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e-Zest Solutions victorious in War of Wits

by Shahid Ahmed - 21/10/2019

India is booming in chess in almost all aspects except one, corporate chess. The number of corporate chess tournament is extremely less and mostly unheard of. However, e-Zest Solutions and Victorious Chess Academy took the responsibility to organize 'War of Wits', a chess tournament only for corporate employees only. On Sunday 13th October 2019, 88 different employees from various corporate houses flocked to Hinjewadi, Pune to participate in a one-day rapid tournament. Jenil Shah of Citi Bank won the individual tournament by scoring 6.5/7, while e-Zest Solutions won the bragging rights to be called the best corporate chess team in Pune with a score of 15.5/21. Photo: Victorious Chess Academy

Jenil Shah wins War of Wits

Twelfth seeded Jenil Shah of Citi Bank scored an unbeaten 6.5/7 to win War of Wits. His only draw was against the top seed of the tournament, Chinmay Kulkarni of UBS Business Solutions.

Champion Jenil Shah of Citi Bank receives his champion's trophy and ₹11000 cash | Photo: Victorious Chess Academy

If it were a rating tournament, Jenil would have gained some Elo points

The tournament also had three prizes for top 3 companies. The rank was decided based accumulated points of the top three players representing a company. The first prize for the best company went to e-Zest Solutions as they scored 15.5/21. Both Dassault Systems and Synechron scored 14.5/21 each, however Dassault Systems secured second position and Synechron finished at third as Dassault had a better tie-break score.

Team e-Zest Solutions receives their champion's trophy | Photo: Victorious Chess Academy

Photo Gallery

The glittering beautiful trophies for the prize winners | Photo: Victorious Chess Academy

The tournament was open to above 18-years of age and corporate employees only | Photo: Victorious Chess Academy

The corporate employees are sitting on a desk but this time against an opponent engaged in a battle of the 64 squares | Photo: Victorious Chess Academy

Some games garnered quite an audience | Photo: Victorious Chess Academy

Group photo of all players, organizers and guests | Photo: Victorious Chess Academy

The guests of honor were WIM Aakanksha Hagawane, Mr. Shreenath Hagawane, Mr. Ashish Gupta, Mr. Jaywant Deshpande and Mr. Kapil Lohana.


Total 88 players participated from various corporate companies across Pune in 1st War of Wits One day Rapid Chess Tournament organized and sponsored by e-Zest Solutions in association with Victorious Chess Academy was successfully conducted on Sunday, 13th October, 2019 at Hinjewadi, Pune.

Final Standings

Rk.SNoNameTypsexFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 
112Shah JenilIND1710Citi Bank6,50,0630,028,527,25
24Sharma ShyamuIND2041Deutsche Bank6,00,0630,027,024,50
31Kulkarni ChinmayIND2295UBS Business Solutions5,50,0536,032,027,75
49Maktedar ShashikantIND1902Stantec5,50,0534,030,524,75
53Chavan AmeyaIND2048NCR Corporation5,50,0532,029,021,50
68Purankar AnshumanIND1949Synechron5,50,0531,528,519,25
720Gupta AshishIND1515e-Zest Solutions5,50,0529,026,522,75
815Chevil MiralIND1604Dassault Systems5,50,0528,525,519,25
97Nayak BiswajitIND1993e-Zest Solutions5,00,0531,530,520,00
1025Bhardwaj NivedanIND1410Infosys5,00,0531,027,519,50
1114Patil DeepakIND1655Infosys5,00,0530,027,020,00
1216Sonkamble BharatIND1602TCS5,00,0528,527,018,50
1330Bemarkar KiranIND1215Syntel Atos5,00,0527,525,019,00
1418Burli PranavIND1529Lentra Al PVT LTD5,00,0525,023,517,00
1522Srivastava AbhijeetIND1447Dassault Systems5,00,0524,023,017,00

Complete standings

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