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MPL 35th National U-9 Round 10: Karnataka domination across Open and girls

by Himank Ghosh - 02/01/2023

Both the leaders of the Open section and Girls section kept up their form in the penultimate round of the MPL 35th National Under-9 Championships going on right now at Indore Public School. Pratitee Bordoloi (1201, Karnataka) defeated Aadya Ranganath (1327, Karnataka) in girls, and Aarav Sarbalia (1458, Karnataka) continued his domination with a win over R Nijesh (1365, Tamil Nadu). Both of the leaders are hailing from Karnataka! The final round 11 starts from 2nd January at 9:30 AM IST, and the prize distribution ceremony will take place at afternoon time. Thumbnail: Himank Ghosh

Aarav Sarbalia continues his golden run

Aarav Sarbalia (1458, Karnataka) is simply unstoppable in the MPL 35th National Under-9 Championships. After taking the sole lead back on Round 7, he has produced 4 wins in a row! In the penultimate round, Aarav took down R Nijesh (1365, Tamil Nadu). He now has a half point lead over tournament top seed Madhavendra Pratap Sharma (1585, MP) going into the final round!

MPL National U9 Round 10 Open: Aarav Sarbalia - R Nijesh : 1-0

Board no.1: Aarav Sarbalia (left) vs R Nijesh (right)

Aarav got quite a comfortable edge out of the opening - Black's minor pieces were not as active as compared to White's. However, it was not easy to break through as Nijesh's position was quite solid. Nijesh went wrong in a tactical skirmish late in the middlegame:

Position after 34...Kg8?

This was the decisive blunder by Nijesh. It was very important to play the move ...Kh6! though it is not obvious at first glance why. The reason is: After ...Kh6 Qxf6 Qd4+ Qxd4 Rxd4 Re4 Rd1+ Kh2, Black can further activate his king by ...Kg5! However, as it happened in the game, when the same position occurs, now Black's King is stuck on g8 still.

King activity plays a big role in endgames - Black has realistic chances of holding this position if only the King was on g5!  

Aarav had low time on the clock, but he still flawlessly converted this ending, not falling for any tricks and making the maximum use of the c-passer and Black's passive King. The game ended with a checkmate on move 63.

Saideep Suman - Madhavendra Pratap Sharma : 0-1

If there is one player who is always breathing on the neck of the tournament leader Aarav Sarbalia, it is Madhavendra Pratap Sharma (1585, MP). With the win over Saideep Suman (1407, Karnataka) in the penultimate round, he just scored a hat-trick of victories! Going into the final round, he is only half a point behind Aarav. This game was just a positional masterpiece!

White's position is already very tough to play, but 25. Rf1 was the critical error.

White's only chance was to play something like f3, giving up a pawn by exf3 Qxf5 Rxf5. This is by no means a pleasent position to play for White, but atleast the Queens are off the board and there will be no attack anymore. In the game, Madhavendra now broke through with 25...c5! The White King's shelter was stripped off, and Madhavendra got a huge attack on the White King.

What a beautiful position - the two White rooks and the Knight are just standing in the Kingside, and the White queen is trapped on a1!

The game ended on move 39 with Madhavendra checkmating Saideep. The tournament top seed is in a must-win situation today if he wants a go at the top spot!

Round 10 Girls: Pratitee Bordoloi - Aadya Ranganath: 1-0

Board no.1 - Pratitee Bordoloi (left) vs Aadya Ranganath (right)

This was a critical round for Pratitee Bordoloi (1201, Karnataka) as she was facing her closest competitor Aadya Ranganath (1327, Karnataka). It actually did not start out well for her - in the middlegame, she was down two pawns and had a lost position.

Black's pieces are much better than White's, and Black is up two pawns!

However, in chess it is not over till it's over. Pratitee showed her perseverance, kept finding defensive resources and eventually her opponent blundered:

Do you see why 33...Bxf4 is a horrendous blunder?

Aadya's idea was probably something like gxf4 Rxf4+ followed by Rxf5, winning another pawn. But she had completely overlooked 34. Kf3! Now both the Rook and the Bishop are attacked, and it is White who has a winning position. The resulting Rook+Knight and pawns vs Rook+pawns ending was definitely not easy to convert, but Pratitee kept her calm and grinded out a 82-move marathon victory. Check out Pratitee's exclusive interview with analysis below:

9-year-old Pratitee Bordoloi wins 5 in a row | MPL 35th National Under-9 Girls Championships

Photo Gallery

Just look at the intensity of expression on this youngster's face!

The chief guest for Round 10 was Shri Om Soni, Vice president of Madhya Pradesh Olympic association!

Every scoresheet has a story to tell!
A shot of the busy tournament hall in the penultimate round.

For more photos of Round 10, click here.


Open section Round 10 games

Girls section Round 10 games

Standings after Round 10 (Girls)

Rk.SNoNamesexRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 
18Pratitee Bordoloiw1201Karnataka9596356,0008
212Aahna Gulatiw1156Haryana851,55543,0008
320Aadya Gowdaw1099Karnataka7,5616545,5006
415Shashini Puviw1130Karnataka7,5616544,7506
53Aadya Ranganathw1327Karnataka7,557,560,541,2507
616Bruhathi Kondisettiw1121Telangana7,5576142,7506
723Pooja Shree Rw1091Tamil Nadu7,555,56042,7507
810Bhumika Suresh Waghlew1182Maharashtra75760,540,7506
92Vedika Vijaykumar Palw1362Maharashtra7555636,0006
1018Yati Agarwalw1114Gujarat752,555,534,5007
1134Dishita Deyw1038Jharkhand750,55435,0007
127Bhavanya Panchumarthiw1227Andhra Pradesh749,553,535,5006
1330Sharvaanica A Sw1050Tamil Nadu6,5656839,7506
1458Deepthaashri Ravi Ganeshw0Tamil Nadu6,563,56840,7506
1521Samhita Pungavanamw1095Telangana6,561,56538,5006
1662Divi Bijeshw0Kerala6,5616640,5005
1776Leah R Josephw0Karnataka6,55660,537,5006
189Aarohi Mathurw1190Telangana6,5566036,5006
1922Arpita Amey Patankarw1093Gujarat6,555,55835,0006
2017AFMDiya Digamber Sawalw1115Goa6,55053,530,2506

Full standings

Standings after Round 10 (Open)

Rk.SNoNamesexRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 
12Aarav Sarbalia1458Karnataka9,560,56661,5009
21Madhvendra Pratap Sharma1585Madhya Pradesh965,56960,2508
313Aarav A1341Tamil Nadu861,56650,7506
432ACMBalanandan Ayyappan1267Kerala86164,548,5007
56Rahul Ramakrishnan1386Puducherry85660,547,0007
611Aaryan Amol Waghmare1350Maharashtra7,561,565,545,0007
717Cyrus Eldho1322Kerala7,559,56546,0007
840Paarshva Parmar1231Rajasthan7,554,555,537,2507
944AFMMithun Pranav Praveen Kumar1217Tamil Nadu7,553,55739,2507
1051Krithik Muthukumar1203Tamil Nadu7,5495238,7507
118Aditya Shripad Joshi1368Maharashtra760,56541,7506
129R Nijesh1365Tamil Nadu760,564,541,5005
135Saideep Suman1407Karnataka7596339,0007
1416Aarit Kapil1327Delhi758,56440,5006
1522Aadhya Vijayakumar1290Tamil Nadu7566141,2506
1625Daniel Ajish1281Kerala7566039,5007
1750Dharsh M1207Tamil Nadu75558,538,0006
18192Saras Summer Powar0Goa753,55839,5005
1994Anish Ramkumar1093Tamil Nadu752,55436,7506
2014Herin Renishkumar Patel1337Gujarat751,556,539,2506

Full standings

Round 11 pairings (Open)

132ACMBalanandan Ayyappan1267Kerala8Aarav Sarbalia1458Karnataka2
26Rahul Ramakrishnan1386Puducherry89Madhvendra Pratap Sharma1585Madhya Pradesh1
313Aarav A1341Tamil Nadu8Paarshva Parmar1231Rajasthan40
451Krithik Muthukumar1203Tamil NaduAaryan Amol Waghmare1350Maharashtra11
517Cyrus Eldho1322KeralaAFMMithun Pranav Praveen Kumar1217Tamil Nadu44
639Mehul Sondhi1231Delhi77Saideep Suman1407Karnataka5
742Vairaj Sogerwal1224Haryana77Aditya Shripad Joshi1368Maharashtra8
89R Nijesh1365Tamil Nadu77Veer Rakeshkumar Patel0Gujarat204
947Kavyansh Jain1212Rajasthan77Herin Renishkumar Patel1337Gujarat14
1070Rudra Kavia1142Rajasthan77Aarit Kapil1327Delhi16
11192Saras Summer Powar0Goa77Aadhya Vijayakumar1290Tamil Nadu22
1225Daniel Ajish1281Kerala77Anish Ramkumar1093Tamil Nadu94
1320Sayan Barua1293West Bengal7Dharsh M1207Tamil Nadu50
1435Kushagra Paliwal1253MaharashtraHemal Varshan Andalamala1422Andhra Pradesh3
157Arjun Vasireddy1375Andhra PradeshIsshaan Arun1112Karnataka87

Complete pairings

Round 11 pairings (Girls)

112Aahna Gulati1156Haryana89Pratitee Bordoloi1201Karnataka8
23Aadya Ranganath1327KarnatakaPooja Shree R1091Tamil Nadu23
315Shashini Puvi1130Karnataka7Bhumika Suresh Waghle1182Maharashtra10
47Bhavanya Panchumarthi1227Andhra Pradesh7Bruhathi Kondisetti1121Telangana16
520Aadya Gowda1099Karnataka7Dishita Dey1038Jharkhand34
618Yati Agarwal1114Gujarat77Vedika Vijaykumar Pal1362Maharashtra2
74Shreya Rajesh1302KarnatakaSharvaanica A S1050Tamil Nadu30
89Aarohi Mathur1190TelanganaDivi Bijesh0Kerala62
922Arpita Amey Patankar1093GujaratRishitha Narayanan1136Andhra Pradesh14
1017AFMDiya Digamber Sawal1115GoaLeah R Joseph0Karnataka76
1158Deepthaashri Ravi Ganesh0Tamil NaduSamhita Pungavanam1095Telangana21
1211Janaki Sd1158Kerala66Sana G0Tamil Nadu89
1396Srishti Rupa Roy0Assam66Skyla Rodrigues1074Goa25
1433Asmita Biswas1038West Bengal66Subhasmita Priyadarshini0Odisha97
1535Indusheetala Natarajan1032Karnataka66Sudhiksha Karthick0Tamil Nadu98

Complete pairings

The MPL 35th National U9 Championship 2022 is taking place in Indore Public School. The total prize fund of this mega event is Rs. 5 lakhs. The event is being organized by the Madhya Pradesh State Chess Ad Hoc Committee. This is an 11-round classical event which will run from 25th December 2022 - 2nd January 2023. The time control of the event is 90 minutes +30 seconds increment. The final Round 11 will be held on 2nd January 2023 from 9:30 AM.

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