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MPL 34th National U-10 R7-8: Charvi gains sole lead

by Shahid Ahmed - 30/04/2022

Karnataka's Charvi A won both of her games against her state-mates Siddhi Rao and Krupha S Ukkali in Round 7 and 8 respectively. She has now gained sole lead 7.5/8 at MPL 34th National Under-10 Girls Chess Championship 2022. Hanya Shah (GUJ) and Tanusri S (Tamil Nadu) are the only ones closest to her at 6.5/8 each. In the Open section, Madhvendra Pratap Sharma (MP) defeated Yug Tarun Khiani (KAR) in Round 7 and drew with Aansh Nandan Nerurkar (MAH) in Round 8. Aansh had good chances in the endgame, however, he could not find a way to seize his opportunity. Round 9 starts today at 9:00 a.m. IST. Photo: Aditya Sur Roy

Madhvendra Pratap Sharma stays ahead of the field

Madhvendra Pratap Sharma (MP) and Charvi A (KAR) are the sole leaders in MPL 34th National Under-10 Open and Girls Chess Championship 2022. Apaar Saxena (KAR) is trailing the leader by a half point at 7.0/8.

Charvi A is playing some fantastic chess in this event | Photo: Aditya Sur Roy

Open Round 7: Madhvendra - Yug: 1-0

Madhvendra Pratap Sharma (MP, 1527) registered his seventh consecutive victory of the event, against Yug Tarun Khiani (KAR).

Position after 16.f5

16...gxf5 17.Bxf5 0-0-0 and Black is fine. However, Black went for the chain exchange 16...Nxd3 17.fxe6 Nc5 18.exf7+ and things fell apart for Black in a hurry.

Madhvendra Pratap Sharma (MP) extended his lead by a full point | Photo: Aditya Sur Roy

Round 8: Aansh - Madhvendra: 1-0

Fourth seed of the tournament, Aansh Nandan Nerurkar (MAH, 1564) got himself closest to defeating the tournament leader, Madhvendra Pratap Sharma (MP, 1527).

Position after 30...Nb6

32.Be7 Re8 33.Rd8 Rxd8 34.Bxd8 would have been winning for White. The game continued 31.Bc6 Bf5 and it was drawn in another ten moves.

Final moments: Aansh Nandan Nerurkar vs Madhvendra Pratap Sharma | Video: ChessBase India

Girls Round 7: Charvi - Siddhi: 1-0

In an all-Karnataka battle, Charvi A (1267) completed her second hat-trick of the event by scoring an emphatic victory against her statemate Siddhi Rao (1151).

Position after 27...Rad8

White is completely dominating in the above position. 28.Rxd8+ Rxd8 29.Rxd8+ Qxd8 30.Qf6+ Qxf6 31.exf6 is one of the ways to capitalize on the advantage. In the game White decided to keep pieces on the board 28.Qe3 c5 29.Qc3 which eventually turned out to be a good decision.

Charvi defeated Siddhi to maintain her lead | Photo: Aditya Sur Roy

Maitreyi Mondal (WB) suffered her second consecutive loss of the event, it was against Hanya Shah (GUJ) in Round 7 | Photo: Aditya Sur Roy

Round 8: Charvi - Krupha: 1-0

In another all-Karnataka battle, Charvi A (1267) emerged victorious. Krupha S Ukkali (1223) was on the losing end.

Position after 27...Rxc5

27...Rxc5 is a mistake. Find out the beautiful tactics which White played in the game. 27...Qxa2 would have been the safer continuation for White.

Charvi's sharp play earned her a full point against Krupha | Photo: Aditya Sur Roy

For more Round 7 and Round 8 photos, please click at the respective links.

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A total of 149 players in the Open and 89 players in the Girls tournament are taking part. It is organized by Crown Trust. Both tournaments are taking place at The Kangra Fort, Barnai, Jammu from 26th April to 1st May 2022. The eleven-round Swiss league tournament has a time control of 90 minutes + 30 seconds increment from move no.1.

Replay Open Round 7-8 games

Replay Girls Round 7-8 games

Open Round 8 results

14Aansh Nandan Nerurkar1564Maharashtra6½ - ½7Madhvendra Pratap Sharma1527Madhya Pradesh5
218Sanjay Narayanan P S1286Tamil Nadu60 - 16Apaar Saxena1306Karnataka13
32Vivaan Vishal Shah1665Gujarat1 - 0Niladri Banerjee1288West Bengal17
4157Yug Tarun Khiani0Karnataka0 - 1Shashveen A K1389Delhi9
515Rishabh Kumar1299Delhi51 - 0Parambrata Sarkar1117West Bengal43
67Mayukh Majumder1406West Bengal5½ - ½5Badole Shaunak1102Maharashtra47
714Sri Akhil Prasad1300Andhra Pradesh51 - 05Navaneel Chhatui1094West Bengal49
821Siddhanth Poonja1230Karnataka50 - 15Aarush Bathula0Telangana66
926Pranav Sai Ram R S1193Tamil Nadu51 - 05Krishnav Mrinmoy Hazarika1059Assam56
1039Shaashvat Gupta1135Maharashtra51 - 05Jagreet Misra1191Delhi27


Round 9 pairings

15Madhvendra Pratap Sharma1527Madhya Pradesh7Apaar Saxena1306Karnataka13
29Shashveen A K1389DelhiVivaan Vishal Shah1665Gujarat2
314Sri Akhil Prasad1300Andhra Pradesh6Aansh Nandan Nerurkar1564Maharashtra4
4102Krishay Jain0West Bengal66Rishabh Kumar1299Delhi15
518Sanjay Narayanan P S1286Tamil Nadu66Rajveer Patil1095Goa48
666Aarush Bathula0Telangana66Pranav Sai Ram R S1193Tamil Nadu26
7155Vyom Malhotra0Haryana66Shaashvat Gupta1135Maharashtra39
840Aarav Sarbalia1130KarnatakaMayukh Majumder1406West Bengal7
943Parambrata Sarkar1117West BengalAdhiraj Mitra1404Jharkhand8
1017Niladri Banerjee1288West BengalDiproneel Barman0West Bengal91


Girls Round 8 results

12Charvi AU101267Karnataka1 - 06Krupha S UkkaliU101223Karnataka3
213Tanusri SU101111Tamil Nadu1 - 0Hanya ShahU101149Gujarat11
38Anaya AgarwalU101171Telangana0 - 15Aadya RanganathU101133Karnataka12
46Maitreyi MondalU101182West Bengal51 - 05Ritisha Mayra RajbongshiU100Assam63
510Siddhi RaoU101151Karnataka51 - 05Varniga RU100Andhra Pradesh85
614Pal VedikaU101101Maharashtra51 - 05Umauthra MU100Tamil Nadu82
754Navieka JaiswalU100Jharkhand5½ - ½5Anshika DongreU101067Madhya Pradesh17
874Srinika SU100Tamil Nadu50 - 1Charudharshini RU101047Tamil Nadu20
980Tanvee TokalaU100Telangana0 - 1Banker ReyaU101204Gujarat4
1088Yati AgarwalU100Assam0 - 1Aishwarya NU100Telangana30


Round 9 pairings

114Pal VedikaU101101Maharashtra6Charvi AU101267Karnataka2
211Hanya ShahU101149Gujarat6Siddhi RaoU101151Karnataka10
33Krupha S UkkaliU101223Karnataka6Tanusri SU101111Tamil Nadu13
412Aadya RanganathU101133Karnataka66Maitreyi MondalU101182West Bengal6
54Banker ReyaU101204GujaratAnshika DongreU101067Madhya Pradesh17
620Charudharshini RU101047Tamil NaduAnaya AgarwalU101171Telangana8
730Aishwarya NU100TelanganaNavieka JaiswalU100Jharkhand54
858Pardeshi ChaturthiU100Maharashtra5Niharika ChakrabortyU101157Jharkhand9
95Aaradhya DasU101196Tripura55Sravyasree BheemarasettyU100Andhra Pradesh72
1063Ritisha Mayra RajbongshiU100Assam55Arpita PatankarU100Gujarat33


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