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Last chance to sign up for the training camps with GM Jacob Aagaard

by Sagar Shah - 31/01/2024

It's your last chance to sign up for the training camp with GM Jacob Aagaard that will take place from the 1st to the 4th of February 2024 and 8th to the 11th of February 2024 in Hotel Unicontinental/ Habitat studio in Khar. The camp is open for all and it is sure to help you become a stronger chess player. The first camp deals with principles of attack, while the second one is focussed on professional calculations. Jacob arrived on 30th of January 2024 along with his girlfriend Kallia to India and we bring you some pictures as well as the list of participants who have already confirmed their presence for the camp. 

Mumbai will witness two top notch chess camps held by GM Jacob Aagaard from the 1st to 4th of February and 8th to 11th of February. On 30th of January Jacob arrived in Mumbai for the camp with his girlfriend Kallia Kleisarchaki.

Jacob Aagaard with his girlfriend Kallia arrive at the Mumbai airport on the morning of 30th of January 2024

Jacob has brought with him his guitar about which he is extremely passionate! 

This bag contains around 40 chess books which will be available for the participants of the camp to purchase!

Dias from the team of Unicontinental hotel has been extremely helpful in organizing the camp and is glad to meet Kallia and Jacob

If you are interested to be a part of these camps, there is still an opportunity to sign up. All the details are given below. We also have the names of the players who are taking part in both the camps.

Participants in Camp 1 - 1st to 4th of February 2024

Camp 1  
1 Mayukh majumder 
2 Ashwath Bhawsar
3 Reyaansh Venkat 
4 Narayani Umesh Marathe 
5 Ajay Kamath
6 Gaurang Bhandari
8 Thasmin S
9 Shubh Atha
10 Darsh Shetty
12 Shreya G Hipparagi 
13 Dr.Rajesh Kumar Nair
14 Daksh Jain
15 Dhruv Muthe
16 Aarav Saish Amonkar 
17 Samvid Pasbola
18 Ram Vishal Parab
19 Aaryan Waghmare 
20 Kartik hanamant kumbhar

Participants in Camp 2 - 8th to 11th of February 2024

Camp 2  
1 Mayukh majumder 
2 Alakxya Das
3 Kush Devnani
5 Ajay Kamath
6 Kushal Jani
7 Ajay Santhosh Parvathareddy 
8 Mayank Chakraborty 
9 Ethan Vaz
10 Suyog Wagh
11 Ananya Manisundaram
12 Samvid Pasbola
13 Rounaiv Rana
14 Jihan Tejas Shah
15 Sohan Phadke
16 Aaryan Waghmare 
17 Aradhya Garg
18 Rohit S
19 Jaiveer Mahendru 
20 Vivaan Vijay Saraogi

IM Ethan Vaz, one of India's finest talents will be part of the camp!

The youngster from Assam, who has made a lot of waves recently IM Mayank Chakraborty will also be present

India's latest IM Aradhya Garg will be present in the camp! 

The Principles of Attack: 1 - 4 February 2024

It is amazing how Jacob is able to train so many people at the same time and make the camps and enriching experience for everyone who is attending!  

Jacob will go over the core principles of attack, such as:

·      Momentum and Piece Inclusion

·      Colour Schemes and Size

·      Attacking the Weakest Square

·      Attacking the Strongest Square

·      Evolution/Revolution

·      The Killzone

·      Hunting the King,

·      Destroying the King’s Position.

This camp is open to all. 

Professional Calculation: 8 - 11 February 2024


Jacob's definition of calculation

This camp is aimed at higher rated players. Players with an Elo of 2200 and above + titled players will be given first preference. Others also can attend this camp and learn but they would not be able to interact with Jacob. Aagaard will lead you through the core skills of professional calculation and how it is acquired. These include the topics of:

·      Looking

·      Slowing Down

·      Structuring your Thinking

·      Impulse Control

·      Visualisation

·      Rewiring the arbitrary way your brain calculates

Jacob will also go through the more advanced techniques, such as:

·      Comparison

·      Elimination

·      Resistance

·      Debating the common mistakes that strong players make.

Whatever subject Jacob decides to cover, he has deep insights related to it 

Daily Schedule

The camp would begin in the morning at 10 a.m. and then go until 6 p.m. in the evening.

Schedules are good, but it is very likely that Jacob will continue playing blitz even in the breaks!

This is the daily schedule of the camp

10.00 Lecture

11.30 Exercises

12.30 Solutions

13.00 Lunch

13.45 Playing positions

15.00 Lecture

16.30 Exercises

17.30 Solutions

18.00 End

Note: the last days may start early and be slightly shorter 

Price Structure

A special discount is available to members of Killer Chess Training as detailed below.

Camp 1 - Attack

Regular Entry fee: ₹12,000 + 18% GST, which is ₹14,160.

Book Now

Killer Chess Training Members (50% Discount): ₹6,000 + 18% GST, which is ₹7,080.

Book Now

 Camp 2 - Professional Calculation

Regular Entry fee for 2200+ rated + Titled Players: ₹12,000 + 18% GST, which is ₹14,160.

Book Now

Killer Chess Training Members (50% Discount) for Titled Players ₹6,000 + 18% GST, which is ₹7,080.

Book Now

Entry fee for players below the Elo of 2200 and Non-Titled player: ₹9,600 + 18% GST, which is ₹11,328. 

Book Now

Killer Chess Training Members (50% Discount) for Below the Elo of 2200 and Non-Titled players: ₹4,800 + 18% GST, which is ₹5,664.

Book Now

Note: The reason why we have charged Rs.9600 + GST for players below the Elo of 2200 and non titled players for the 2nd camp is because you won't be able to interact with Jacob at a deeper level during this camp. This will be done by the stronger players. However, you can witness all of this unravelling up close and this would be an amazing learning experience for you.

More about Killer Chess Training:


Killer Chess Training is an online training platform that has daily live sessions by well-known renowned trainers which include Jacob Aagaard himself, Samuel Shankland and many other top trainers. It is well-known for its concept of Homework club where you get a sheet of homework material each week to work on and then submit it to be corrected. Many strong players have enrolled for Killer Chess Training and have seen rapid improvements in their games - IM Mayank Chakraborty is one such example, who has rapidly improved and become the second IM from North East India. You can check out their website and decide to take the membership. If you do decide to do it, then you will get 50% off on both the above camps!


The venue of the camp is the Habitat Studio in Khar, Mumbai. This place is well-known for stand-up comedy shows. However, the owner of the place Balraj Ghai is an ardent chess fan and has always been keen to help promote chess. He has offered this space for the camps to happen. We had previously done the live streaming of Magnus Carlsen vs Praggnanandhaa game 2 of the World Cup 2023 from here.

The venue of the event is at Habitat Club in Khar.

Of course, we will be making this space into a chess learning arena with tables, chairs, chess sets etc. However, this photo gives you an idea of where you would be learning from Jacob.

The venue of the camp also has accommodation possible. These are the discounted rates for people coming to the camp:

Continental Plan basis (includes Buffet Breakfast): 

Single Occupancy basis, per room, per night is Rs. 1500 + taxes. (12%)

Double Occupancy basis, per room, per night is Rs.2000 + taxes (12%)

Triple Occupancy basis, per room, per night is Rs.2500 + taxes (12%)


On Modified American Plan Basis (includes buffet breakfast + Dinner):

Single Occupancy basis, per room, per night is Rs.1850 + taxes (12%)

Double Occupancy basis, per room, per night is Rs. 2700 + taxes (12%)

Triple Occupancy basis, per room, per night is Rs.3550 + taxes (12%)


Address: Hotel Unicontinental, 3rd Road, Station, next to Khar, Khar West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400052. Habitat, the venue of the camp, is on the first floor of Hotel Unicontinental.

The rooms at Hotel Unicontinental are good quality ones at affordable prices

A look at the triple room, which is spacious, clean and affordable

In order to book your room, please write to us at

Value for money:

This camp is absolute value for money. To work with a top trainer like Jacob Aagaard for close to 25 hours in a camp at a price of Rs.12,000 + GST is definite value for money. Even if you get a few new ideas and concepts in the domain of attack and calculation it will propel your game to the next level.

About the Trainer:

GM Jacob Aagaard is a Danish/Scottish trainer and writer. His students have won the World Cup, the Olympiad, the Candidates Tournament, Continental Championships, World Championships (with the exception of the big one), the US Championship, the Indian Championship and much more. He is the co-founder and main driver of the world’s leading chess publisher, Quality Chess, and the highly successful online academy,

Jacob Aagaard is well-known for helping Sam Shankland become one of the top players in the world

He is the author of some of the best selling books, the most well-known being the Grandmaster Preparation series

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