in the series - How I beat Fischer's record and from GM to Top Ten. Don't worry about the third part, we will order it in our next shipment!

The Chess Course:

Just a day before the Diwali Sale we have introduced FI Praful Zaveri's Chess Course to our shop:

The Chess Course by FI Praful Zaveri is one of the most popular books in the chess world. It has sold over 100,000 copies! The author has one main book - "The Chess Course" which is supplemented with six training books. Buying this product will give you 7 books. You learn and practice from the main book and solve exercises from the workbook. To get to know everything about the product checkout the video created by ChessBase India with the author of the book himself FI Praful Zaveri.

The author Praful Zaveri explains his creation "The Chess Course"


If you are ordering a book, or a ChessBase DVD, it might be a good idea to get your hands on ChessBase India jewellery, key chains or t-shirts!

The ChessBase India t-shirts give you the perfect feel while playing those intense games!

Check out our new t-shirts in blue colour which is being loved by just about everyone!

Tania Sachdev in ChessBase India's blue t-shirt!

Gifting this Diwali:

We want you to gift your loved ones Chess softwares, books and accessories this Diwali and ChessBase India allows you to do so. While checking out for books and accessories you must add the address to which the books have to be sent (not your own address!). As for the Diwali message, here's how it works:

After choosing the payment method, you can see the additional comments box. You can write your Diwali message to your loved ones for the books and accessories. We will print it out and ship it along with the products. For the softwares that you would like to send via email you can mention the email id where the serial key has to be sent along with your message. We will make sure that the people you care for, get your chess gifts this Diwali.


You can also buy a gift voucher which allows them to shop for Rs.1,000.

Wishing all our readers a very happy Diwali!

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