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The highest prize money under-13 event and 2100+ GM tournament begins in Mumbai

by Paras Gudka - 31/12/2018

The quantum of grandmaster opens in India have been increasing but the number of norms haven't been proportionately growing. That's because a lot of lower rated players participate in the GM events and reaching the average rating for the norms becomes impossible. However, at the IIFLW 2018-2019 tournament in Mumbai, the organizers made a strict restriction for players below 2100. This resulted in only 120 entries, but we are sure that there will be quite a few norms coming out from this tournament. Simultaneously with the GM open you have the highest prize money under-13 tournament in the world with the first prize of Rs. 2,00,000 and a total prize fund of Rs.10,00,000. The favourite is 12-year-old D. Gukesh, who has a live rating of 2466!

And that's how you invite International players to your backyard! | Photo: Vijay Mahajan

A traditional welcome which made all the players feel at home! | Photo: Vijay Mahajan

Mumbai’s most awaited chess festival, the Eka IIFL Mumbai International Chess Tournament, is back for its fourth edition with a bumper extravaganza of three classical events—Under 13, Open and Grand Master—to be played from 30th December 2018 to 7th January 2019 and a two-night blitz tournament to ring in the new year on 31st December and 1st January. Opening the proceedings on Sunday morning, ahead of Round 1 of the Under 13 section, Chief Organiser Praful Zaveri thanked the players and parents for their continued support and introduced the arbitration team. Chief Arbiter IA M. Ephrame then went through the rules and regulations and changes to the schedule.

The playing hall | Photo: Eka by IIFLW Facebook page

A customary 10-second countdown later, the round began in earnest. 231 players from eight countries are participating in the Under 13 event this time with the largest international contingents coming from Bangladesh and Kenya. USA, France, Egypt, England and Nepal are the other countries being represented this year. With a prize fund of Rs 10,00,000 (~USD 14,300), this event has been billed ‘the world’s richest junior tournament (for under 13s)’ for four consecutive years. Unlike the previous three editions, this one sees the coming together of two well-known Mumbai institutions, Indian Chess School and South Mumbai Chess Academy, to co-organise the tournament.

A unique opportunity for the youngsters in India and all across the world | Photo: Eka by IIFLW Facebook page

Noted players include World Cadets’ gold medallists IM Gukesh D (Under 12 Open) and Savitha Shri (Under 12 Girls) and World Youth bronze medalist WIM Divya Deshmukh (Under 14 Girls). They are joined by two FMs and two CMs to complete the top 10 of the starting rank. Results for most games followed a predictable pattern with the stronger players getting the better of their weaker opponents. Of the upper boards, the only unusual result came in the Nino Larmet versus Aarna Chugh game on Board 16, where the latter (rated 1164) held the former (rated 1835) to a draw. Three other games also saw draws on lower boards.

Gukesh, who very narrowly missed on out on scoring his final GM norm at Sunway Sitges and breaking Karjakin's youngest GM record, is the top seed! | Photo: Eka by IIFLW Facebook page

Results of round 1

Bo.No. NameTypRtgPts.ResultPts.NameTypRtg No.
1116Marzouq ChowdhuryU13122400 - 10IMGukesh DU1324661
22FMSrihari L RU13231601 - 00Bhagyashree G PatilU131215117
3118Riddhika KotiaU13121300 - 10Pranav VU1323143
44FMAaryan VarshneyU13220001 - 00Dawda VihaanU131212119
5120Shah VihaU13121200 - 10WIMDivya DeshmukhU1321905
66CMNikhil MagizhnanU13214801 - 00Vasudeva VarunU131209121
7122WCMSuhaani LohiaU13120000 - 10Pranesh MU1321257
88Manish Anto Cristiano FU13206501 - 00Medhansh RathiU131194123
9124Sathi Akshaj MayankU13119400 - 10CMKadam Om ManishU1319449
1010Manish Kumar (2006)U13192701 - 00CMGosrani ReeyanU131190125


Above 2100+ tournament

This is the first time after many years that an above 2100 Elo rated tournament is being held in India. The organizers were very keen that more norms should come out of this tournament and they decided to strictly stop entries of players below the Elo of 2100. The only exceptions were made for International players to ensure that we had enough foreign delegations represented so that there were no technical issues with the norms. The 2100+ tournament open in the afternoon on 30th of December.

Results of round 1

Bo.No. NameRtgPts.ResultPts.NameRtg No.
161IMPraveen Kumar C223300 - 10GMAleksandrov Aleksej25901
22GMRozum Ivan25890½ - ½0CMPrraneeth Vuppala222862
363Bhambure Shantanu222300 - 10GMStupak Kirill25573
44GMChanda Sandipan255501 - 00WIMMahalakshmi M221964
565FMMehdi Hasan Parag221800 - 10GMDeepan Chakkravarthy J.25505
66GMPuranik Abhimanyu25440½ - ½0WGMKurbonboeva Sarvinoz221466
767WIMSrija Seshadri221000 - 10GMTran Tuan Minh25247
88GMMosadeghpour Masoud25200½ - ½0Samant Aditya S220568
969FMAaryan Varshney220001 - 00GMMovsziszian Karen25059
1010GMSaptarshi Roy24940½ - ½0WCMMrudul Dehankar219970


Top players of the above 2100 tournament | Photo: Eka by IIFLW Facebook page

Top five boards are on the podium | Photo: Eka by IIFLW Facebook page

Talented youngster Prraneeth Vuppala drew his first round against Ivan Rozum | Photo: Eka by IIFLW Facebook page

WGM Sarvinoz Kurbonboeva from Uzbekistan drew her first round against Abhimanyu Puranik | Photo: Eka by IIFLW Facebook page

One of the lads worth following closely for the event is Aditya Mittal from Mumbai | Photo: Eka by IIFLW Facebook page

Aditya had a fall earlier this year and has been relegated to a wheelchair. But the champion that he is, he never gives up! | Photo: Eka by IIFLW Facebook page

IM Radsolaw Gajek (2475), originally from Poland, but now lives in Vienna, Austria is here in India. He had a slow start as he drew his game against Senthil Maran | Photo: Eka by IIFLW Facebook page

The Open event:

Along with the above 2100 event, there is also an open event where players of any rating can participate. Naturally there are no players above the Elo of 2100 because they all played in the above 2100 tournament.

Results of round 1

Bo.No. NameRtgPts.ResultPts.NameRtg No.
1119Anurag Panigrahi13150+ - -0Mohite Ranveer22361
22Sa Kannan206901 - 00Avathanshu Bhat1315120
3121Shorya Lakshayjeet131400 - 10Raghav Srivathsav V20563
44Vahdatian Davood203601 - 00Mitank Maru1312122
5123Lasani H Kothari131100 - 10Samrat Ghorai19845
66Thatte Ashish P195701 - 00Kunder Pratik1300124
7125Sohanganesh Uddhav Nikam129900 - 10Kothari Swapnil18707
88Shanmukha Pulli186800 - 10Vivaan Vijay Saraogi1290126
9127Vishal Shewale128701 - 00Dave Sneh18519
1010Unni C. S.182700 - 10Shashank Chakradhari1276129

Youngsters who play in the under-13 event in the morning, can play in the evening as well! Above you can see the battle of generations! | Photo: Eka by IIFLW Facebook page

Sa Kannan is the top seed of the tournament and he began on a winning note against ChessBase India Juniors' editor-in-chief Avathanshu Bhat | Photo: Eka by IIFLW Facebook page

The man who has worked hard to put the entire show together - FI Praful Zaveri | Photo: Eka by IIFLW Facebook page

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