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FIDE Online Olympiad for PWD R3: India 1 in a six-way lead

by Shahid Ahmed - 24/11/2020

India 1 beats Vietnam 2.5-1.5 to join five other teams with 6.0/6 to lead FIDE Online Olympiad for People with Disabilities at the conclusion of Round 3. Kishan played fantastic and scored an emphatic victory. Jennitha managed to save the game from a difficult position and eventually win it. Aryan drew his game and Shashikant suffered a loss. India 2, 3 and 4 made draws with North Macedonia, Philippines 2 and Brazil respectively. Today Tuesday 24th November India 1 will face top seed Poland 1 in Round 4 starting from 7:30 p.m. IST.

Kishan and Jennitha anchor India 1

Kishan scored a fantastic win in Round 3

India 1 joins a six-way lead with five other teams at the conclusion of Round 3. Kishan and Jennitha score important victories and Aryan scored a valuable draw to ensure India 1 beats Vietnam 2.5-1.5. All three other Indian teams India 2, 3 and 4 drew with North Macedonia, Philippines 2 and Brazil 2-2.

Vietnam - India 1: 1.5-2.5

Shashikant made an inaccuracy in the middle game which cost him a pawn. Soon after he lost another and position was lost.

Van Quan - Shashikant

Position after 20...Na4

Find out why 20...Na4 is a mistake and what black could have played instead.

Kishan got a fantastic position out of the opening. He capitalized on his opponent's tactical oversight in the middle game.

Kishan - Thi Bich Thuy

Position after 14...Kb7

Find out the why 14...Kb7 is a mistake

Jennitha survived a massive scare as her opponent Hien Vuong's exchange sacrifice almost worked.

Hien Vuong - Jennitha

Position after 23...Kg7

White blundered here with 24.Rxd6, instead 24.Rf1 or Nh5 was a better continuation.

Aryan Joshi had a quiet draw with Thu Huyen Doan.

Vietnam lost to India 1 in a close battle 1.5-2.5

India 2 - North Macedonia: 2-2

Soundarya Kumar Pradhan scored the lone victory for the team. Krishna and Sarita scored draws respectively to make sure India 2 makes a 2-2 draw with North Macedonia. Samarth Rao faced the only loss for the team after a long battle against Vladimir Trkaljanov.

India 2 drew with North Macedonia 2-2

Philippines 2 - India 3: 2-2

Vivek scored the sole victory for the team against Cheryl Angot. Ashvin and Megha made draws. Udupa suffered a loss. Thus India 3 managed to hold higher rated Philippines 2 to a draw.

Philippines 2 drew with India 3 2-2

India 4 - Brazil: 2-2

Marimuthu and Malika scored a win each, Krishna and Sanjay lost their games respectively. India 4 drew with higher rated Brazil 2-2

India 4 drew with Brazil 2-2
FIDE Online Olympiad for People with Disabilities Round 3 | Video: FIDE

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Standings after Round 3

Rk.SNo TeamTeamGames  +   =   -  TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 
11Poland 1POL 13300611,530,017,017,0
26Russia 1RUS 13300611,028,021,521,5
47Ukraine 1UKR 1330068,522,022,022,0
68India 1IND 1330068,016,018,518,5
83Philippines 1PHI 1321059,021,017,013,8
917Poland 2POL 2321059,018,018,513,8
1022Colombia 1COL 1320149,014,017,08,5
1126Russia 3RUS 3320148,521,015,57,5
1615Poland 3POL 3320147,519,524,515,0
1812Ukraine 2UKR 2320147,512,020,59,0
1919Romania 1ROU 1320147,510,015,05,5
2035Colombia 2COL 2320147,011,019,511,5
2227Turkey 1TUR 1320147,09,018,07,0
2313Ukraine 3UKR 3320146,510,519,511,0
2543India 3IND 3311137,512,013,54,0
2834India 2IND 2311136,58,519,57,0
299Russia 2RUS 2311136,014,020,08,8
3010North MacedoniaMKD311136,010,019,08,8
44India 4IND 4311136,010,019,08,8

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