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Lokesh wins GMLs Coimbatore Grand Prix Rapid Rating Open

by Shahid Ahmed - 02/03/2020

Fourth seeded Lokesh N scored 6.5/7 to win the final leg GMLs All India Rapid Rating Open, part of All India Chess Grandprix. Two other players Selvamurugan B and Senthil Maran also finished at 6.5/7 each and they were placed second and third respectively. Total 280 players participated in this one-day rapid rating tournament at Hindusthan Arts & Science College, Coimbatore on 23rd February 2020, organized by GMLs Academy. The tournament had a total prize fund of ₹1.25 lacs, Lokesh bagging the first prize of champion's trophy and ₹15000 cash. He will also be one of the top ten finalists of All India Chess Grandprix which will take place next month. Photo: Uma Maheswaran Palanisamy

Three players finished at 6.5/7

Lokesh N, Selvamurugan B and Senthil Maran K finished at 6.5/7 each respectively at GMLs 1st All India Rapid Rating, part of All India Chess Grandprix. Lokesh was declared the winner, Selvamurugan as the runner-up and Senthil as the second runner-up according to their tie-break scores.

Top 3 podium finishers (L to R): Senthil Maran - Runner-up, Lokesh N - Champion and Selvamurugan - Second Runner-up | Photo: Uma Maheswaran Palanisamy

Lokesh N receives his Champion's trophy and ₹15000 cash prize | Photo: Uma Maheswaran Palanisamy

Runner-up Selvamurugan B 6.5/7 | Photo: Uma Maheswaran Palanisamy

Second Runner-up Senthil Maran K 6.5/7 | Photo: Uma Maheswaran Palanisamy

The Coimbatore GP aftermath

by Uma Maheswaran Palanisamy

The GMLs Grandprix is the final leg of the five-series of rapid events. Others were held previously were in Tiruvarur, Sivakasi, Karaikudi, Madurai and now in Coimbatore. Each series had a similar prize structure of ₹1.25 lakhs with winner getting richer by ₹15000/-. The top ten players are allotted GP points which is accumulated to choose top ten players from the five grand prix series to play in a super final with a cash prize similar to the existing one, on 22nd of April 2020. The tournament had strong participants like top seed IM B T Muralikrishnan of Southern Railways, Syed Anwar Shazuli of ICF, Senthil Maran and IM A Ra Harikrishna to name a few. A total of 280 participants took part eagerly.

GMLs points table | Photo: Official site

GP final standings | Photo: Official site

The Tournament was inaugurated by International Arbiter R Srivatsan, Treasurer TNSCA, Member Arbiter Commission AICF, Rating Officer AICF, Assistant Manager National Insurance Company. Other guests on the dais were IA Vijayaraghavan, Chief Arbiter, Mr. SK Vijaya Kumar, Vice President CDCA, Mr. K Dhanasekar, Secy, CDCA.

Top seed IM Murali Krishnan B T finished 7th with a score of 6.0/7 | Photo: Uma Maheswaran Palanisamy

The event was organized by Mr Arasu, Organising Secretary, GMLs Academy. The arbiters team under IA V Vijayaraghavan, Chief Arbiter and IA S Ganesh Babu, Dy Chief Arbiter. The Prizes were distributed by Dr. J P Satish Prabhu, Executive Director, Hindusthan Hospitals. He praised the parents for their patience and was happy that young chess players are staying well away from cell phones. IA R Srivatsan, the guest of honour for the PD distributed the prizes for the ELO category along with V Vijayaraghavan, Joint Secretary of TNSCA &  Chief Arbiter of the event and K Dhanasekar, Secretary, CDCA, B Arasu, Secretary, GML Academy; Co-Founder & CTO at Neunets Technology Private Limited., Dr S Karunanidhi, P.Ed, HICAS.

The tournament hall | Photo: Uma Maheswaran Palanisamy

The eventual champion of the tournament Lokesh N | Photo: Uma Maheswaran Palanisamy

The fifth and final leg of All India Chess Grandprix, GMLs 1st All India Rapid Rating Open was organized by GMLs Academy on 23rd February 2020 at Hindusthan Arts & Science College, Navaindia, Coimbatore.

Final Standings

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgIPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 
14Lokesh N.IND21706,50,035,532,532,256
220Selvamurugan BIND18166,50,034,031,530,756
33Senthil Maran KIND21756,50,032,529,530,006
57Surendran NIND20566,00,034,030,028,755
65Ram S. KrishnanIND21696,00,033,530,527,006
71IMMurali Krishnan B TIND22836,00,033,029,527,506
814AGMSa KannanIND18966,00,032,029,026,006
99Manigandan S SIND20126,00,032,028,027,006
1016Sharan RaoIND18736,00,031,529,526,006
1115Barath Kalyan MIND18876,00,031,529,525,006
1239FMHarshad SIND15606,00,031,029,025,005
132Syed Anwar ShazuliIND21786,00,031,028,525,255
1437Roshan SIND15756,00,031,028,022,006
1510Sibi Visal RIND19885,50,034,531,525,255
1645Kanishk S KIND14365,50,033,030,024,505
1722Eshwanth Dev Kumar JIND18125,50,033,029,524,755
1830Shreyas MIND16755,50,032,529,523,255
1931Farhaan MIND16655,50,030,527,523,755
2011Bala Kannamma PIND19785,50,030,527,521,755

Complete standings

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