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India's medal hopes in World Cadets 2019 rests on Vivaan

by Satanick Mukhuty - 01/09/2019

Vivaan Vijay Saraogi has emerged as one of the leaders of the under-8 open after the penultimate round at the ongoing FIDE World Cadet Chess Championships 2019. One of country's upcoming talents, Vivaan has scored an impressive 8.0/10 points so far in the event and shares the lead with Kazakhstan's Tulendinov Dinmukhammed and Russia's Lebedev Artem S. Among players of other categories, Yash Bharadia too is performing commendably and has registered four victories in a row from rounds seven to ten. But unfortunately in the final round of the tournament he has been paired up against compatriot Ilamparthi A R which dwindles the country's medal hopes in that category. 

Can Vivaan win the FIDE World Cadet under-8 open?

Vivaan Vijay Saraogi had to suffer defeat only in the hands of Kazakhstan's Tulendinov D in round four, apart from that his performance in the event has so far been quite consistent. After registering three consecutive wins from rounds seven to nine, in the tenth round too he was close to victory against Vietnam's Dau Khuong Duy. The latter had the black pieces and was a clear pawn down at one point of the game. But Vivaan somehow wasn't able to capitalize on his advantage and settled for a draw.

Vivaan still preparing, minutes before the penultimate round ten | Photo: Shantharam Kadanthaly Venkatraman

In round eight he was up against Nguyen Manh Duc of Vietnam with the Black pieces. The game opened with a Ruy Lopez and the following critical moment was reached after White's 33rd move.


Nguyen Manh Duc - Vivaan Vijay Saraogi, Round 7

White's pieces optically seems better placed than Black's but objectively the position is probably equal. 33...Be5 was played here, can you do better?

Apparently the only move that keeps balance in the position is 33...b4 creating a thrust on the queenside. The game move actually allows the nice and tactical 34.Nf5! Even though Black was spared of this poisonous blow, his position aggravated from here on anyway.

Vivaan's round nine encounter against Wang Bingnan of China where he employed the unusual Scandinavian opening with the black pieces is also worth looking at. It was a topsy-turvy game where the former held the initiative for the most part but the finish came with a nice tactical motif.


Wang Bingnan - Vivaan Vijay Saraogi, Round 9

White has just played the move h3 weakening his kingside. Can you see how Black finished off the game from here?

In the final round Vivan faces one of the three leaders, namely Lebedev Artem S. of Russia.

The under-8 girls section is being led by Yuan Zhilin and Wang Qinxuanyi of China who both have 8.0/10 points. Among Indians, Aadhya Jain has the best score of 6.5/10. Aadhya performed really well in rounds seven and eight winning both her games against higher-rated opposition but in the next two rounds she had to face bitter defeats. Lakshana Subramanian, Meenakshi Kolagatla, and Anaishaa Nahar closely follow her with 6.0/10.

Aadhya Jain and her ninth round opponent Wang Qinxuanyi (left). Standing behind is Aadhya's watchful coach Mr. Prasenjit Dutta | Photo: Shantharam Kadanthaly Venkatraman

Yash Bharadia is on the roll in under-10 open!

In the under-10 open section of the event medal hopes have been kept alive by Yash Bharadia and Ilamparthy A R. Both have scored 7.5/10 so far and are one point behind the leaders Wei Jianzhou and Vetokhin Savva. But unfortunate for the Indian contingent they have been paired up against each other in the final round! 

Yash (left) and Ilamparthy (right) are up against each other in the final round of the event, what do you think would be the result of this encounter? | Photo: Shantharam Kadanthaly Venkatraman

Yash started the tournament slowly but has recovered well with four victories in a row.

In under-10 girls Lee Alice of USA and Chen Yining of China have emerged as leaders, both scoring a fantastic 9.0/10. Among Indians, Indira Priyadharshini Subbu and Sneha Halder have the best score of 6.0/10 points each. In under-12 category the performance of Indian players have been sombre. Savitha Shri B, the top seed of the under-12 girls and former champion, has slipped to a rather disappointing eighteenth place with a dismal score of 6.0/9 points. Check detailed results of all category here.

A complete overview of all Indian performances

9Vivaan Vijay Saraogi1480IND11101½111½8,024022,40U8 Open
22Jaivardhan Raj1287IND11½10½10005,043406,40U8 Open
27Ayushman Mohanty1269IND10111½01016,5134033,20U8 Open
28Amogh Bisht1260IND1101½100105,5314015,20U8 Open
29Ishaan Singh Khanuja1240IND½1101010015,5354034,00U8 Open
3Ilamparthi A R1984IND11½1½111½07,5340-46,00U10 Open
4Bharadia Yash1963IND11½½½011117,5540-58,40U10 Open
14Mayank Chakraborty1731IND11½11½01017,0104022,00U10 Open
25Raghu Ram Reddy Seelam1631IND11½00½01½15,53640-35,20U10 Open
26Daakshin Arun1628IND1101½001116,51840-54,80U10 Open
47Rajveer Pinkesh Nahar1410IND½0110½100½4,569407,60U10 Open
51Aarav Sinha1383IND011½½0½0104,5684034,40U10 Open
3CMShahil Dey2207IND½0½11110016,03240-122,80U12 Open
4CMDev Shah2161IND110110½½106,02240-101,60U12 Open
17CMKadam Om Manish2028IND1½11½½001½6,02940-51,60U12 Open
41Mahendra Teja Mekala1827IND11110001106,02440122,00U12 Open
75Bang Atharva1486IND01001½01½½4,578409,20U12 Open
4Aishani Pathak1245IND½01½0110015,03840-13,60U8 Girls
10Lakshana Subramanian1159IND10101111006,018400,80U8 Girls
17Kolagatla Alana Meenakshi1061IND1½½01011106,02240-6,00U8 Girls
21Anaishaa Pinkesh Nahar1033IND10½0½101116,025400,00U8 Girls
23Aadhya Jain1008IND01111½11006,5114062,40U8 Girls
24Abhishree Deepu0IND010101001½4,55100,00U8 Girls
58Samaira Jain0IND000101½1104,55200,00U8 Girls
12Sneha Halder1561IND11001101016,02640-82,40U10 Girls
27Indira Priyadharshini Subbu1346IND110100½½116,02140-30,00U10 Girls
33Sachi Jain1282IND10101½1½0½5,5294069,60U10 Girls
38Aswinika Mani R1242IND010111½0015,5384030,80U10 Girls
1WFMSavitha Shri B2010IND½11011½1006,01840-112,00U12 Girls
38Akshaya Rajaraman1457IND100100000002,08640-26,80U12 Girls
42Tejaswi R1393IND1010½½½0014,55740-39,60U12 Girls
44Sinthia Sarkar1384IND000000000000,090400,00U12 Girls

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