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Srihari L R becomes the latest International Master of India

by Shahid Ahmed - 06/11/2021

15-year-old Srihari L R scored his final IM-norm at Vezerkepzo GM Oct-Nov 2021. He scored 5.0/9, performed at 2451 to become India's latest International Master. He scored his first IM-norm in January 2020 and crossed 2400 in the same month. The Covid-19 pandemic delayed him an opportunity to play over-the-board tournaments. However, that did not stop him from getting stronger and improving his game. He played his first over-the-board tournament in almost 18 months. After taking a tournament to get himself adjusted, he scored two IM-norms in consecutive tournaments. The Tamil Nadu lad's quest towards the coveted GM title continues in his next tournament, First Saturday GM November 2021 which starts today. Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Two IM-norms in 22 days

Srihari had scored an IM-norm and already crossed the 2400 rating barrier in February 2020. However, he had not played any over-the-board tournament since February 2020. He won Tamil Nadu State Junior Online few months ago this year which shows that he consistently worked on improving his game, so that when an opportunity arises, he is ready to seize it.

Srihari L R becomes the latest IM of India | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

First IM-norm

Srihari scored his first IM-norm at EKA IIFL 5th International Open at Mumbai in 2019-20. He scored 5.5/9, including wins over IMs Abdimalik Abdisalimov (UZB), Denis Eraschenkov (RUS) and Robert Zysk (GER). He drew with Nguyen Van Huy (VIE), Aryan Gholami (IRI) and fellow countryman Nubairshah Shaikh.

Srihari - Abdisalimov, IIFLW GM Open 2019-20

Position after 18.d4

18.d4 shows Black has made some positional mistakes and White capitalized on his opportunity.

Srihari scored 5.5/9, performed at 2449 and gained 45.8 rating points en route his IM-norm

Srihari in action at 5th IIFLW Open

Second IM norm

Srihari scored an unbeaten 6.0/8 to score his second IM-norm at Vezerkepzo GM October 2021. Thus, a loss in the last round did not make a difference in his norm chances. He defeated GMs Lajos Seres (HUN) and Tibor Fogarasi (HUN), IM Aldiyar Ansat (KAZ); drew with IMs C R G Krishna, Miklos Galyas (HUN) and Joshua Sheng (USA).

Srihari - Lajos, Vezerkepzo GM October 2021

Position after 24...Nb8

White persevered a difficult position to get the above one. 25.Nfxg5 is winning here, however White chose the safer route 26.Ne5 and went on to win the game.

Srihari scored 6.0/9, performed at 2516 and gained 12.3 Elo rating points

Third IM-norm

The final IM-norm was scored at Vezerkepzo GM Oct-Nov. He drew with GMs Jergus Pechak (SVK) and Gabor Nagy (HUN), drew with IMs Joshua Sheng (USA), Souhardo Basak and Aldiyar Ansat (KAZ). He defeated WGM Sarah Papp (GER) and WIM Zsoka Gaal (HUN).

Srihari - Zsoka, Vezerkepzo GM Oct-Nov

Position after 38...Rc7

White had a connected passed pawn on a and b-file, yet it was not easy. However, 38...Rc7 turned out to be a game changer, as White got an opportunity to get back in the game and push for a win. Find out how.

Srihari scored his final IM-norm at Vezerkepzo GM Oct-Nov 2021

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Final Standings

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
110GMPechac JergusSVK25417,50,0628,75
28IMSheng JoshuaUSA24646,50,0425,50
35GMNagy GaborHUN25356,00,0323,50
46FMNitish BelurkarIND23515,00,5415,25
53FMSrihari L RIND24145,00,5220,75
69IMSouhardo BasakIND23824,50,0215,50
74WIMGaal ZsokaHUN22764,00,0214,00
87GMPap MisaSRB23973,50,0213,25
91IMAnsat AldiyarKAZ24082,00,008,50
102WGMPapp SarahGER23151,00,012,00


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