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Khelo Chess India Grand Finale - Angela wins Rapid, Saurabh Blitz

by Niklesh Jain - 13/12/2023

The Annual finale of the Khelo Chess India tournament organized by ChessBase India, "Sage Sports Academy Rapid and Blitz took place this Sunday! The Rapid Chess tournament was won by WIM Angela Franco from Colombia, and Saurabh Choubey from Madhya Pradesh bagged the Blitz Chess tournament. This event was organized on 10th December at the Sage International School, Kolar, Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh. The Khelo Chess India tournaments, which started in January 2023, have completed 23 events so far. A total prize fund of Rs 61,000 was kept in this competition, of which Rs 50,000 was kept for the rapid tournament and Rs 11,000 was kept for the blitz tournament. Read the final report of this tournament below:

WIM Angela from Colombia wins Khelo Chess India Grand Finale, Saurabh wins Blitz title 

The grand finale of the Khelo Chess India chess tournament series “SAGE Sports Academy Rapid and Blitz Chess” was organized yesterday at SAGE International School, Kolar, Bhopal.

Khelo Chess India Rapid Chess tournament was played among 96 players, including 41 players having a FIDE Rating.

WIM from Colombia, Angela Franco won the Rapid tournament.

In this tournament with a time control of 12 minutes + 5 second increment , top-seeded WIM Angela defeated her co-leader - the 4th seed Saurabh Chaubey from Madhya Pradesh, Satna in the final round. She won the tournament on the basis of better tiebreaks by scoring 6/7 points. According to tiebreaks, Gaurav Nigam from Katni stood 2nd, Kamad Mishra from Jabalpur took 3rd place, and Ashwin Daniel of Bhopal bagged 4th position.

Scoring 5/7 points, Saurabh Chaubey from Satna, Shahid Ajmat from Bhopal, Chaitanya Awadh from Jabalpur, and Harshit Dawar from Indore took 5th-8th place respectively. On 5 points, Rupesh Kant of Gwalior stood ninth and Mraduhas Tripathi from Ratlam stood 10th.

The total prize fund for the Rapid tournament was Rs. 50,000.

In the Under-8 girls category, Mishita Maheshwari won gold, Avika Vishwakarma won silver and Dhara Kushwaha won the bronze medal.

In the Under-8 boys category, Medant won gold, Amey Aggarwal won silver and Aryansh Rathore bagged the bronze medal.

Aaradhya Pathak won the gold medal, and Avantika Singh won silver medal in the Under-10 girls category.

In Under-10 boys age group, Praneet Chorghade won the gold medal, Vaidik Sharma won silver and Sriram Karthikeya won the bronze medal.

Moksha Sohni was the best player in the Under-12 girls category.

In the Under-12 age group, Avish Shinde won gold, Deeptansh Kumar won silver and Daksh Jain won the bronze medal.

Among women players, Aditi Srivastava, Dishita Swamy and Mohita Singh took the 1st-3rd positions.

In the senior age group (60+), Dr. Arvind Goswami, Ravikant Paige and Chandrabhan Singh Pawar respectively made it to the top 3 positions.

In the Blitz tournament, Saurabh Choubey won in tiebreaks! WIM Angela Franco finished as the runners-up.

After this, a 7-round Blitz tournament of 3 minutes + 2 seconds increment per move was played! Angela Franco and Saurabh Chaubey were tied for the first place by scoring 6/7 points. Saurabh managed to defeat Angela in a thrilling Armageddon encounter! He won the tournament and Angela was announced the runner-up.

A total of 66 players, including 39 FIDE rated players, participated in this tournament. Om Prakash Kanwal of Ujjain took 3rd place on the basis of better tiebreaks by scoring 5.5/7 points, while Gaurav Nigam from Katni and Dinesh Ahirwar from Bhopal took 4th and 5th place. Kamad Mishra from Jabalpur, Suraj Chaudhary from Bhopal, Sanyam Arya from Vidisha, Harshit Dawar from Indore and Rupesh Kant from Gwalior took the 6th-10th positions respectively, all of them scoring 5/7 points.

Aditi Srivastava, Priyanka Gajbhiye, and Sarita Choudhary were the top three women players in the Blitz tournament.

Medant Jain, Advit Jain and Aryansh Rathore bagged the top 3 spots in the Under-8 section respectively.

Avish Shinde, Tejasva Sharma and Deeptansh Kumar were the top 3 finishers in the Under-12 section.

In the Under-10 age category, Praneet Chorghade, Anshaditya Singh and Shaurya Lahauti made it to the top three respectively.

The 3rd consecutive major event of Khelo Chess India was held at the Sage International School, and we thank...

The founder Sanjeev Agarwal and Executive Director Sakshi Agarwal from SAGE Institute for their special efforts in making this event possible.
This time in the grand finale, there were special trophies and...

Beautiful medals being awarded.

WIM Angela Franco will go on to play the World Rapid and Blitz Championships 2023!

WIM Angela Franco from Colombia was the most successful player in this Rapid and Blitz tournament, winning on the top board in the final rounds of both Rapid and Blitz section. Angela is a resident of Bhopal, and will be seen playing for Colombia in the World Rapid and Blitz Chess Championship to be held in Uzbekistan this month. Many Indian top players including the GM brother and sisters Praggnanandhaa and Vaishali will be taking part here!

Final Standings of Rapid tournament

Rk.SNoNameTypFEDRtgPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
11WIMFranco Valencia, AngelaCOL2146630,532,527,00
25Gourav, NigamIND1866629,531,526,00
38Mishra, KamadU18IND16566272924,00
46Aishwin, DanielIND1859626,529,526,00
54AFMChoubey, SaurabhIND18665,532,535,523,75
63Shahid, AzmatS60IND19675,5303223,75
77Awadh, ChaitanyaIND18255,5273019,75
821Harshit, DawarU18IND13955,52629,523,00
92Kant, RupeshIND20095293018,50
1011Mraduhas, TripathiIND164852831,520,00
1119Chandwani, PrateekIND1424527,530,519,50
1283Navodaya, KanojiaIND0525,527,518,00
139Devansh, SinghIND1654525,527,517,00
1413Vedant, BhardwajIND1599525,52716,00
1531AIMChoudhary, SagarIND130052527,518,00
1610Suraj, ChoudharyIND16515252716,50
1717Batham, AvinashIND150752424,515,00
1823Ravi, PalsuleIND13914,528,53119,00
1925Goswami, Dr.ArvindS60IND13734,526,529,518,75
2037Hemant, RaikwarIND11934,52628,515,75
2116Raghunandan, RohitIND15174,525,52716,00
2274Harsh, RajputIND04,525,526,513,75
2326Yadav, Bateshwar SinghIND13664,5252713,75
2487Ravikant, PageyS60IND04,523,525,515,50
2524Shrivastava, ChitranshIND13844,52121,513,25
2676Kishan, AhirwarIND0426,529,515,25
2791Shahid, NoorIND0426,528,513,00
2812Kanwal, Om PrakashIND1618426,528,512,50
2934Auditya, SharmaIND12234262915,50
3014Kalbande, MayurIND1566425,528,513,50
3120Gaurav, TiwariIND1406425,528,512,00
3228Sanyam, AryaU20IND13474252813,50
3327Nitin, RaghuvanshiIND135942527,513,00
3422Ashutosh, PurohitIND1391424,52713,75
3529Shrivastava, AditiIND1335422,52311,00
3680Mhd Zaid, AhmedU20IND0421,523,512,00
3766Avish, Vishal ShindeU10IND0421,523,510,00
3852*Sahil, DevnaniIND042123,512,00
3975Harsh, TiwariU18IND04212312,50
4030Yadav, R.C.IND1333419,52110,50
4172Dishita, SwamiIND0417,519,59,00
4294Suryansh, GourU20IND0417,5199,00
4340Praneet, ChorghadeU10IND11103,5262911,75
4432Bamne, DeepakIND12673,525,528,511,75
4535Jain, MedantU08IND12143,524,52712,50
4678Lakshya, SachdevaIND03,523,52610,50
4758Ankush, NayakIND03,52325,511,25
4818Lokendra, RohitIND14463,5232510,25
4990Samarth, MalviyaU14IND03,521239,25
5082Mohita, SinghIND03,520,522,56,75
5141Aishwarya, DanielIND10903,520229,25
5239Vaibhav, TiwariIND11223,518,5197,75
5381Mihir, PatleU20IND03,517,519,55,75
5433Choudhary, SaritaIND1252326,529,511,50
5563Atharva, VishwakarmaU14IND0325287,50
5673Gaurav, ShakyaIND032527,58,50
5769Deepak, KushwahaIND0323258,50
5871Diptansh, kumarU12IND0322,524,57,00
5938Chandrabhan, Singh PawarS60IND1133322259,50
6062Astik, PathakIND0321,523,58,00
6145*Amay, AgrawalU08IND0321,5237,00
6285Prateek, PandeyIND0321236,00
6388Ritesh, Kumar TiwariIND0320,522,57,00
6477Kshitij Kumar, YadavU20IND0319,520,55,00
6586Pulkit, JainIND0318,520,57,00
6668Chetanya, LokhandeIND0318206,00
6779Mannit, LakhaniIND0317,5197,50
6895Vaidik, SharmaU10IND0316187,50
6942*Aaryansh, RathoreU08IND0316177,50
7092Sriram Karthikeya, PeddibhotlaU10IND0313,5145,00
7144*Advit, JainU08IND02,52123,57,25
7289Sajal, ShrivastavaU14IND02,52122,55,75
7336Shankar, MurthyS60IND12112,520,5222,75
7467Ayush, TamrakarU20IND02,518194,25
7584Praful, SuryawanshiU18IND02,514,5164,25
7659Arnav, B KumarU14IND0223,5266,00
7746*Anshaditya, SinghU10IND0222,5256,50
7854*Shourya, LahotiU08IND022222,53,00
7951*Moksha, SohniU12IND022121,54,00
8049*Daksh, JainU12IND022021,53,00
8156Aaradhya, PathakU10IND0219,5226,00
8247*Avyaan, SoneeU08IND021920,55,00
8357Akshat, ChourasiyaU08IND0219204,00
8443*Abhyudaya, KohliU10IND021919,53,00
8560Arth, KushwahaU08IND0218,5192,50
8664Avantika, SinghU10IND0217181,00
8761Aryan, ChaubeyU14IND01,51717,51,75
8893Sriram Narayan, SharmaU10IND01,513,5141,75
8950*Mishita, MaheshwariU08IND0118,5191,00
9065Avika, VishwakarmaU08IND0117173,50
9170Dhara, kushwahaU08IND0115,5163,50

Final Standings of Blitz tournament

Rk.SNoNameTypsexFEDRtgPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
18AFMChoubey, SaurabhIND18356272923,75
21WIMFranco Valencia, AngelawCOL204862629,526,00
315Kanwal, Om PrakashS50IND15805,53032,524,00
46Gourav, NigamIND18665,525,528,521,25
59Ahirwal, DineshIND17895,523,526,520,25
618Mishra, KamadU18IND154152831,521,25
77Suraj, ChoudharyIND18585273018,50
831Sanyam, AryaU20IND1259525,528,519,00
934Harshit, DawarU18IND12395252819,50
103Kant, RupeshIND1957524,527,518,50
1121Lokendra, RohitIND1449524,526,516,50
1211Devansh, SinghIND16825242617,00
1319Kalbande, MayurIND1523522,524,517,50
144Awadh, ChaitanyaIND19034,5283018,25
1514Raghunandan, RohitIND15924,5272815,75
162Aishwin, DanielIND19684,525,52816,25
1713Vedant, BhardwajIND16184,524,526,515,75
1816Chandwani, PrateekIND15714283116,00
1922Shrivastava, AditiwIND1413425,52813,00
2062Shahid, NoorIND042527,512,50
2124Nitin, RaghuvanshiIND1379424,527,513,50
225Shahid, AzmatS50IND1895423,525,513,50
2326Goswami, Dr.ArvindS65IND1364423,52512,50
2433Auditya, SharmaIND1243423,52510,50
2520Shrivastava, ChitranshIND1470423,524,58,50
2645Ankush, NayakIND04222411,00
51Avish, Vishal ShindeU10IND04222411,00
2858Praneet, ChorghadeU10IND04212310,00
2955Kumar sanu,IND0417199,00
3056Mhd Zaid, AhmedIND0416,5188,50
3128Ashutosh, PurohitIND13203,5313415,25
3212Batham, AvinashIND16643,528,530,512,50
3323AIMChoudhary, SagarIND13803,52830,512,25
3410Mraduhas, TripathiS50IND17683,524277,75
3563Suryansh, GourIND03,523,525,510,00
3652Deepak, KushwahaIND03,521,523,58,75
3732Bamne, DeepakIND1258327279,00
3841*Astik, PathakIND03252810,00
3938Chandrabhan, Singh PawarS65IND11543252710,00
4060Pulkit Jain,IND0324269,00
4139Vaibhav, TiwariIND1122323,525,59,00
4225Gaurav, TiwariIND1366323,525,58,00
4354Kishan, AhirwarIND0322,524,58,00
4429Sankalp, BanodiaIND127632123,59,00
4548Ashish, ChourasiaIND0321234,00
4661Ravikant, PageyIND0320,521,55,00
4757Mohammad, ibad khanIND0320216,00
4835Priyanka, GajbhiyewIND1234319,5215,50
4949Ashu, DebnathIND0318184,00
5064Tejasva, SharmaU12IND0316,517,54,50
5166Vashu Sahu,IND02,520214,50
5230Choudhary, SaritawIND12712,514,515,53,75
5337Shankar, MurthyS50IND1199222245,00
5440*Anshaditya, SinghU10IND0221,521,51,00
5527AFMSourabh, JoshiIND1339220,5235,50
5636Jain, MedantU08IND1212220,522,55,00
5750Atharv Viswakarma,U14IND0220,521,51,00
5843*Shourya, LahotiU08IND021920,55,00
5944Advit, JainU08IND0218,518,51,00
6053Diptansh, KumarU12IND0214,514,51,00
6159Prateek, PandeyU12IND01,520,522,53,25
6247Aryansh Singh Rathore,U08IND0117170,00
6346ARADHYA pathak,U10wIND0116,516,50,00
6442*Avyaan, SoneeIND0016170,00
6517Sidharth, UpadhyayIND1559014,515,50,00
6665Vaidik, SharmaU10IND0013140,00

This article was translated from Hindi to English by Himank Ghosh.


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