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ACL Challengers League 2018: Three teams are at 100% score after round 3

by Shahid Ahmed - 19/11/2018

Maestro Chess Academy Attackers unrated, Intermezzo and Royal Knight Chess Academy are the leaders in the rated category of ACL Challengers League 2018 at the conclusion of 3rd round. All three teams have scored three wins, thus they are at perfect score with 6.0/6 each respectively. Amulya and Shaurya of MCAA, Om Kharola and Krishnater of Intermezzo and Ravi Kant Tiwari of Royal Knight Chess Academy are the players who have scored all 3 wins. In this report, we bring you photos and the best games of round 3.

MCAA, Intermezzo and RKCA are in the lead after round 3

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Krishnater Kushager registered his third consecutive victory with a miniature against Krutarth Jethva of DCA Juniors

Use the Replay Training feature on ChessBase 15 to see if you can match with Krishnater's ideas.

Vedant Panesar receives his champion's trophy for winning National under-17 couple of months ago

Vedant Panesar, newly crowned National under-17 champion, captain of Intermezzo has also won all 3 matches in the league so far.

Khush Parmar of DCAJ played 18.Qxb2. Find out why it is a mistake.

Om Kharola is a consistent player of Intermezzo. He has won all 3 matches he played in the league so far.

Black has a winning attack, after white's last move 22.Nfd2, white is winning immediately.

Hari Charan Sai of Telugu Chess Warriors wins best game of round 3 for his meticulous attack against Akhilesh Nagare of d'pawn Chess Academy


Round 3 unrated category results:

3rd Nov Maestro Chess Academy Attackers 4-0 Maestro Chess Academy Strikers
  Amulya Bhagavathula (Amulya2009) 1-0 Nrupad Krishna (Krish10)
  Shaurya (Shaurya9) 1-0 Srivallabhaditya Garimella (Adityagm)
  Aarush Reddy (Aarushreddy28) 1-0 Lohith (Lohith_vadapally)
  Aryan Tutiki (AryanT2010) 1-0 Hriday (Mhriday2010)
4th Nov Dark Knight Chess Academy 2-2 City Chess Club Bhuj
  Shubham Kamble (Srkchess7) 1-0 Nirav Ganwani (Dragon emperor789)
  Shivank Mitra (Shivank_mitra) 0-1 Daksh Thacker (Dakshthacker8664)
  Akshay Joglekar (AkshayJ) 0-1 Prashant Joshi (Klunger)
  Eshaan Godbole (Eshaan) 1-0 Nakul Manjule (Nakul233)
5th Nov Maestro Chess Academy Warriors 0-4 Maestro Chess Academy Fighters
  Jaya Hari Chandana (Jayahari) 0-1 Shreyas Reddy Palley (Shreyas_palley)
  Vansh Kabra (Vanshkabra21) -+ Amrutha Bhagavathula (Amrutha2007)
  Chanikya Bellam (Chanikya) 0-1 Sahejdeep Kaur (Sdk2603)
  Aditya Sreeram (aditya sreeram) 0-1 Eshwar S Pratap (eshwars2009)
15th Nov Bangalore Chess Academy - 2 1-3 Bangalore Chess Academy - 1
  Sai Krishna (Saikrish) -+ Rahul Badrinath (Bshanmug)
  Ranak Saxena (Ranak) 0-1 Pranav Kiran Rajaratna (Pranav Kiran Rajarathna)
  Sidhant V Vernekar (Sidhantvv) 0-1 Aditya Kamath (Aadik)
  Vedanth V Vernekar (Vedantha) 1-0 Sreenjoy Modak (Sreeking)


Round 3 rated category results:

16th Nov Intermezzo (2149) 3-1 DCA Juniors (1130)
  Amardeep S Bartakke (Aditya2003) 0-1 Babariya Himnish P (Dragon blaster)
  Om Kharola (Bassu1) 1-0 Lakhwani Nandani (Chess__)
  Krishnater Kushager (kushu_attack) 1-0 Jethva Krutarth (Kingofsquares)
  Vedant Panesar (Brainboy123) 1-0 Parmar Khush K (Khushparmar)
17th Nov TeluguChessWarriors (1609) 1-3 d'pawn Chess Academy (2225)
  Konatham Snehil (Snehilindia) 0-1 Prachiti Chandratreya (ChessSuperstar)
  Sarath Chandra K (def987abc123) -+ Rahul Verma (Rahul_dpawn)
  Haricharan Sai (Charan_13) 1-0 Nagare Akhilesh (Nagareakhilesh)
  Kheerthi Ganta (Candybond11) -+ Himanshu Chhabra (Chhabrachess)
18th Nov Royal Knight Chess Academy (1578) 3-1 d'pawn Chess Academy (1258)
  Ravi Kant Tiwari (Rothinchess) 1-0 Shlok Chandrani (Jack2212)
  Abhinav Dubey (Rakeshdubey) 1-0 Aahana Pachchhigar (MorphyStyle)
  Mayank Chakraborty (Mayank Chkraborty) 1-0 Aarya Borakhade (Arya_dpawn)
  Nirmalya Chakraborty (Neevjain) 0-1 Aditya Chincholkar (Aditya132)


Aim of the Academy Chess League (ACL):

There are many chess academies all over the world. However, in terms of playing practice and partners they are bounded by geographical limitations. The Academy Chess League by ChessBase India wants to overcome these limitations and barriers and ensure that academies, schools and institutions situated in one part of the world can compete against teams anywhere on the planet. The aim is to play high quality chess and that's why the time control of 45 minutes + 10 seconds has been decided. ACL is an initiative by ChessBase India that will be played online on the Playchess platform. Over 300 players from 50 institutions have registered with us for the 1st Super League that has begun from the 1st of July. The second league witnessed 15 teams consisting of about 100 players. ACL 2nd Super League will soon follow, so stayed tuned!


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