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Solve 4 tough positions from IM Manush Shah

by Himank Ghosh - 15/05/2024

In this article, your task is to solve four tough positions sent to us by a strong International Master, Manush Shah. Be wary - these positions do not warrant one minute of thought followed by a one-move answer, they demand deep calculation and focus from the reader. Try to write down all the moves and variations, and verify your answers at the end of the article! IM Manush Shah is holding an online training camp from 18th-24th May 2024. Solve these positions to get a feel of the material you will work with in the camp! FIDE Rated players who are interested in some serious chess work can sign up for the camp in the end.

Can you solve these four positions posed by IM Manush Shah?

Here are a few positions from the material which Manush will use to train the students in the upcoming training camp. This positions are based on topics "Converting Advantage to win", "Prophylaxis", "Assessment of position", and "Tricky Endgames". Try to solve these positions on your own and write down all the moves and variations - you will find the answers at the end of the article!

White to play, can you find the winning continuation?

White to play, find the best continuation.

Black to play, how would you continue?

White to play, can you find the fantastic winning idea?

So, how did you fare? Check your answers by scrolling to the bottom of the article.

Train with IM Manush Shah

International Master Manush Shah is holding a group training session with FIDE Rated players from 18th-24th May 2024! With over 2 decades of experience in chess, Manush has trained over 400+ students, secured 150+ trophies, and competed in tournaments across 24+ countries. Over the course of his career, Manush has won the Gujarat State Chess Championship a total of 18 times across various categories! He secured his International Master title in 2022.

IM Manush Shah is holding a 7-day online chess workshop - certification will be provided to all students!

Manush after winning the IM Third Saturday 257 at Novi Sad, Serbia and becoming an International Master. Photo: Rupali Mullick

Shubh Atha is one of IM Manush Shah's students, He started at 1006 rating and now has rating of 1740 in 1.5 years of time! Here's Shubh at Jacob Aaagard's chess camp in Mumbai.

    Hanya Shah is another student of IM Manush Shah. Asia U-10 Champion , Several times state champion! Here's Hanya after winning the Gujrat State U-15 Girls chess championship 2023.

The infographic for the chess training camp! You can find all the information here.

The sessions each day will run from 9:30 - 11 AM IST from 18th-24th May. The whole charges will come to Rs. 6999 for all 7 days! You can use a special coupon code for a big discount on the Online Workshop - use the code "ChessBaseIndia", and the course charges drop to Rs. 5599! Keep in mind that the coupon code is only valid till 17th May 2024.

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Check out the answers to the positions given above:


If you are a chess player looking for serious training, register for the camp now - Camp starts in two days!



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