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IIFLW 2018-19 Round 6: Varshney leads in juniors, Tran Tuan Minh and Visakh in GM section

by Sagar Shah - 05/01/2019

The IIFLW 2018-19 is heading towards an exciting finish. More than just the results and standings, we are fitness high quality chess with loads of decisive games. In the juniors (under-13 section) it's Aaryan Varshney who snatched the sole lead with 6.0/6 as he beat Kashish Jain in a pawn endgame. In the 2100+ GM section it was we now have two leaders - GM Tran Tuan Minh and IM Visakh N.R. with 5.5/6. The Vietnamese GM beat Sandipan Chanda from the White side of a Dutch and Visakh showed brilliant bit of opening preparation to get the better of Deepan Chakkravarthy. We have all the three games analyzed by IM Sagar Shah in this article.

Juniors (under-13):

At the end of the fifth round we had four leaders in the under-13 section - Aaryan Varshney, Kashish Jain, Srihari L.R and Nikhil Maghizan. The game between Srihari and Nikhil ended in a draw. It also seemed like the game between Aaryan and Kashish would end in a draw. After all there were only three pawns on the board with a queen and knight for each side. But then came a moment when Kashish had to make a critical decision.


Kashish Jain vs Aaryan Varshney

Would you take on e3 with the queen or with the pawn?

You don't want to spoil your structure in the queen endgame, so Qxe3 makes sense. But this is a position which cannot be played just on feel. You have to calculate. Kashish's thinking switched off for a minute, he took on e3 with his queen and Aaryan quickly exchanged the queens and won the resulting pawn endgame, by clamping the queenside with g5-g4.

With three rounds to go Aaryan Varshney is the sole leader in the under-13 section | Photo: Amruta Mokal

Standings after round 6:

Rk.SNo NameTypsexFEDRtgPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 
14FMAaryan VarshneyIND22006,00,021,023,523,506
26CMNikhil MagizhnanIND21485,50,022,025,022,255
32FMSrihari L RIND23165,50,021,524,521,755
48Manish Anto Cristiano FIND20655,50,019,522,020,005
510Manish Kumar (2006)IND19275,50,018,521,519,755
614Jain Kashish ManojIND18535,00,023,526,520,505
720Ayush SharmaIND17785,00,022,025,019,505
81IMGukesh DIND24665,00,021,524,519,505
924Bhagyashree PatilwIND17585,00,021,524,518,505
107Pranesh MIND21255,00,021,523,519,005
115WIMDivya DeshmukhwIND21905,00,021,023,518,505
123Pranav VIND23145,00,020,023,518,505
1312Shah JeetIND19045,00,019,522,517,505
1443Bajaj PrakharIND15515,00,019,521,517,005
1525Ananmay SharmaIND17495,00,019,022,018,005
1621Garv RaiIND17725,00,018,521,017,254
1711Zia Tahsin TajwarBAN19255,00,018,521,017,005
1838Laddha Shubh JayeshUSA15675,00,016,518,016,004
1922Bagwe GaurangU10IND17684,50,020,023,016,004
2029AFMPawar HarshitIND16714,50,020,022,515,754

2100+ GM Section:

GM Tran Tuan Minh's excellent form continues as he beat GM Sandipan Chanda in their top board clash in the above 2100 Elo GM section. Tran Tuan Minh had won the Bhopal GM 2018 and now is in the joint lead at the Mumbai IIFLW 2018-19 with 5.5/6 along with Visakh N.R.

The unstoppable Tran Tuan Minh | Photo: Vijay Mahajan

Sandipan Chanda tried an offbeat opening and got a playable position, but went wrong in the middlegame. Tran Tuan Minh didn't give him any chances after that. | Photo: Vijay Mahajan

On course for a GM norm is IM Visakh NR. He beat GM Deepan Chakkravarthy is scintillating style in round 6 | Photo: Vijay Mahajan

The usual move is to put the bishop on b3. But Visakh kept it on f1. It makes a huge difference and Deepan wasn't aware of this.

Results of round 6

Bo.No. NameFEDRtgPts.ResultPts.NameFEDRtg No.
17GMTran Tuan MinhVIE25241 - 0GMChanda SandipanIND25554
211IMVisakh N RIND24911 - 04GMDeepan Chakkravarthy J.IND25505
330IMSardana RishiAUS239841 - 04IMShyaamnikhil PIND244820
428IMMuthaiah AlIND240841 - 04IMRathnakaran K.IND236636
52GMRozum IvanRUS25891 - 04Ritviz ParabIND233840
61GMAleksandrov AleksejBLR25901 - 0IMRaghunandan Kaumandur SrihariIND237834
76GMPuranik AbhimanyuIND25441 - 0GMManik MikulasSVK241027
829IMRajesh V A VIND2402½ - ½IMGajek RadoslawAUT247512
913GMRahman ZiaurBAN24681 - 0IMTran Minh ThangVIE234239
1035Sammed Jaykumar SheteIND23780 - 1IMGukesh DIND246614

Standings after round 6

Rk.SNo NamesexFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 Krtg+/-
17GMTran Tuan MinhVIE2524VIE5,50,020,022,521,0051013,8
211IMVisakh N RIND2491TN5,50,017,018,516,7551015,5
330IMSardana RishiAUS2398AUS5,00,020,022,518,0041018,1
428IMMuthaiah AlIND2408TN5,00,019,522,518,2541019,7
54GMChanda SandipanIND2555PSPB4,50,022,024,015,754103,4
61GMAleksandrov AleksejBLR2590BLR4,50,021,023,516,75310-2,0
755CMAditya MittalIND2251MAH4,50,020,521,515,2534093,2
813GMRahman ZiaurBAN2468BAN4,50,019,522,516,004104,1
914IMGukesh DIND2466TN4,50,017,520,515,25410-0,2
1021GMLugovskoy MaximRUS2445RUS4,50,017,520,014,00410-2,1
112GMRozum IvanRUS2589RUS4,50,015,518,014,00310-6,6
126GMPuranik AbhimanyuIND2544MAH4,50,015,017,013,25310-4,7
1352Balasubramaniam HIND2270TN4,00,022,523,513,7534072,8
1456Saurabh AnandIND2246BIH4,00,020,521,012,2532037,8
1532FMMohammad Fahad RahmanBAN2381BAN4,00,019,522,013,2532016,2
165GMDeepan Chakkravarthy J.IND2550ICF4,00,019,522,012,75310-5,3
1724IMMohammad Nubairshah ShaikhIND2437MAH4,00,019,021,012,00310-1,0
1840Ritviz ParabIND2338GOA4,00,018,521,012,0042018,2
1979WIMVarshini VwIND2171TN4,00,018,021,012,5032055,2
208GMMosadeghpour MasoudIRI2520IRI4,00,018,020,512,50310-8,4


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