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Rithvik Raja and Arpita Mukherjee lead after Round 7 in National Under-17

by Shahid Ahmed - 29/10/2017

Reigning National under 13 Champion Raja Rithvik R of Telangana and current Commonwealth under 20 girls champion Arpita Mukherjee of West Bengal are leading in Dr. N. Mahalingam 28th National under 17 chess championship 2017 in open and girls category respectively held in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Here is a report consisting of blow by blow update from rounds 5 to 7. While Rithvik has two players behind him with a half point deficit, Arpita has five. Photos by Sathish Kumar K.

Round 5: Rathanvel takes sole lead in open category; Sakshi and Tejaswini jointly lead the girls category

Manish Anto Cristiano is ready to face Rathanvel V S | Photo: Sathish Kumar K

12-year old Manish Anto Cristiano F of Tamil Nadu blundered a pawn and the position too when he played 21. Rhh1 against FM Rathanvel V S of Tamil Nadu. Rathanvel capitalized his opponent's mistake and went on to win the game in 31 moves.

Deota Snehil S of Karnataka defeated Kumar Gaurav of Bihar in an Open Catalan system.

Harshavardhan G B of Tamil Nadu made quick work of Dhananjay S of Chattisgarh in a Classical King's Indian Defence.

Round 5 inaugural moves are made on top board of girls category | Photo: Sathish Kumar K

WIM Sakshi Chitlange of Maharashtra got an early advantage in the middlegame when her opponent, overnight leader Niharika Ch of Andhra Pradesh made a tactical error with 23...Rb6 and lost an exchange in King's Indian Defence. Afterwards she managed to have the position equal, but after several mistakes, Sakshi took advantage of them all and made them surmountable.

Harshita Guddanti of Andhra Pradesh drew with WFM Arpita Mukherjee of West Bengal in Sicilian Defence Najdorf Variation. Despite getting a chance to gain clear advantage in the middle game, Harshita missed when she played 23. Nd6. Later in the endgame, she need not require to play 29.Bxb5 to maintain an edge in the position.

Round 6: Rathanvel maintains sole lead with 100% score in the open category; Arpita and Tejaswini in the joint lead among girls

Inaugural move for Round 6 is made in the battle of the FMs | Photo: Sathish Kumar K

FM Rathanvel V S of Tamil Nadu opted for the Advance Variation in Caro Kann Defence against FM Mitrabha Guha of West Bengal. Mirabha made a slight error when he played 19...Bf5 and later when he played 29...Qf7 which gave White a clear advantage in the endgame.

Sibi Visal R of Tamil Nadu defeated M Barath Kalyan of Tamil Nadu in a marathon game of 103 moves arising from Symmetrical English Opening Double Fianchetto Variation.

WFM Arpita Mukherjee dethroned WIM Sakshi Chitlange from the leading position in a French Defence Tarrasch Variation after the latter made a terrible blunder with 30...Qc1 in a Queen and Rook endgame which cost her the game.

Round 7: Raja Rithvik and Arpita Mukherjee are sole leaders

Raja Rithvik (right) handed over first loss of the tournament to Rathanvel V S | Photo: Sathish Kumar K

Raja Rithvik R got a fantastic position out of the Symmetrical English Opening against Rathanvel V S. Rithvik missed an early win when he played 32. Qf3 instead of Qe4+ resulting in either checkmate or gain of the queen for a rook.

Sibi Visal R defeated Nithin Babu of Kerala in another Symmetrical English Opening after the latter blundered a pawn with 30...Rfe8. Siba also missed a quicker win when he played 34.Qxd4

Top seed Arjun Erigaisi got back to his winning ways when he defeated Srihari L of Puducherry in King's Indian Defence after Srihari blundered terribly with 26.Nxd1 and lost the game in the next three moves.

Deota Snehil S defeated Jeet Jain of Gujarat in a clinical fashion in Giuco Piano opening and got a fantastic attack after 15...g4.

Arpita Mukherjee defeated Tejaswini Sagar to jump into sole lead after round 7 | Photo: Sathish Kumar K

WFM Arpita Mukherjee defeated WIM Tejaswini Sagar emphatically in Sicilian Najdorf after Tejaswini missed an opportunity to gain advantage when she played 27.b5. Arpita's onslaught of the pawns on the kingside became too much for Tejaswini's Kingside with 29...f3.

Top seed Sakshi Chitlange smashed Riya Mishra of Uttar Pradesh in a Fianchetto Variation of Grunfeld Defence.

Stuti Bhanot of Haryana defeated WCM Jyosthna L of Tamil Nadu in a King's Indian Defence Smyslov System when the latter blundered her queen in a seemingly equal position when she played 20. Qc2

Pairings of Open category

Round 8 on 2017/10/29 at 09.30 AM

110CMRaja Rithvik R2237Telangana6Sibi Visal R1848Tamil Nadu31
23FMRathanvel V S2319Tamil Nadu6FMNitish Belurkar2285Goa5
31FMErigaisi Arjun2354TelanganaFMMitrabha Guha2328West Bengal2
424Harshavardhan G B1929Tamil Nadu55Saurabh Anand2288Bihar4
57Kumar Gaurav2274Bihar55Shyam Kumar M1718Tamil Nadu49
645Selvamurugan B1745Tamil Nadu55Hari Madhavan N B2250Tamil Nadu8
717Nithin Babu2035Kerala55Deota Snehil S1877Karnataka26
838Manish Anto Cristiano F1789Tamil Nadu55Barath Kalyan M2002Tamil Nadu18
919Tarun V Kanth1992Tamil Nadu5Kishore Kumar Jaganathan1808Tamil Nadu34
1051Patil Harshal1704MaharashtraSrihari L1964Puducherry20

Pairings of Girls category

Round 8 on 2017/10/29 at 09.30 AM

12WFMArpita Mukherjee2210West Bengal6Priyanka K2046AICF6
27Harshita Guddanti2045Andhra PradeshWIMChitlange Sakshi2248Maharashtra1
310Bhanot Stuti1805HaryanaWFMTarini Goyal2062Chandigarh5
413WCMDhyana Patel1640Gujarat55WIMTejaswini Sagar2071Gujarat4
518Kavisha S Shah1575Gujarat5Toshali V1803Andhra Pradesh11
619Garima Gaurav1574BiharWCMJyothsna L2121Tamil Nadu3
726Pooja S (2002)1526Tamil NaduWFMBommini Mounika Akshaya1810Andhra Pradesh9
812Rajashree Rajeev1676KeralaNiharika Ch1578Andhra Pradesh17
930Poorna Sri M.K1493Tamil NaduAbirama Srinithi G1583Tamil Nadu16
1021Mishra Riya1543Uttar PradeshMohana Praba R B1492Tamil Nadu31

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