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Shreyas Das wins 1st Khelo Chess India International Classical FIDE Rating tournament

by Niklesh Jain - 19/06/2024

Shreyas Das from Delhi has won the Khelo Chess India Classical International Rating Tournament organized by ChessBase India in Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh! A total of 174 players participated in this tournament, which was part of the FIDE 100 series being held this year to commemorate the 100th year of the World Chess Federation. The great thing is that the members of Hindi ChessBase India YouTube channel played a special role in organizing this tournament! This six-day tournament, which was started with the aim of organizing a world-class event at a low entry fee, was successful in its objective. Through this event, about 25 new players got their FIDE ratings, while 68 players played classical tournament for the first time and got FIDE ID. Revansh Vaidya of Bhopal secured second place, while Anil Kushwaha of Bhopal secured third place. On the last day of the tournament, a special event was organized under FIDE 100 in which Colombia's female international master Angela Franco and Bhopal's under 10 national champion Madhavendra Pratap Sharma gave a simultaneous exhibition against a total of 20 players. The presence of our CEO and founder IM Sagar Shah in the prize distribution ceremony increased the enthusiasm of all the players manifold! Photos; Sayan Khan, Ayush Jain, Niklesh Jain

Shreyas Das from Delhi won the Khelo Chess India FIDE 100 International Rating Chess Tournament

Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh | Shreyas Das of Delhi won the title of Khelo Chess India International Rating Tournament! The event was organized by ChessBase India at Sage International School in Kolar, marking 100 years of FIDE.

Shreyas remained undefeated in the tournament, and secured first place by scoring 8/9 points

While Bhopal's Revansh Vaidya, who drew with him in the final round, finished second with 7.5/9 points.

The third position went to Anil Kushwaha from Bhopal, who defeated Harshit Dawar from Indore in the final round and scored 7.5/9 points to secure third place in tie-breaks. Ojas Joshi of Rajasthan scored 7/9 points and finished fourth having better tiebreaks.

The tournament top seed, WIM Angela Franco from Colombia suffered an upset in the seventh round. She made a comeback, and won the last two matches to finish 5th with 7/9 points on the basis of tiebreaks! Angela was also the best female player of the tournament.

Among the other players, Harshit Dawar from Madhya Pradesh, Kathan Khurana from Delhi, Meetansh Dixit from Bhopal, Milind Parle from Haryana were placed sixth to ninth on the basis of tiebreaks with 7/9 points each. Kamad Mishra from Jabalpur secured 10th place with 6.5/9 points.

In this tournament, a total of 68 new players got their FIDE IDs, and about 20 new players also got their first FIDE Rating.

A total of 174 players from 10 states of India, and 1 player from Colombia participated in the event.

IM Sagar Shah did the prize distribution! In the prize distribution ceremony of the tournament, IM Sagar Shah, the CEO and founder of ChessBase India and one of the most popular chess analysts specially came to Bhopal from Mumbai. He distributed prizes to all the players!

Angela and Madhavendra gave a simul – Just before the prize distribution after the final round, for the first time in Bhopal, two players gave a simultaneous exhibition. Colombian WIM Angela Franco and...

... Reigning Under-10 Asian Champion Madhavendra Pratap Sharma from Bhopal played chess against 10 players each simultaneously.

Just after this, guests wrote congratulatory messages for D Gukesh for the World Championship match 2024. This was started by Sage International's Group Director PS Rajput. After this, International Sagar Shah, WIM Angela Franco, Madhavendra and all others wrote congratulatory messages.

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Chief Arbiter Ankur Singh Thakur felicitates our co-founder and CEO, IM Sagar Shah!

Shahid Hussain, who was the Deputy Chief Arbiter of the tournament from Champaran, Bihar, got his final norm and will now become a FIDE arbiter!

Check out a few more photos from the Prize distribution ceremony!

Final Ranking after 9 Rounds

Rk.SNoNameTypsexFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
221Rewansh, VaidyaIND1627MP Bhopal7,54748,538,50
327Anil, KushwahaIND1599MP Bhopal7,54447,538,75
413Ojas, JoshiU12IND1671RAJ75155,540,75
51WIMFranco Valencia, AngelawCOL21187505439,50
615Harshit, DawarIND1668MP7505338,50
716Kathan, KhuranaU12IND1661DELHI7495137,75
814Meetansh, DixitU15IND1669MP Bhopal747,551,539,25
918Milind, ParleS60IND1639HARYANA7444733,50
102Mishra, KamadIND1892MP6,548,553,536,25
1132Shourya, Pratap SinghU15IND1545HARYANA6,54850,532,50
1210AFMNarayan, JoshiIND1714RAJ6,545,549,534,25
1312Srikar, G V BIND1673DELHI6,545,549,532,75
1426Nandwal, AnkitIND1604MP6,544,548,534,00
1540Tapadiya, EarthU15IND1487MP6,54446,530,25
168Subham, SahaIND1722WB6,542,545,530,50
174Parihar, Rajeev SinghIND1762MP Bhopal648,554,534,75
1845Kavya, JainU15IND1464MP Bhopal64751,531,00
1944Darshil, IyerU15IND1469MP6465032,75
207Shrivastava, KushagraIND1737MP Bhopal645,54829,50
2124Aditya, SanaU15IND1613GUJ64547,528,00
2239Avneesh, Kumar VatsaU12IND1488DELHI643,547,528,50
233Vedant, Rupeshbhai VarasadaU15IND1860GUJ6434931,00
2442Aaradhya, UpadhyayU12wIND1473RAJ6434526,25
2531Sharma, RamIND1557MP642,546,529,00
2634Chirag, SurekaIND1522RAJ642,545,526,50
2763AFMSamradhh, Singh TomarU15IND0MP Bhopal64245,529,25
28106Deepak, Kumar PrajapatiIND0MP64144,528,50
2989Arnav, B KumarU15IND0MP Bhopal64142,525,00
30132Praneet, ChorghadeU12IND0MP Bhopal640,54325,50
3160Akshata, Dhaval JainU15wIND1403DAMAN637,54026,25
3219Yadav, Bateshwar SinghIND1636MP Bhopal5,548,552,528,00
3350Adhavya, NarayanU12IND1455DELHI5,5485228,25
3411Delwar, DharmeshIND1674MP Bhopal5,546,55128,75
3558Aarush, MathurU12IND1418RAJ5,54650,528,25
36161Tanishq, SoniIND0MP Bhopal5,545,549,528,25
3753ACMPrabhakar, AarivU15IND1436MAH5,544,547,525,50
3851Jain, YatharthU18IND1455MP5,54345,525,00
3936Hemant, RaikwarIND1516MP Bhopal5,5424423,25
4035Amarjeet, Singh BaggaS60IND1518MP5,5404323,25
4147Aarav, Sagar KheduU15IND1459MAH5,5404321,75
67Aarav, NaredaU12IND0MP Bhopal5,5404321,75
4387Aradhy, GuptaU12IND0MP5,539,54324,25
44113Gaurav, ShakyaIND0MP Bhopal5,539,542,521,50
4537Shaleen, MittalIND1503Delhi5,53942,524,50
4657Satvik, MataiU12IND1426RAJ5,5394224,25
47153Shivansh, DixitU15IND0UP5,538,542,524,00
489Anvit, SrivastavaU09IND1715Telangana5,538,541,523,75
4961Aarna, ChoubeyU15wIND1401MP Bhopal5,53841,522,75
5029Bituraj, PhookanIND1567MP Bhopal5,536,54222,75
5141Gurjas, Singh BaggaU15IND1481MP5,533,53519,25
52151Shahid, NoorIND0MP Bhopal547,551,527,50
53171Vilas Rao, SapreS60IND0MP Bhopal544,548,524,75
5452AIMShreshth, Singh TomarIND1439MP Bhopal543,545,520,75
5562AFMAvish, Vishal ShindeU12IND0MP Bhopal5434723,25
5630Shaurya, JainU15IND1561MP5414420,50
5797Barman, YuvrajIND0MP54143,520,00
58168Vaibhav, MishraU15IND0MP540,544,524,00
59165Thakur, HridwarajU15IND0MP539,543,522,50
6075Aditya, ManjhiU12IND0MP53841,520,75
6191Arohan, DeyU12IND0WB5384122,00
6256Sudarshan, BalajiU12IND1427TN53739,517,00
6383Anshit, ShridharU15IND0UP53738,517,00
64170Vidula, TamhanewIND0MP Bhopal536,539,518,00
6549Jain, MedantU09IND1456MP Bhopal53637,517,00
66118Iman, AhmedIND0MP Bhopal535,540,520,25
6764Aadvik, BhushanU07IND0JHARKHAND534,536,517,25
68157Shriyansh, GuptaU15IND0MP Bhopal533,535,515,00
6948Yashvardhan, KatjhareU12IND1459WB53335,518,00
70145Romit Norbert, PandroU15IND0MP Bhopal53234,516,00
716Jain, NitinIND1740MP Bhopal4,54850,522,50
7278Altamash, MirzaU15IND0MP Bhopal4,54649,521,50
7354Gupta, Rishit DeepakIND1432MP4,545,54817,75
74164Thakur, HarshitU15IND0MP4,5444721,00
75116Harsh, MamtaniU09IND0RAJ4,54346,520,50
7698Bhavya, AgrawalU07IND0MP Bhopal4,542,546,521,75
77107Deepak, MehraIND0MP4,542,546,521,25
7843Pallavi, Samir DeyU15wIND1473MAH4,541,545,518,75
79109Diptansh, KumarU15IND0MP Bhopal4,5404318,75
8023Yadav, R.C.IND1616MP Bhopal4,539,543,521,00
8182Anekant, SethiU12IND0MP4,539,54319,00
8228ACMIyer, AbhinavU12FID1578GUJ4,539,54317,75
83146Saket, GadgilU20IND0MP Bhopal4,53940,516,25
8499Biju, KumarIND0MP Bhopal4,538,541,516,75
8585Anushka, JainwIND0MP Bhopal4,53840,516,25
8655Tomar, Praavi SinghU12wIND1432MP4,537,539,516,00
8786Apaar, MakwanaU09IND0MP4,53739,516,75
8833Shankar, MurthyS60IND1527MP Bhopal4,536,54017,75
89152Shaurya, GuptaU15IND0MP Bhopal4,536,538,516,25
9069Aarya, AgarwalU12wIND0MP4,535,53816,50
9181Ananya, NeemaU15IND0MP4,5343716,50
92159Swapnesh Dinesh, TembeU15IND0MAH4,533,53514,25
93149Satish, MarkamIND0MP Bhopal4,5333515,75
94133Prateek, PandeyU18IND0MP Bhopal442,546,518,50
95135Priyanshu, PrajapatiIND0MP Bhopal44244,517,25
96150Satvik, SrivastavaU12IND0UP441,544,518,50
97130Nakshatra, HedaooIND0MP4414520,50
9865Aadya, DhurweyU12wIND0MP439,54214,75
9988Arjav, JainU09IND0RAJ439,54214,50
100166Utsarg, SinghU15IND0MP4394216,00
101110Divas, JainU12IND0MP438,54217,00
102158Shubh, NamdeoIND0MP436,539,515,00
103104Daksh Abhishek, JainU12IND0MP Bhopal436,53914,25
104174Yuvraj, SaratheIND0MP436,538,513,75
105101Chetanya, LokhandeIND0MP Bhopal4363914,50
106172Vivek Singh, PatelIND0UP434,536,512,50
107142Raunit, JainIND0UP434,53612,25
10866Aarav, MathurU09IND0RAJ43335,512,25
109126Mohammad Hashir, KhanU15IND0MP Bhopal4333512,50
110167Vaanya, SaxenaU12wIND0MP432,535,513,75
11184Anshu, PatelIND0MP Bhopal431,533,511,75
112156Shrivalli, SrivastavaU07wIND0UP430,532,511,00
11338Chandrabhan, Singh PawarS60IND1492MP Bhopal430,532,59,50
114169Vidhan Singh, PatelU09IND0UP42931,513,50
11579Amay, AgrwalU09IND0MP Bhopal428,53111,50
116124Malviya, HardikU15IND0MP3,5404314,00
117141Ranjeet, TekamIND0MP3,537,54014,00
118114Gaurav, SinghIND0MP3,536,54013,00
119144Rom, SharmaIND0MP3,534,53712,25
120112Divynash, JainU15IND0MP3,534,53711,25
121134Prathamesh, PathakU12IND0MP3,534,53610,00
12271Abhigyan, BhattacharyaU12IND0RAJ3,532,53511,25
123148Sanidhya, KaushalU15IND0MP Bhopal3,530329,00
124115Hardik, SoniU15IND0MP3,528,5308,00
125163Tejas, MittalU12IND0MP3,5252710,00
126108Devansh, MishraU12IND0MP Bhopal3384110,00
12768Aarav, SisodiaU09IND0MP Bhopal337,54010,00
128121Kavishh, PawarU12IND0MP337399,00
12976Akshat, KesharwaniU12IND0MP3363910,00
13095Atharv, VishwakarmaU15IND0MP Bhopal335,5379,00
131122Lakshami, RansurmaU15wIND0MP3343710,75
132140Ram, DwivediU12IND0MP333,535,59,00
133102Chinmay, PandavIND0MP Bhopal33334,56,00
134154Shourya, LahotiU09IND0MP Bhopal332347,50
135105Daniel, PramodIND0MP Bhopal331348,75
136147Samarthya, RaghuvanshiIND0MP329329,00
13796Avantika, SinghU12wIND0WB32930,57,00
13874Aditya, GuruIND0MP327309,00
139117Harsh, MandloiIND0MP327306,00
14080Anant, DubeyU09IND0MP Bhopal325,5277,00
141127Mohammad Shayaan, KhanIND0MP Bhopal2,537,540,59,50
142138Rajeev, MishraIND0MP Bhopal2,53234,56,75
143143Ravikant, PageyS60IND0MP Bhopal2,53133,58,75
144119Jatin Kumar, JaisinghaniIND0RAJ2,53133,56,25
145125Mohammad Akmal, KhanU12IND0MP Bhopal2,53031,55,50
146139Rakshan, BalajiU07IND0TN2,526,5295,75
14793Aryansh, RathoreU09IND0MP Bhopal2,52526,55,00
148111Divyansh, BhouteyU12IND0MP2,52425,55,25
149129Moksha, SohniU12wIND0MP233,5356,00
150103Daksh, BavejaU12IND0MP Bhopal232,5356,00

This article was translated from Hindi to English by Himank Ghosh.

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