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ACL Challengers League 2018: Five teams in lead after round 2

by Shahid Ahmed - 03/11/2018

Five teams are at 100% score at the conclusion of round 2 in ACL Challengers League 2018. Maestro Chess Academy Attackers, Maestro Chess Academy Strikers and City Chess Club Bhuj are leading in the Unrated category. Intermezzo and Royal Knight Chess Academy are leading in the Rated category. Only 3 rounds left in the Rated category to determine which top 4 team will move to the semi-final. Best game of round 2 winner's name is announced. In this report, we bring you photos and best games from round 2.

Showcase of skills, spills and dominance

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The tournament takes place on playchess server

Nirav Ganwani of City Chess Club Bhuj is playing in his second consecutive ACL League. However this time he fell victim to an unforced error. Despite getting disconnected, he reconnected and resumed his game. From an equal position where he could have easily accepted a draw, he wanted to push for a win, because 4-0 looks better than any other score.

Nirav eventually arised at this position where his opponent Jaya Hari gave him a gift by playing 56...Ke7

Unfortunately Nirav's mouse slip cost him the game. Check out the final part:

Snehil Konatham of TeluguChessWarriors made the correct exchange sacrifice against Aditya Chincholkar of d'pawn Chess Academy in Pirc Defence.

Black played 11...Nxe4. Find the correct continuation for white here

Aakash-Dalvi Sharadchandra of Intermezzo defeated Himanshu Chhabra of d'pawn Chess Academy in a clinical manner in Slav defence. Best game of round 2 prize goes to Aakash-Dalvi Sharadchandra of Intermezzo

Aakash wins the best game of the round prize | Photo: Aakash's fb

Pawan Dodeja of d'pawn Chess Academy is generally solid and barely misses anything. However he missed an opportunity to equalize against Krishnater Kushager of Intermezzo as his team was down by a point. Earlier he refused a draw offer, he was trying too hard to score a win and that cost him the game.

Krishnater opponent knew it was going to end up in a draw but Pawan was not ready to split the point. Thus resulted him in missing this opportunity after 28...hxg5

Maestro Chess Academy Attackers, Maestro Chess Academy Strikers and City Chess Club Bhuj are leading in the Unrated category. Intermezzo and Royal Knight Chess Academy are leading in the Rated category.

The five leading teams at the conclusion of round 2: MCAA, MCAS, CCCB, Intermezzo and RKCA

MCAA coach Amithpal Singh on the team's victory against BCA-1, "One more good day for Maestro Attackers team , Happy for them, they played good chess today. Thanks to ChessBase India, kids are enjoying and the environment at maestro chess academy has changed a lot they are talking working as a team, for which I give credit to  ACL."

When RKCA registered second straight victory of the tournament, coach Ravi Kant Tiwari said, "Well a win always brings a smile at the end of the day. Proud of our boys and this is for the first time that every board turned up. Nongsha was about to turn down due to health issue but happy that he joined at the last moment and we were whole as a team. Dubey played an excellent ending and I am happy with my game too. Looking forward to the big fight "

Round 2 unrated category results:

27th Oct Bangalore Chess Academy - 1 1-3 Maestro Chess Academy Attackers
  Rahul Badrinath (Bshanmug) 0-1 Dhruvan Reddy (Dhruvan2009)
  Pranav Kiran Rajaratna (Pranav Kiran Rajarathna) 0-1 Amulya Bhagavathula (Amulya2009)
  Aditya Kamath (Aadik) 1-0 Aarush Reddy (Aarushreddy28)
  Sreenjoy Modak (Sreeking) 0-1 Shaurya (Shaurya9)
28th Oct City Chess Club Bhuj 3-1 Maestro Chess Academy Warriors
  Nirav Ganwani (Dragon emperor789) 0-1 Jaya Hari Chandana (Jayahari)
  Daksh Thacker (Dakshthacker8664) 1-0 Vansh Kabra (Vanshkabra21)
  Prashant Joshi (Klunger) 1-0 Chanikya Bellam (Chanikya)
  Nakul Manjule (Nakul233) 1-0 Purav Khandelwal (PURAVK)
29th Oct Maestro Chess Academy Strikers 3-1 Bangalore Chess Academy - 2
  Nrupad Krishna (Krish10) 0.5-0.5 Sai Krishna (Saikrish)
  Srivallabhaditya Garimella (Adityagm) 0.5-0.5 Ranak Saxena (Ranak)
  Lohith (Lohith_vadapally) 1-0 Sidhant V Vernekar (Sidhantvv)
  Anaya Agarwal (Anaya1912) 1-0 Srushti Srikanth (Srushtisrikanth)
30th Oct d'pawn Chess Academy 1-3 Dark Knight Chess Academy
  Aastha Borakhade (Aastha_dpawn) 1-0 Shubham Kamble (Srkchess7)
  Deepanshu Wagh (Deepw) 0-1 Shivank Mitra (Shivank_mitra)
  Himal Dodeja (MyLovlu) 0-1 Ashwath Viswanath (Ashwath Viswanath)
  Mahika Dodeja (MyVardhan) 0-1 Eshaan Godbole (ESHAAN)
  Maestro Chess Academy Fighters 2 Bye


Round 2 rated category results:

31st Oct DCA Juniors (1130) 1-3 Royal Knight Chess Academy (1578)
  Babariya Himnish P (Dragon blaster) 0-1 Ravi Kant Tiwari (Rothinchess)
  Lakhwani Nandani (Chess__) 0-1 Abhinav Dubey (Rakeshdubey)
  Jethva Krutarth (Kingofsquares) 1-0 Mayank Chakraborty (Mayank Chkraborty)
  Parmar Khush K (Khushparmar) 0-1 Angom Nongsha (Nongsha)
1st Nov d'pawn Chess Academy (1258) 0-4 TeluguChessWarriors (1609)
  Aarya Borakhade (Arya_dpawn) 0-1 Sarath Chandra K (def987abc123)
  Shlok Chandrani (Jack2212) 0-1 Kheerthi Ganta (Candybond11)
  Aahana Pachchhigar (MorphyStyle) 0-1 Haricharan Sai (Charan_13)
  Aditya Chincholkar (Aditya132) 0-1 Konatham Snehil (Snehilindia)
2nd Nov d'pawn Chess Academy (2225) 1-3 Intermezzo (2149)
  Rahul Verma (Rahul_dpawn) 0-1 Om Kharola (Bassu1)
  Akash Thakur (Akash_check) 1-0 Vedant Panesar (Brainboy123)
  Pawan Dodeja (IamnotIM) 0-1 Krishnater Kushager (kushu_attack)
  Himanshu Chhabra (Chhabrachess) 0-1 Aakash Sharadchandra Dalvi (Aakash-Dalvi)



Aim of the Academy Chess League (ACL):

There are many chess academies all over the world. However, in terms of playing practice and partners they are bounded by geographical limitations. The Academy Chess League by ChessBase India wants to overcome these limitations and barriers and ensure that academies, schools and institutions situated in one part of the world can compete against teams anywhere on the planet. The aim is to play high quality chess and that's why the time control of 45 minutes + 10 seconds has been decided. ACL is an initiative by ChessBase India that will be played online on the Playchess platform. Over 300 players from 50 institutions have registered with us for the 1st Super League that has begun from the 1st of July. The second league witnessed 15 teams consisting of about 100 players. ACL 2nd Super League will soon follow, so stayed tuned!


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