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8th Johor International Chess Open 2023 begins

by Peter Long - 06/07/2023

After winning Professsor Lim Kok Ann Open 2023 and finishing second on tie-breaks at Thailand Open 2023, GM Diptayan Ghosh is now the top seed at 8th Johor Open 2023. Peter Long who is playing after almost 13 years, writes from the tournament location, Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Peter's last event was 39th Chess Olympiad back in September 2009. The tournament has two sections - Masters and Amateurs. A total of 24 players including four GMs and eight IMs are taking part from seven countries across the world in the Masters section. The average rating is 2303. Total prize fund is RM 125000, RM 90000 in the Masters and RM 35000 in the Amateurs. The winner of the Masters will earn RM 22000 (approx. ₹389378). Photos: FM FT IA Peter Long

A strong field in the Masters

From 5th to 11th July 2023, a total of 79 players, 24 in the Masters and 55 in the Amateurs, are battling for honours in the 8th Johor International Open Chess Championships 2023 at the Fairview International School Campus in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

Players in action during Round 1

The Johor Open is the second in the ASEAN chess event series, the first being the Thailand International Open held in Chiang Mai from 28th June to 4th July 2023.


Chiang Mai saw no less than three players achieving IM-norms and with a significantly stronger Masters (average rating of 2303) at the 8th Johor Open, this number is expected to significantly improve!


Top seed is GM Diptayan Ghosh (2577) from India, and in first round play defeated Malaysian National Champion FM Lim Zhuo Ren (2310) with the black pieces.

GM Diptayan Ghosh is in a terrific form

Discounting surprises, his main challenges are expected to come from Indonesian no.1 and no. 2, GMs Susanto Megaranto and Novendra Priasmoro, who are also the second and fourth seeds, and Chinese IM Chen Qi B is seeded third.


In total there are 16 titled players from eight countries, of which four are Grandmasters, eight are International Masters and four are FIDE Masters.


The 8th Johor Open International Open Chess Championships is being organised by the Johor Chess Association as part of the ASEAN Chess Event series open tournament initiative of the ASEAN Chess Confederation, and all details can be found at its website.

Round 1 results

113FMLim Zhuo Ren,231000 - 10GMGhosh Diptayan,25771
22GMMegaranto Susanto,250501 - 00FMHafiz Arif Abdul,224115
316CMShreyans K. Shah,223700 - 10IMChen Qi B,24753
44GMPriasmoro Novendra,246701 - 00GMWong Meng Kong,221417
518Kamalsyah Muhammad,221000 - 10IMBadmatsyrenov Oleg,24405
66IMMohammad Fahad Rahman,242801 - 00Dziththauly Ramadhan,220119
720Wu Yixing,21020½ - ½0IMWang Shixu B,24197
88IMFirman Syah Farid,24030½ - ½0CMAng Ern Jie Anderson,208321
922Chen Kailin,20600½ - ½0IMSetyaki Azarya Jodi,23939
1010Sek Konstantin,23920½ - ½0CMOwen Michael,204823
1124FMMuhammed Shuaau,200800 - 10IMSiddharth Jagadeesh,239011
1212IMLiu Xiangyi,23770½ - ½0FMLong Peter,228214


Standings after Round 1

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
11GMGhosh Diptayan,IND25771000
2GMMegaranto Susanto,INA25051000
3IMChen Qi B,CHN24751000
4GMPriasmoro Novendra,INA24671000
5IMBadmatsyrenov Oleg,FID24401000
6IMMohammad Fahad Rahman,BAN24281000


Round 2 pairings

11GMGhosh Diptayan,257711GMPriasmoro Novendra,24674
25IMBadmatsyrenov Oleg,244011GMMegaranto Susanto,25052
33IMChen Qi B,247511IMMohammad Fahad Rahman,24286
411IMSiddharth Jagadeesh,23901½IMFirman Syah Farid,24038
57IMWang Shixu B,2419½½Chen Kailin,206022
69IMSetyaki Azarya Jodi,2393½½Wu Yixing,210220
714FMLong Peter,2282½½Sek Konstantin,239210
821CMAng Ern Jie Anderson,2083½½IMLiu Xiangyi,237712
923CMOwen Michael,2048½0FMLim Zhuo Ren,231013
1015FMHafiz Arif Abdul,224100Kamalsyah Muhammad,221018
1119Dziththauly Ramadhan,220100CMShreyans K. Shah,223716
1217GMWong Meng Kong,221400FMMuhammed Shuaau,200824



Johor Chess Association: Official site, fb page

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