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FIDE Online Olympiad for PWD R1: India 1 and 4 make a winning start

by Shahid Ahmed - 22/11/2020

India 1 and India 4 make a winning start by registering victories over Azerbaijan and Venezuela. IM Shashikant Kutwal who is also the captain of the team, Kishan Gangolli and WIM Jennitha Anto K registered emphatic victories to secure a victory for the team India 1. Marimuthu, Krishna and Sanjay ensured India 4's win over higher rated Venezuela. Both wins for team India came in the form of 3-1. With six more rounds to go for the Swiss league stage, India 1 definitely has good chances to advance to the knockout stage. Today Sunday 22nd November India 1 will face Argentina and India 4 will go up against Ukraine 2 in Round 2 starting from 7:30 p.m. IST.

India 1 and India 4 make winning start

Shashikant, Kishan and Jennitha are the spearheads for India 1

The medal hopes for India 1 resides on IM Shashikant Kutwal, Kishan Gangolli and WIM Jennitha Anto. All three made an emphatic winning start in Round 1 of FIDE Online Olympiad for People with Disabilities. If these three continue their momentum then India 1 will definitely reach the Knockout stage after the conclusion of seven rounds of Swiss league. India 4 also made a winning start over higher rated Venezuela as Marimuthu, Krishna and Sanjay scored three important victories for their team to register a 3-1 victory over their opponents.

Azerbaijain - India 1: 1-3

IM Shashikant Kutwal (2182) scored a fine victory against Aydin Shahpalangov (1945)

Shahpalangov - Aydin

Position after 24.Kd2

Find out why 24.Kd2 is a huge mistake.

Kishan Gangolli (2128) scored a win with ease as his opponent Gennadiy Gelman (1793) blundered a pawn in the opening first and then blundered the queen in the next six moves.

In an already difficult position, Naveen Kumar defended his pawns incorrectly and then blundered a checkmate in another five moves.

Habibulla - Naveen

Position after 27.Rb6

What is the best way for black to defend the pawns?

WIM Jennitha Anto K (2001) played bravely and her opponent Nadezhda Belyayeva succumbed to her attack.

Jennitha - Nadezhda

Position after 20...c4

Black made an incorrect pawn advancement with 20...c4. What is the correct response for white here?

Azerbaijan lost to India 1 1-3

India 2 - Israel: 0.5-3.5

Soundarya Kumar Pradhan (1746) was the only player to score from India 2 as he drew with WFM Aleksandra Aleksandrova (1780) in a topsy-turvy battle. Soundarya had an early advantage but he couldn't maintain it, eventually salvaged a draw in the endgame from a difficult position.

India 2 lost to Israel 0.5-3.5

Ukraine 3 - India 3: 2.5-1.5

Udupa Krishna (1733) scored the sole victory for the team when he capitalized on his opponent Svitlana Solomna's (1434) tactical error.

Megha Chakraborty (1232) held Vyacheslav Anikeev (1841) to a draw.

Ukraine 3 beat India 3 by 2.5-1.5

India 4 - Venezuela: 3-1

K Marimuthu, R Krishna and S Kavlekar score victories to make sure India 4 beats Venezuela by 3-1.

India 4 scored a good win against higher rated Venezuela by 3-1

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Standings after Round 1

Rk.SNo TeamTeamGames  +   =   -  TB1  TB2  TB3 
11Poland 1POL 1110024,00,0
12Ukraine 2UKR 2110024,00,0
17Poland 2POL 2110024,00,0
19Romania 1ROU 1110024,00,0
22Colombia 1COL 1110024,00,0
23Philippines 2PHI 2110024,00,0
26Russia 3RUS 3110024,00,0
27Turkey 1TUR 1110024,00,0
146Russia 1RUS 1110023,00,0
7Ukraine 1UKR 1110023,00,0
8India 1IND 1110023,00,0
10North MacedoniaMKD110023,00,0
15Poland 3POL 3110023,00,0
44India 4IND 4110023,00,0

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