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ChessBase India Chess Club to begin in Indore from 11th of March 2023

by Sagar Shah - 09/03/2023

On the same day as the ChessBase India Chess Club at Mumbai turns 1 year old, we have the 2nd Chess club opening up - this time in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. The club will be completely free and open to all and will take place every Saturday. This will happen inside the premises of the Phoenix Citadel Mall, one of the most prominent malls in the city. The inauguration of the Chess Club will be done on 11th of March 2023 by the head of ChessBase India Hindi Niklesh Jain along with the first IM from Madhya Pradesh Akshat Khamparia. We also have an inaugural blitz tournament planned where there are lot of exciting vouchers and prizes to be won! Don't forget to fill the google form at the end of the article to take part in the event. 

Phoenix Citadel Mall will be the venue of the ChessBase India chess club in Indore

When we started the first ChessBase India Chess Club at the Phoenix Marketcity in Mumbai, the natural question on the minds of our online viewers was, when would the next club start? Well, it took us an entire year, but we are happy to say that we are launching the 2nd ChessBase India Chess Club and the city chosen for it is the financial capital of Madhya Pradesh - Indore. This happens to be on the same day when the ChessBase India Chess Club turns 1 year old in Mumbai.

We are launching on the 11th of March 2023

The Phoenix Citadel Mall is one of the finest malls in the city of Indore

This is how the mall looks in the evening!

The location of the mall

This is the area where the tables and chairs along with chess sets will be set up for the chess club

The man behind making this happen in Indore is the Direct Marketing Manager of the Phoenix Citadel Mall, Indore Akash Singh Chouhan.

Speaking to ChessBase India, Akash said, "We want to invite all the chess lovers of Indore and adjoining regions to come to our mall every Saturday to enjoy the beautiful chess atmosphere. We love the sport and will leave no stone unturned in giving all the chess enthusiasts a wonderful chess ambience. Phoenix is glad to be associated with chess and ChessBase India to empower the sport in the country."

Madhya Pradesh's 1st IM, Indore's highest rated player and Convenor of MP Chess Ad hoc Committee Akshat Khamparia will be present at the inauguration of the Chess Club

ChessBase India Hindi's Niklesh Jain will be present to inaugurate the ChessBase India Chess Club in Indore

Reigning under-9 champion and one of India's brightest young talents Madhavendra Pratap Sharma will travel with Niklesh from Bhopal to Indore to be a part of the inaugural event!

ChessBase India's Head of Sales and Operations Supriya Bhat, who has been instrumental in the chess club at Mumbai being successful for the past 1 year, also played a crucial role to work on the Indore project. This is what she has to say, "It is a great feeling to start the 2nd ChessBase India Chess club at Indore. We wanted people to play chess over the board, enjoy and get better at the game. The response has been amazing so far. We are very happy that the management at Phoenix malls have been very supportive and joining hands with us to power chess in India. I believe the chess club at Phoenix Indore is going to attract lot of chess lovers."

The Head of ChessBase India Tech Shashwat Mishra lives in Indore, and he will also be present on 11th of March

As a part of the inauguration festivities, we will be holding a blitz tournament which will be completely free and open to all. The no. of players who can participate are limited (80-100) so please do fill in the form below to confirm your entry. There will be chess sets, clocks, arbiters and everything perfectly setup like a professional tournament. The time control will be 3 mins + 2 seconds increment and there will be 7 rounds. All you need to do is bring with you your love for chess and fighting spirit. There will be attractive gift vouchers as prizes from Phoenix Citadel mall and there will also be ChessBase India goodies and merchandise to be won. 

Fill in this form to take part in the inaugural blitz tournament

(entries are closed now, but you can be at the mall at 4 p.m. even if you have not filled the form. Niklesh will be present there and if there is vacancy he will include your name. In worst case, you can watch some of the best players of Indore in action!)

1Prakash, Yadav5071291IND1727
2Dishant, Jain5097460IND1699
3Dhabria, Suneet25034170IND1674
4Kanwal, Om Prakash45037469IND1664
5Gupta, Dinesh5077893IND1659
6Rudraksh, Agrawal25026399IND1656
7Devansh, Singh25621092IND1585
8Chandwani, Prateek35043013IND1543
9Ekansh, Pandit25030493IND1531
10Madhvendra, Pratap Sharma25985663IND1505
11Devendra, Namdev33346313IND1421
12Nikhil, Mahajan25773364IND1401
13Harshit, Dawar25166930IND1335
14Gaurav, Bharadwaj46605088IND1310
15Panchal, Sahil25705822IND1289
16Jariya, Mitansh45064849IND1200
17Shankar, Murthy46624090IND1199
18Kandi, Utkarsh35079450IND1177
19Shaurya, Jain33416796IND1167
20Avika, Panwar25788590IND1154
21Tapadiya, Earth25114514IND1154
22Tongia, Vihaan46607854IND1109
23Mukund, Purohit33416583IND1090
24Porwal, Kiyan25114484IND1063
25Manvik, Tandon25980041IND1025

Complete list


Please note: The inaugural day of the ChessBase India Chess Club in Indore has the timings from 4-7 p.m. From next Saturday onwards, it will be 5-7 p.m. IST.

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Website of Phoenix Citadel

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