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Prantik Roy wins 1st Golf Green Rapid Rating 2018

by Shahid Ahmed - 21/11/2018

IM Prantik Roy of Eastern Railways won 1st Golf Green Rapid Rating 2018 in Kolkata, West Bengal on 28th October 2018. Prantik scored 8.0/9 and became champion due to better tie-break score. Four players finished at 8.0/9 at the end of the tournament. Along with the champion, IM Sayantan Das, GM Diptayan Ghosh and Neelash Saha all of them finished at 8.0/9 and they were placed 2nd, 3rd and 4th. Sayantan's phenomenal run of eight straight wins was stalled in the final round by his childhood friend Diptayan. Despite not losing a single game, Diptayan had to settle for 4th position because of low tie-break score. In this report we bring you photos, videos, interviews and an annotated game by the champion. Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Prantik wins his first title in his hometown after 5 years

Top 4 finishers who scored 8.0/9 (L to R): IM Prantik Roy (Champion), IM Sayantan Das (2nd), GM Diptayan Ghosh (4th) and Neelash Saha (3rd) | Photo: Souvik Chakraborty

Former National Blitz champion IM Prantik Roy started the tournament as fourth seed. He was leading the tournament until 6th round, however a loss in the 7th round against Neelash Saha put him behind the leader by a whole point. However that did not stop him. He won the crucial last two rounds and with a little bit of luck, he became the champion.

IM Prantik Roy talks about being lucky, winning the tournament despite not being in his best form and more

Here is an annotated game by the champion himself from Xtracon Chess Open 2018 where he scored his maiden GM norm

A last round loss cost Sayantan dearly and he finished at 2nd position
IM Sayantan Das talks about missing the championship, World Championship and more

IM Sayantan Das had a phenomenal start with 8.0/8 and he was a full point ahead heading into the final round. He just needed a draw in the final round to become champion, however his last round opponent was...

...GM Diptayan Ghosh, who defeated Sayantan and went on to secure 4th position

GM Diptayan Ghosh, started the tournament as the top seed and he is the only player to remain undefeated in top 4, finished at 4th position with a score of 8.0/9. Two draws against Subhayan Kundu and Aronyak Ghosh in the 5th and 7th round made sure his tie-break was the lowest among the top 4. He also did not face the eventual champion of the tournament.

Former West Bengal State champion, Neelash Saha scored 8.0/9 and finished 3rd

Neelash's only loss in the tournament was against Prantik Roy in the 6th round. Due to a lesser tie-break score, he had to settle for 3rd position.

CM Aronyak Ghosh remained undefeated, scored 7.5/9 and secured 4th place

Aronyak's best game of the tournament was in the 7th round when drew with GM Diptayan Ghosh.

Diya Chowdhury was the only to finish in top 10 | Photo: Swati Biswas

Despite suffering a loss against the eventual champion, Diya Chowdhury managed to finish at 10th position with a score of 7.0/9. She also increased her ELO rating by 80 points.

Photo Gallery:

The tournament flex and gate

The Tournament Halls accommodated over 300 players in total

All glittering trophies

IM Suvrajit Saha, third seed of the tournament, had a forgettable outing as he scored 6.5/9 and finished 32nd

Reigning WB State Women's champion Samriddhaa Ghosh had a forgettable tournament. She scored 6.5/9 and finished at 33rd position

Former state champion, veteran Swapan Mitra made his return to competitive tournament after a long hiatus

Some kids were also seen in action

Different hairdos and beards were also seen in action

Video Gallery:

Final moments: IM Sayantan Das defeated IM Prantik Roy in round 7
Final round game between IM Sayantan Das and GM Diptayan Ghosh
IM Prantik Roy shows the power of Double Bishop
GM Diptayan Ghosh showcases how to win with Rook, Knight and Bishop against Rook and Double Bishop, in the 6th round
All Rook Pawn endings are drawn or is it?
Two Knights can be tricky against a Rook
Former National blitz champion IM Prantik Roy shows how to win in QB ending

1st Golf Green All India Open Rapid Rating Tournament witnessed the participation of 305 players from various parts of West Bengal on 27th and 28th October 2018. The tournament was organized by Global Chess Foundation and Golf Green Phase II Apartment Owners' Association.

Final Standings after 9 rounds

Rk.SNoNameTypsexFEDRtgPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 nwwew-weKrtg+/-
14IMRoy PrantikIND21578,00,055,060,552,508987,480,522010,4
22IMDas SayantanIND24318,00,052,557,050,008987,650,35207,0
313Neelash SahaIND18308,00,051,555,047,508986,721,282025,6
41GMGhosh DiptayanIND25218,00,049,052,546,007987,980,02200,4
57CMAronyak GhoshIND20637,50,049,554,044,50697,57,340,16203,2
616Souradip DebIND17807,50,046,550,541,00797,56,740,7600,0
79Arpan DasIND19657,00,050,554,038,507977,24-0,2420-4,8
88Anurag JaiswalIND20157,00,049,555,041,506977,62-0,6220-12,4
920Aryamann SainIND16817,00,049,554,038,007976,470,532010,6
1075Diya ChowdhurywIND12747,00,048,051,537,007862,004,002080,0
1115Mukherjee DyutimoyS60IND17867,00,047,051,538,507977,64-0,6420-12,8
1225Rajarshi DuttaIND16217,00,046,550,533,256866,29-0,2920-5,8
1368Tejash JainIND13107,00,046,048,536,007752,852,152043,0
1435Arya BhaktaU13IND15127,00,045,549,034,507865,660,34206,8
1555Pratyay ChowdhuryU13IND13827,00,037,538,528,007754,400,602012,0
1631Basak BishalIND15516,50,050,552,034,75685,54,371,132022,6
1719Saptorshi GuptaIND17006,50,050,054,536,25696,57,08-0,5820-11,6
1814Subhayan KunduIND17916,50,050,054,034,00685,54,271,232024,6
1923Satya Sekhar MitraIND16606,50,050,053,036,25674,55,21-0,7120-14,2
206Mitra SwapanIND20976,50,049,051,536,00585,57,05-1,5520-31,0

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