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Raahil Mullick wins First Move Chess Club 2019 Rapid, Sameer Kathmale wins blitz

by Shahid Ahmed - 25/01/2019

11-year old CM Raahil Mullick of Mumbai won First Move Chess Club and We One Non Rated Open Rapid 2019. Raahil finished with 7.5/9 along with three other players FM Sauravh Kherdekera, FM Mithil Ajgaonkar and IM Sameer Kathmale. However due to a better tie-break score, Raahil was declared the winner. This might well be the first time that an 11-year-old won a Mumbai rapid event! Sameer Kathmale won the Blitz event scoring 8.0/9. FM Mehar Chinna Reddy C H also finished at 8.0/9, however he was defeated by Sameer in the penultimate round resulting in Sameer clinching the Blitz title. The report contains photos from the tournament and an annotated game by the champion Raahil himself. Photo: Amar Godbole

Raahil Mullick wins the Rapid event

The Mumbai rapid chess scene witnesses fierce competition. Top players of the city like Vikramaditya Kulkarni, Rakesh Kulkarni, Mithil Ajgaonkar, Ketan Boricha, Amardeep Bartakke and many others participate in the one day rapid event, which is usually held on Sundays. The prize money is attractive and it's a good form of practicing chess for some, while for others it's an excellent way to make some money. Not to forget, there are strong rapid players like IM Sameer Kathmale, Chinmay Kulkarni, Sauravh Kherdekar and others who come from Sangli, Pune, Nagpur and other cities of Maharashtra to pick up the top prize.


The First Move Chess Club and We One Rapid event was a strong one with players like Vikramaditya Kulkarni, Chinmay Kulkarni, Sameer Kathmale, Mithil Ajgaonkar, Mehar China Reddy - all players above an Elo of 2250 in classical chess, taking part. However, the tournament was won by 11-year-old Raahil Mullick who played some fine chess, remained unbeaten and took home the first prize of Rs.21,000.

CM Raahil Mullick won the rapid scoring 7.5/9. He won ₹21000 cash and a beautiful trophy of a golden king | Photo: Amar Godbole

Raahil's performance in the rapid section

Here is an annotated game by the champion Raahil himself:

IM Sameer Kathmale won the blitz event scoring 8.0/9. He won ₹5000 cash and a beautiful trophy | Photo: Sagar Shah

The tournament hall accommodated over 150 players in Rapid and 118 players in Blitz. It was the same place where the famous Bournivta inter-school championships used to be held around 15 years ago in Mumbai. It was nostalgia time for many of the players who came there.| Photo: Amar Godbole

Padma Shri and Arjuna Awardee WIM Bhagyasree Thipsay was seen in action... | Photo: Amar Godbole

...she scored 7.0/9 and secured 8th position in the Rapid event | Photo: Amar Godbole

The beautiful trophies and medals | Photo: Amar Godbole

All Prize winners | Photo: Amar Godbole

Final Standings after 9 Rounds in Rapid

Rk.SNoNameTypsexFEDRtgPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
16CMMullick RaahilU15IND22547,50,054,546,0
29FMSauravh KhherdekarIND21437,50,053,545,0
35FMMithil AjgaonkarIND22577,50,049,540,5
42IMKathmale SameerIND23237,50,049,040,5
54FMMehar Chinna Reddy C.H.IND22647,00,058,048,0
61IMKulkarni VikramadityaIND23377,00,055,546,0
73Kulkarni ChinmayIND22957,00,053,044,0
810WIMThipsay Bagyashree SathewIND20657,00,052,044,0
934Shome ShivU15IND16277,00,050,542,0
1014FMDixit NikhilIND20037,00,047,041,0
1132Aditya GuhagarkarIND16547,00,046,540,0
128Bhambure ShantanuIND21516,50,056,047,0
1315Bartakke Amardeep S.IND20036,50,052,543,0
1422WIMParnali S DhariawIND18686,50,051,041,5
1516Chittal SairajIND19836,50,047,541,0
1635Mishra SanjeevIND16216,50,045,039,0
1730Aakash Sharadchandra DalviIND16996,50,045,039,0
1826Kochrekar VishweshIND17676,50,043,536,5
1912Pandit ArunS60IND20126,50,043,035,0
2058Khandelwal NamanIND12746,00,053,044,0
2117FMWagh SuyogIND19826,00,052,044,5
2218Mehta PrafulIND19656,00,052,042,5
2325Prabhu AnandIND17796,00,052,042,0
2420Boricha KetanIND19476,00,050,044,0
2537Shah JeetU15IND14896,00,048,540,5
2629Sawant AkshayIND17166,00,047,539,5
2727Raees Ahmed A QIND17626,00,047,538,5
2821Shetye SiddhaliwIND18846,00,047,038,5
2923Samyak BaidIND18426,00,046,538,5
3075Rahul N KamathIND11396,00,045,539,0

Final Standings after 9 Rounds in Blitz

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
13IMKathmale SameerIND22358,01,052,549,0
22FMMehar Chinna Reddy C.H.IND22388,00,058,053,5
317Samyak BaidIND18997,50,049,046,5
44Bhambure ShantanuIND22257,00,058,553,5
511FMDixit NikhilIND20397,00,053,549,5
616Kothari SwapnilIND19947,00,050,546,5
71Kulkarni ChinmayIND22717,00,049,046,0
88CMMullick RaahilIND20836,50,055,050,5
910FMWagh SuyogIND20476,50,053,048,5
1024Panesar VedantIND17786,50,051,547,5
1115Chittal SairajIND19966,50,049,045,0
1219Siddharth VenkateshIND18266,50,049,044,5
1312WIMThipsay Bagyashree SatheIND20316,50,047,543,5
1421Om KharolaIND18066,00,050,047,5
156FMMithil AjgaonkarIND21496,00,049,045,0

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