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Test your chess with the Civil Engineer!

by Sagar Shah - 01/03/2020

Nubairshah Shaikh, 22 years old, is a civil engineer and also pursuing his aim of becoming a GM. He is an IM and scored his second GM norm at the Capelle La Grande 2020 in France. Nubair was rock solid as he won four of his games and drew five to reach a score of 6.5/9. Most probably, he will remember the event for his amazing game against GM Ivaljo Enchev. After just ten moves you already had four queens on the board! This was quite an amazing scene as both players had to be extremely accurate in order to take the game to its logical conclusion. In the end, Nubair managed to come out on top, but it was only after both sides missed quite some brilliant variations. In this article we invite you to test your chess with the Civil Engineer!

Nubairshah Shaikh, born in 1998, is now 22 years old. He is rated around 2440 and has two GM norms, the second one was achieved just a couple of days ago at the Cappelle La Grande tournament in France. What makes Nubair's achievement unique is the fact that he has always tried to maintain his chess and education. He could have very well progressed faster at chess, but he chose to finish his engineering course and is now a civil engineer. He finished his engineering just last year and is now devoting all his energy towards his GM title.

Nubairshah Shaikh - an IM, two GM norms and a Civil Engineer

Nubair finished ninth at the Cappelle La Grande tournament. It was a fine performance as there were 13 GMs and 16 IMs taking part in the event. Stany GA was the highest finishing Indian as he scored 7.0/9.

When you have to perform at an Elo of 2600+, you have to make sure that you are unbeaten! Nubair drew against five GMs and beat one of them!

Making sure that the Indian flag was flying high! That's Nubair on the right fighting against GM Namig Guliyev of Azerbaijan

Test your chess with Nubairshah Shaikh

One of the most exciting games of the tournament for Nubairshah Shaikh was his seventh round win over GM Ivaljo Enchev. What made the game unique was the fact that by move no.10 both of the players had two queens on the board! We invite you to solve the four positions given below and see if you can crack all of them!


Enchev vs Nubairshah Shaikh. Round 7

Question 1: What a position after just 10 moves! It's black to move! How can he wrest over the initiative?

Question 2: Black is a piece up, but White has an amazing combination at his disposal here. Can you find it?

Question 3: Nubair has a few queen moves to choose from. What should he play?

Question 4: This is White's last chance to hold the balance. What would you play here as White?
IM Sagar Shah explains the game in great detail in this video along with the solutions to the above four questions

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