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Velammal AICF Round Robin Women Grand Master Tournament to be held in Chennai

by Niklesh Jain - 11/03/2024

Once again, an important event is set to take place in Chennai, known as the capital of Indian chess. This time, the event will be held in the form of the Round Robin Women Grand Master Tournament. In this tournament, a total of 11 classical matches will be played on a round-robin basis between five foreign women title players from Mongolia, Serbia, France, Italy, and Colombia, and seven Indian women players. Velpula Sarayu of India will be the top-seeded player of the competition. This competition, with a prize money of Rs 10 lakh, will be played from March 18 to March 25. The main organizer of the competition is the Tamil Nadu State Chess Association. ChessBase India will continue to share every piece of information related to this tournament with you from the venue. Read this article.

12 women players will play in Chennai – there will be a round-robin WGM tournament

Chennai An important event for Indian women's chess is scheduled to be held from March 18 at Hotel Chennai Le Palace. A total of 12 players have been included for this event, among whom five foreign title players have been invited.

Among these players, Mongolia's Woman Grand Master Uurtsaikh Uuriintuya (2288) 

Serbia's Woman Grand Master Maria Manakova (2148)

France's Woman Grand Master Nino Maisuradze (2254)

Italy's International Master Elena Sedina (2161)

and Colombia's Woman International Master Angela Franco (2095) will participate.

Among the Indian players, Velpula Sarayu (2389) will lead the challenge and has been given top seeding in the tournament.

Apart from her, many-time national champion Woman Grand Master Mary Ann Gomes (2322) will also be a prominent player from India.

Other Indian players will be Rindhiya V (2000)

Women International Master Monnisha GK (2202)

Women International Master Sakshi Chitlange (2175)

Women International Master Akshaya Mounika (2134)

and Women International Master Mahalakshmi M (2242) will participate.

A total prize of Rs 10 lakh will be awarded to 12 players in the competition.

The winning player will receive Rs 2 lakh 50 thousand, the second-place player will be given Rs 1 lakh 50 thousand, and the third-place player will receive Rs 1 lakh 30 thousand.

The first round of the competition will take place on March 18, and the final round will be played on March 25. It has been decided that all the players will have to attend the press conference after each match in this tournament.

This match has been organized, and arrangements for the stay of all the players have been made at Hotel Chennai Le Palace located in Karabakkam, Chennai. Niklesh Jain from ChessBase India will be providing you with all the information about this tournament from the venue."

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