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Madhvendra Pratap Sharma wins the ChessBase India Phoenix Citadel Indore inaugural Blitz Tournament

by Himank Ghosh - 23/03/2023

The second ChessBase India Chess Club was opened on 11th March in the Phoenix Citadel Mall, Indore! To celebrate the occasion, an inaugural Blitz tournament with free entry was arranged in the Chess Club. A total of 65 players took part in this 3+2 Blitz tournament held from 4-7 PM IST at the Phoenix Citadel. One of Madhya Pradesh and India's biggest talents Madhvendra Pratap Sharma bagged the first position with a perfect 6/6! Another tournament will be held this Saturday in the chess club - make sure to join in! 

A great start to the latest ChessBase India Chess Club

FI Niklesh Jain, the Head of Hindi ChessBase India, has worked a lot to grow chess throughout Madhya Pradesh. The regular Khelo Chess India tournaments and the training camp held at Bhopal is a testament of that! The one thing remaining was a place where serious and casual players can come together in a regular basis to play the game. Well, that problem has been solved - we have now opened the ChessBase India Chess Club at Indore! The inaugural 3+2 Blitz tournament started off the Club on a good note.

Champion - Madhvendra Pratap Sharma 6/6

Madhvendra in the arms of the direct marketing manager of the Phoenix Citadel Mall, Indore, Akash Singh Chauhan
ChessBase India Chess Club Indore Phoenix Citadel Mall !Vlog | Video: Hindi ChessBase India

2nd Prateek Chandwani 6/6
Queen ♕ And Rook ♖ Endgame is always Tricky! | Video: Hindi ChessBase India

3rd Abhiraj Singh 5/6

4th Harshit Dawar 5/6

5th Rudraksh Agarwal 5/6

Madhya Pradesh's strongest player IM Akshat Khamparia made the ceremonial first move of the tournament!

A beautiful picture of Niklesh Jain and Akash Singh Chauhan with all the kids taking part in the event!

A shot of the busy tournament hall

Check out all the photos from the inaugural Blitz tournament

A second tournament will take place this Saturday!

For the 3rd session of the ChessBase India Chess Club at Phoenix Citadel Mall Indore, another big event will take place! A Blitz tournament will be held at the Club from 4-7 PM IST this Saturday, 25th March 2023. The venue is the same as last time - Piazza Morano, Atrium-5, Ground Floor, Near LOFA Phoenix Citadel, MR 10 Junction, Indore.

The Official banner for the Blitz tournament on Saturday! | Photo: Abhyudaya Ram

Don't miss this fantastic session at the ChessBase India Chess Club Indore! | Photo: Abhyudaya Ram

There is no entry fee and lots of exciting prizes up for grabs. We are only accepting the first 100 people for the tournament, so hurry up and fill the google form below!

Sign up for the Blitz tournament on Saturday

Final standings

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
111Madhvendra, Pratap SharmaIND150561921,523,00
29Chandwani, PrateekIND154361717,519,00
38Abhiraj, SinghIND158552121,517,00
416Harshit, DawarIND133552022,516,00
57Rudraksh, AgrawalIND16565192016,00
61Shiva, PillayIND1932516,51913,50
713Nikhil, MahajanIND1401516,518,514,00
823Aarav, PorwalIND1176516,516,513,50
925Avika, PanwarIND115451618,516,00
106Gupta, DineshIND1659423,52616,00


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