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Chess in Lakecity invites you to 6th Holi Cup Rating Open 2024

by Shahid Ahmed - 25/02/2024

The sixth edition of Holi Cup Rating Open tournament is a little over a month away. A total of 373 players have already registered for it from various parts of the country. From 31st March to 4th April 2024, it will take place at Orbit Resort in Udaipur, Rajasthan. The first edition took place back in 2017. IM Chakravarthi Reddy won the fifth edition last year. The total prize fund is same as last year ₹1501000. Total number of prizes are 116. There are three prizes worth ₹100000 and more. Apart from that, there are five prizes worth over ₹50000. There is an Early Bird offer till 29th February 2024. So hurry up and register if you have not already. Photo: Tournament Circular/Chess in Lakecity

Who will win the sixth edition?

The first edition of Holi Cup Rating Open took place back in 2017. Four out of the five events have taken place in Classical format. The fourth edition in 2022 being the sole exception which was held in Rapid time control.

Who will win the sixth edition? | Source: Tournament Circular


Every day there is a double round from 31st March to 3rd April 2024. Only the last round on 4th April 2024 is a single round.


The tournament has a total prize fund of ₹1501000. The total number of prizes are 116. There are three prizes worth ₹100000 and more. Apart from that, there are five more prizes worth ₹50000 or more. Two different rating categories have a combined total of 35 prizes which is besides the 35 main prizes. That's not all, there are five prizes each for Veteran (Above 50 and 60), and Unrated players. Best Female, Best Rajasthan and Best Lakecity categories have two prizes each. Five age group categories, starting from Under-5 to Under-13 have ten prizes for top ten in each category.

Entry and Eligibility

The tournament is open to all AICF registered players of the country. Check the table below for entry fee details:

How to Register

Players can only register by filling up the form here. For more details, please visit our calendar.

Previous edition winners

Players list

1Raghav, Srivathsav V1783820215073316IND1980Telangana
2Baba, S.D.22990420245029503IND1979Telangana
3Daksh, Goyal95689202125100149IND1971Delhi
4Prakash, Ram4852720215014530IND1971Punjab
5Maulik, Raval05040701IND1948AICF DUE
6Sudhanshu, Ranjan179660202345073228IND1911Bihar
7Gokul, Krishna S56650202125935500IND1875Tamil Nadu
8Chatterjee, K.K.18571620235001439IND1861S60West Bengal
9Sharma, Harish7553220215006813IND1837Delhi
10Ulhas, Vaidya20870720235030137IND1833S50Maharashtra
11Bivor, Adak87688202133394440IND1830West Bengal
12Sailesh, R45022202125759876IND1830Tamil Nadu
13Ashok, Gajwani19513220235015146IND1815S50Uttar Pradesh
14AIMSubhabrata, Roy20125202146629394IND1806West Bengal
15Anurag, Jaiswal31620215017858IND1790West Bengal
16Sharma, Vivek21697202145046328IND1789Bihar
17Soham, Roy70525202125183206IND1785West Bengal
18Kishan, Kumar103364202125995650IND1778Bihar
19Badamundi, Tapan4833202146623574IND1762Odisha
20AGMMalla, Nooka Raju634720215040663IND1760Andhra Pradesh



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