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National Junior 2023 R9: Dhanashree and Shubhi join Sneha in the lead

by Shahid Ahmed - 27/09/2023

Alekhya Mukhopadhyay (WB) lost to CM Arjun Adireddy (TEL) in Round 9 of 52nd National Junior 2023 Open. The former made the final mistake in a back and forth battle. Arjun is now the sole leader 8.5/9. Manas Gaikwad (MAH) won against Akshat Sureka (KAR) to stay in pursuit at 8/9. Second seeded IM Manish Anto Cristiano F (TN) is the only boy at 7.5/9. In the Girls section, Sneha Halder (WB) drew against WFM Bhagyashree Patil (MAH) to maintain her lead 7.5/9. Dhanashree Khairmode (MAH) and Shubhi Gupta (UP) defeated Ishvi Aggarwal (HAR) and WIM Tejaswini G (TN), to join Sneha at the top at 7.5/9 each. Round 10 starts today from 1:30 p.m. IST. Photos: Prashant Raval

Arjun Adireddy still in sole lead, Manas maintains his pursuit

Manas Gaikwad (MAH) is the sole player trailing CM Arjun Adireddy (TEL) by a half point. He is on a seven-game winning streak.

52nd National Junior Open: CM Arjun Adireddy (TEL) and Manas Gaikwad (MAH) - both players won their games with the black pieces

Alekhya - Arjun

Position after 56...Rg3

After a back and forth battle, it was Alekhya Mukhopadhyay (WB, 2149) who made the last mistake against CM Arjun Adireddy (TEL, 2057). It was incredibly difficult to find 57.Qc1 which not only provides support to the a3-pawn after Rb3+, but also controls the c-file to prevent the black queen invading from there. 57.Be2?? Rb3+ 58.Ka2 Qc7 59.Rf1 Rc3 and White's position started falling apart.

Girls: Dhanashree - Ishvi

Position after 12...Qd7?

Ishvi Aggarwal (HAR, 1748) made a paltry mistake 12...Qd7? 13.Bxf6 gxf6 14.Nxe5 dxe5 15.Qxh5 exd4 16.Nf3 and White eventually went on to win the game.

Dhanashree Khairmode (MAH) defeated Ishvi Aggarwal (HAR) to become one of the three leaders 7.5/9

A total of 223 players including 2 IMs in the Open and 129 players including 2 WIMs in the Girls tournament are taking part. The tournaments are organized by Gujarat State Chess Association. They are taking place at Karnavati Club in Ahmedabad, Gujarat from 20th to 28th September 2023. The eleven-round Swiss league tournament has a time control of 90 minutes + 30 seconds increment from move no.1

Replay Open Round 9 games

Replay Girls Round 9 games

Open Round 9 results

110Alekhya, Mukhopadhyay2149WB70 - 1CMAdireddy, Arjun2057TEL11PGN
258AFMSureka, Akshat1730KAR0 - 17Gaikwad, Manas1866MAH26PGN
32IMManish, Anto Cristiano F2372TN1 - 0Dhyey, Agarwal2178Gujarat7PGN
415Lad, Mandar Pradip1959Goa6½ - ½6Sanket, Chakravarty2381WB1PGN
53FMHarshad, S2236TN6½ - ½6Dinesh, Rajan M1908TN21PGN
622Jani, Kushal R1904Gujarat60 - 16Srihari, L2207PUD4PGN
75Apoorv, Kamble2201KAR6½ - ½6Kartik, Kumar Singh1901MAH23PGN
837Arshpreet, Singh1822HAR60 - 16Anadkat, Kartavya2177Gujarat8PGN
912Bharadia, Yash2000RAJ61 - 06Priansh, Das1846ODI29PGN
1033Vrandesh, Parekh1839Gujarat6½ - ½Vrashank, Chouhan1985RAJ13PGN


Standings after Round 9

Rk.SNoNameTypsexFEDRtgClub/City TB1 
111CMAdireddy, ArjunIND2057TEL8,5
226Gaikwad, ManasIND1866MAH8
32IMManish, Anto Cristiano FIND2372TN7,5
44Srihari, LIND2207PUD7
8Anadkat, KartavyaIND2177Gujarat7
10Alekhya, MukhopadhyayIND2149WB7
12Bharadia, YashIND2000RAJ7
81Sanket, ChakravartyIND2381WB6,5
3FMHarshad, SIND2236TN6,5
5Apoorv, KambleIND2201KAR6,5
7Dhyey, AgarwalIND2178Gujarat6,5
15Lad, Mandar PradipIND1959Goa6,5
21Dinesh, Rajan MIND1908TN6,5
23Kartik, Kumar SinghIND1901MAH6,5
24Sriram, Adarsh UppalaIND1883TEL6,5
31Bhoir, Paras DilipIND1841MAH6,5
32Daaevik, WadhawanIND1839Delhi6,5
33Vrandesh, ParekhIND1839Gujarat6,5
34Kalyani, SirinwIND1838KER6,5
44Sharnarthi, VireshIND1764MAH6,5


Round 10 pairings

126Gaikwad, Manas1866MAH8CMAdireddy, Arjun2057TEL11
24Srihari, L2207PUD7IMManish, Anto Cristiano F2372TN2
38Anadkat, Kartavya2177Gujarat77Alekhya, Mukhopadhyay2149WB10
41Sanket, Chakravarty2381WB7Bharadia, Yash2000RAJ12
531Bhoir, Paras Dilip1841MAHFMHarshad, S2236TN3
632Daaevik, Wadhawan1839DelhiApoorv, Kamble2201KAR5
734Kalyani, Sirin1838KERDhyey, Agarwal2178Gujarat7
844Sharnarthi, Viresh1764MAHLad, Mandar Pradip1959Goa15
921Dinesh, Rajan M1908TNVrandesh, Parekh1839Gujarat33
1023Kartik, Kumar Singh1901MAHDaksh, Goyal1738Delhi55


Girls Round 9 results

110Sneha, Halder1835WB7½ - ½WFMBhagyashree, Patil1879MAH7PGN
227Khairmode, Dhanashree1616MAH1 - 07Ishvi, Aggarwal1748HAR17PGN
36Tejaswini, G1905TN60 - 1AFMShubhi, Gupta1761UP15PGN
43Mrittika, Mallick2059WB60 - 16Dakshita, Kumawat1690RAJ21PGN
511Rebecca, Jesumarian1811TN0 - 16Kanishka, S1716TN19PGN
61WFMKheerthi, Ganta2148TEL1 - 0WCMArushi, Kotwal1677J & K24PGN
75Rindhiya, V1918TN0 - 1Kashthuri, Bhai R1689AND22PGN
826Rajanya, Datta1654WB1 - 0Anishka, Vikram1773DEL13PGN
925Anushka, Gupta1675WB0 - 1Sachi, Jain1756Delhi16PGN
1032Divyabharathi, Masanam1596TN0 - 1Anupam, M Sreekumar1721KER18PGN


Standings after Round 9

Rk.SNoNameTypsexFEDRtgClub/City TB1 
110Sneha, HalderwIND1835WB7,5
15AFMShubhi, GuptawIND1761UP7,5
27Khairmode, DhanashreewIND1616MAH7,5
47WFMBhagyashree, PatilwIND1879MAH7
17Ishvi, AggarwalwIND1748HAR7
19Kanishka, SwIND1716TN7
21Dakshita, KumawatwIND1690RAJ7
81WFMKheerthi, GantawIND2148TEL6,5
16Sachi, JainwIND1756Delhi6,5
18Anupam, M SreekumarwIND1721KER6,5
20Marium, FatimawIND1715Bihar6,5
22Kashthuri, Bhai RwIND1689AND6,5
26Rajanya, DattawIND1654WB6,5
142WIMMrudul, DehankarwIND2059MAH6
3Mrittika, MallickwIND2059WB6
6Tejaswini, GwIND1905TN6
31Arshiya, DaswIND1596TRI6
35Kale, ShrutiwIND1567MAH6
36Jain, AshitawIND1564Gujarat6
45Drishtee, GhoshwIND1495KAR6


Round 10 pairings

115AFMShubhi, Gupta1761UPSneha, Halder1835WB10
221Dakshita, Kumawat1690RAJ7Khairmode, Dhanashree1616MAH27
319Kanishka, S1716TN77Ishvi, Aggarwal1748HAR17
418Anupam, M Sreekumar1721KER7WFMBhagyashree, Patil1879MAH7
516Sachi, Jain1756DelhiWFMKheerthi, Ganta2148TEL1
622Kashthuri, Bhai R1689ANDMarium, Fatima1715Bihar20
72WIMMrudul, Dehankar2059MAH6Rajanya, Datta1654WB26
836Jain, Ashita1564Gujarat66Mrittika, Mallick2059WB3
963Asmita, Avijit Ray1397Goa66Tejaswini, G1905TN6
1045Drishtee, Ghosh1495KAR66Arshiya, Das1596TRI31


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