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ChessBase India launches its first physical academy in Bhopal

by Sagar Shah - 07/03/2023

Until now ChessBase India has majorly done its training online. We have been doing it via our YouTube channels, website, social media and also the ChessRanga training platform that we are building. March 2023 becomes the month when we launch our first ever physical academy. And we have begun with Bhopal. Why did we select this city? The main reason is that Niklesh Jain and his better half Angela Franco live in the city and are working hard to strengthen the chess culture of the city with tournaments, activities in schools and much more. Building a physical academy where we will have our regular camps is a step in the direction of imparting high quality chess training at affordable costs, not just for the people of Bhopal, but all across India. The details of the first camp are given below. 

Bhopal is the home to the first ever ChessBase India Academy

In 2016, when ChessBase India had just been launched, Niklesh Jain visited my home in Mumbai and told me about his willingness to do something for Indian chess in Hindi. We decided to create a newspage in Hindi at that point. Over the years Niklesh has written over 1500 articles in Hindi and created hundreds of videos! The ChessBase India Hindi channel stands at a powerful 109,000+ subscribers. The thing that makes Niklesh a very positive force in Indian chess is his ability to communicate and teach. It stems from his several years of experience as a TV show anchor first and then a chess trainer at a prominent school. With his work on Hindi chess he has been able to spread chess to a lot of places across the country where hitherto chess was not possible to reach due to language barriers.


Niklesh's work at Syna International started in 2006 and he was a trainer there until 2017

Recently, Niklesh decided that he wanted to work seriously to improve the overall chess culture in the city where he lives - Bhopal. This would include organizing more tournaments, training and guiding the youngsters, spreading the awareness about chess in different schools and much more. Under the Khelo Chess India banner Niklesh has already begun his work by organizing the late Satyamurthy tournament, visiting the Sanskaar Valley school and much more. This is when we decided that it was time to start a ChessBase India Academy in Bhopal.

This is where Niklesh lives in Bhopal. The top floor of his building looked.... this!

The work began in right earnest in the month of February, and a few days later...

...this is how the Academy looks!

As you enter the Academy, you are greeted by some of the best players in the history of the sport

Tables, chairs, ChessBase India chess sets and an LED Television - the aim is to provide complete tools for students to focus on chess learning. We have called this area the Vishy Anand Arena.

An area with two computers has been setup called the ChessRanga Arena where players can practice with different ChessBase softwares installed on the machines. It will also have some important books added for people to come and read.

The Training camp from 14th to 19th of March 2023

The first training camp at the ChessBase India Academy in Bhopal will be held from 14th to 19th of March 2023 with 5 days of training and the final day culminating in an open rapid event taking place in the city with some of the best players taking part.

8 players have already registered for the camp. There is space for 8 more.

For more details on registration and fees and other aspects of the camp click here

Niklesh will be joined by his better half Angela in training the youngsters. Angela (first from left) is a WIM and a part of the Colombian national team for several years. She has played in multiple Olympiads for her country and has great experience.

The daily schedule and the topics you will learn

The daily schedule broken down

The eventual aim of all of what is happening is to power chess in India - this has always been the motto of ChessBase India. We hope to give you a great experience in what is known as the city of lakes!

ChessBase India launches its first physical academy

More info on the camp and link to sign up