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Adhiban plays à la Alekhine at the Capablanca Memorial 2019

by Sagar Shah - 05/05/2019

The Capablanca Memorial in Havana Cuba began on the 3rd of May 2019. Indian interest is sparked in the tournament thanks to the participation of B. Adhiban, who recently crossed 2700 on the Elo rating list. Adhiban is the top seed of the tournament and judging by his form, looks like the favourite to win this six player double round robin (10 rounds) event. However, he will face stiff challenge from legendary Vassily Ivanchuk, American talent Samuel Sevian, Spanish no.2 Anton David Guijarro and a couple of local players - Daniel Albornoz Cabrera and Yuri Gonzalez. Adhiban has begun by playing two Cuban opponents in first two rounds and is in joint lead with 1.5/2. In his second round game against Cabrera, he played a dazzling attack. Complete analysis of this Alekhine like game at the Capablanca Memorial.

Recently Adhiban played at a strong Round Robin event in Croatia. It was named as the tournament of peace. Adhiban's trainer told him that he was quite a mismatch for playing at such an event, especially because the Indian GM hardly believes in peace! Adhiban loves to fight on the board and he went on to win the Tournament of peace ahead of some very strong players like Ivanchuk, Amin, Cheparinov, Bacrot and others. Now Adhiban is participating at the Capablanca Memorial. Capablanca was the third World Champion of Chess and is famed for his positional style of play. Once again Adhiban looks like a misfit here judging by his aggressive style of play! Will he win the Capablanca Memorial 2019? Well, he has already begun on a positive note. In round two Adhiban was up against local talent Daniel Albornoz Cabrera and he played a wild attacking game. 

Playing like Alekhine at the Capablanca Memorial?! Well, Adhiban has never been a conformist!

Adhiban vs Albornoz Cabrera, round 2

9.e4 has become a well known pawn sacrifice in the position. The best move for Black is to take on d4 with the pawn. However, Albornoz Cabrera took the pawn on e4 and this gave White a huge lead in development.

The rook comes into the game with a tempo. As you can see White has a huge lead in development. Black now has no time to recover.

Development with a tempo! There is no time to lose!

The final piece comes into the game!

This final part is where Adhiban comes into his element. The bishop on g5 is hanging, but White creates the threat of Qc6+

An important intermediate check not allowing Black to castle

Black had had enough and he resigned the game. A sample line could go ...Qf4 g3! Qf3 (Qc7 Qf5+ Kf7 Rd7!+-) Re3! and the queen is trapped

Adhiban's opponent Daniel Albornoz Cabrera is one of the brightest talents of Cuban chess. Born in 2000 he already has an Elo of 2566! | Photo: AjedrezCuba

In round one Adhiban had quite an interesting game against Yuri Gonzalez that went into a pawn endgame. The final position looked quite complex, but there was no way to disturb the balance.

Yuri Gonzalez vs Adhiban

The final position is drawn

Ivanchuk, Sevian and Adhiban lead with 1.5/2

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