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2nd Bijnor Open Classical FIDE Rated Chess tournament starts from 17th March

by ChessBase India - 02/02/2024

It is said that if you want to grow chess anywhere, then you should organize good tournaments regularly. Keeping this in mind, after the first edition of UP Booster Series "Bijnor Open Classical FIDE Rated Tournament" which was successfully conducted in December 2023, is now back with it's second edition - which will be played from 17th to 21st March 2024. The event will be held at the prestigious Vivek College at Bijnor. The total prize fund will be Rs 5 lakh, in which the first prize has been kept at Rs 1 lakh! A total of 60 prizes will be distributed in the competition. This time, the number of rounds in the tournament has been increased to 9. All games will be played with the time control of 90 minutes + 30 second increment. ChessBase India will once again play the role of media partner in this tournament, and you will continue to get every important information related to the event through us. Arrangements have been made for the players to stay and eat at the tournament venue itself! Read this article and register yourself to take part in this grand event.

Bijnor Open returns with a prize fund of Rs. 5,00,000!

Once again, a big chess tournament will be held in Bijnor of Uttar Pradesh - the city of Vidur, a memorable character of Mahabharata, and currently known across the country due to sugarcane cultivation.

The tournament will be organized once again in the premises of the prestigious Vivek College, Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh.

Around 250 players took part in the first edition of the Bijnor Open!

You can find the important details of this tournament in the image above!

In this tournament with a total prize fund of Rs 5 lakh, the entry fee for the players of Uttar Pradesh will be Rs. 2100. For the players of other states, it will be Rs. 2500. Free lunch arrangements have been made for all the participants, and transportation (Bus) will be available free of cost for the players from many places in Bijnor.

A total of 9 rounds will be played from 17th to 21st March, and a total of 60 prizes - including the first prize of Rs. 1 lakh, will be distributed among the players.

Information regarding stay of the players, and other rules and regulations.

Contact details for queries and other important information

Just like last time, this time special trophies will be awarded to the winners.

The winners of the first edition of Bijnor Open.

Scenes from the inauguration ceremony of the 1st Bijnor Open.

Chief guest of the 1st Bijnor Open, Bijnor's DM, Ankit Aggarwal has again sent his best wishes for this event.

The main organizer, Vivek College, heartily invites chess players from all across India in this tournament.

FI Niklesh Jain, Head of Hindi ChessBase India, will once again fulfill the role of Tournament Director in this event.

IA Vivek Sohani will be the Chief Arbiter of the event.

All of you are welcome to take part in this grand event at Bijnor!

This article is translated from Hindi to English by Himank Ghosh.

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