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Soham Bhattacharyya dominates Tata Steel Chess Festival 2023 Under-19 Rapid

by Shahid Ahmed - 22/09/2023

Soham Bhattacharyya scored an unbeaten 8.5/9 to win Tata Steel Chess Festival 2023 All Bengal Under-19 Rapid. He finished a full point ahead of the field. Arpan Das, top seed of the tournament - IM Shahil Dey and second seeded FM Sourath Biswas scored 7.5/9. They were placed second to fourth respectively according to tie-breaks. Top three prizes were ₹5000 + trophy, ₹3000 and ₹2000 each respectively. The teenager had also secured a second runner-up place finish at the Blitz Open, two days prior to this event. Soham scored his maiden IM-norm at Serbia Masters 2023 in July. His present Classical Elo rating is 2477. He certainly is having a great year and two IM-norms away from becoming India's next International Master. Photos: Shahid Ahmed

Narendra Agarwal youngest among top ten

West Bengal State Under-8 and Under-9 2022 champion, 8-year-old Narendra Agarwal became the youngest top ten finisher. He scored an impressive 7/9 to secure fifth place.

Champion - Soham Bhattacharyya 8.5/9

Since last year, one of the perks of winning the tournament is, receiving the prize on the final day of the main event - Tata Steel Chess India 2023 Rapid and Blitz. Apart from getting the prize from the legend and India's second GM in history - GM Dibyendu Barua, one gets to share the stage with another legend - Vishy Anand on the final day. Receiving the prize in front of star-studded world-class players is an added bonus apart from the usual cash and trophy prize. No wonder, every year, the festival events reach its capacity in no time once it is announced.

Soham Bhattacharyya receives his prize from Vishy Anand in presence of Jeroen van den Berg, Tata Steel Chess India 2023 Tournament Director | Photo: IA Vivek Sohani
Soham Bhattacharyya wins Tata Steel Chess Festival 2023 All Bengal Under-19 Rapid | Video: ChessBase India

Runner-up - Arpan Das 7.5/9

Second Runner-up - IM Shahil Dey 7.5/9

Top 3 (L to R): 2nd Arpan Das 7.5/9, 1st Soham Bhattacharyya 8.5/9 and 3rd IM Shahil Dey 7.5/9

4th FM Sourath Biswas 7.5/9

5th Narendra Agarwal 7/9

6th Soham Dey 7/9

7th Srijon Saha 7/9

8th Samip Roy 7/9

9th Shankhodip De 6.5/9

10th Ujaan Bhattacharyya 6.5/9

Best Female 1st Aayusree Sarkar 6.5/9

Best Female 2nd Atreyee Das 5/9

Best Female 3rd Palashpriya Mitra 5/9

Trophies for the prize winners

Players in action at Bhasha Bhavan, National Library in Kolkata, West Bengal

For more photos, please check out the album here.

Video Gallery

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More game videos will be published over time on our channel and page, stay tuned!


A total of 160 players including an IM took part in this two-day nine round Swiss-league Under-19 Rapid tournament which was organized by Dhanuka Dhunseri Dibyendu Barua Chess Academy at Bhasha Bhavan, National Library in Kolkata, West Bengal on 8th and 9th September 2023. The time control of the event was 15 minutes + 10 seconds increment from move no.1.

Final standings

Rk.SNoNameTypsexFEDRtgPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 
13Bhattacharyya SohamU19IND21198,550,554,551,2508
24Arpan Das (Jr)U19IND19977,5535541,7507
31IMShahil DeyU19IND22357,54952,542,7507
42FMSourath BiswasU19IND21397,547,551,542,7507
537Narendra AgarwalU10IND1161752,554,537,0007
67Soham DeyU19IND1695751,555,536,0007
720Srijon SahaU19IND132774851,537,5007
89Samip RoyU19IND1601747,549,534,0007
96Shankhodip DeU19IND17106,5495437,2506
1011Ujaan BhattacharyaU19IND15486,5475135,5005


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