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MPL 35th National U-11 Round 4-6: Nivedita takes a full point lead

by Himank Ghosh - 01/11/2022

After 6 rounds of play, Nivedita VC is leading the National U-11 girls championship with a perfect 6/6, a full point ahead of the competition. Below her, there are 6 players tied on 5/6. The situation in the top has not yet clarified in the Open section - after Round 6, as many as 7 players are leading the event with the same score. In this article, we bring you a complete report of Round 4-6 of the National U-11 Open and Girls Championships, held in Gurugram, Haryana. Photo: International Arbiter Rathinam Anantharam.

7 players join the lead in Open

A total of 7 players have scored 5.5/6 so far in the Open section of the tournament, and there's a long list of players just below with 5/6. A tense fight awaits for the battle to the top in the next 4 rounds!

A view of the Open section| Photo: IA Rathinam Anantharam

In terms of tiebreaks, Jval Saurin Patel (1702, GUJ) has the first place in the rankings for now. After producing 5 consecutive wins from Round 1-5, he drew his Round 6 game against Pranav Sai Ram RS (1604, TN). 

Jval Saurin (left) defeated Niladri Banerjee (1516, WB) in Round 5. | Photo: IA Rathinam Anantharam

Open Round 5: Jval Saurin - Niladri: 1-0

Position after 18...Qh4. White to play, can you find the best continuation?

White already had a better position, but ...Qh4 was the final mistake. Jval played the very nice 19. Bg5! Qg4 20. N2g3! effectively trapping Black's Queen.

Position after 20. N2g3

The threat is very simple - to take the Knight on h5 and play Nf6+, winning the Queen. If Black plays a move like ...Bd7Be2 traps and wins the Queen. In the game, Niladri played 20...Nxg3, and White won the Queen with 21. Nf6+, winning the game in a few more moves.

Open Round 5: Vikramaditya - Sathvik: 0-1

The battle in top board between Vikramaditya (left) and Sathvik (right), Round 5| Photo: IA Rathinam Anantharam

The game between Abhijit Chavan Vikramaditya (1469, MAH) and Sathvik Adiga (1728, KAR) seemed to be completely equal until it wasn't. The White King suddenly came under big trouble!

Position after 32. Qh7

Qh7 was a blunder by White, but the reason is not so easy to spot. A far better move would've been g3, getting rid of any possible back-rank weaknesses. Since Black is a pawn up, White has to find a way to get active counterplay. But after Qh7, Black played the very nice 32...Qf6! 33.Qb1 Rf2! exploiting the back-rank problems.

Position after 33...Rf2

White was forced to either trade the Rooks and go into a lost endgame where Black's a and h-pawn will wreak havoc, or as it happened in the game, get mated quickly. Satvik won the game in just a few more moves.

A look into the girls boards| Photo: IA Rathinam Anantharam

Round 6 Girls: Nivedita - Shreya: 1-0

Intense fight in the Round 6 top board between Nivedita VC (left) and Shreya Rajesh (Right) | Photo: IA Rathinam Anantharam

Nivedita VC (1289, TN) is the only player in the Girls section with a perfect 6/6 score. However, in the Round 6 battle against Shreya Rajesh (1227, KAR), she had a completely lost position!

Position after 31. Rd7

Black is a full Rook up, and has a pawn on the way to promotion. A lot of moves are winning in the position - the simplest to deny White any counterplay is ...Ra6! followed by Raf6, and now the f-pawn will promote. However, Black rushed with 31...fxe2??, a horrible blunder because of 32. Qe5+!, and it is White who's winning now!

Position after 32. Qe5+

This is just a forced mate now - 32...Qg7 33. Nxg6+! hxg6 34. Qg7#. This goes to show you - it's never over till it's over!

Round 6 Girls: Aadya - Aadhya: 0.5-0.5

The battle in board 2 - Aadya Ranganath (left) vs Aadhya Jain (right) | Photo: IA Rathinam Anantharam

Aadya Ranganath (1316, KAR) had multiple big chances to win throughout the game, but wasn't able to convert them against Aadhya Jain (1342, DEL).

Position after 34...Ra6

This was the last chance for Aadya to gain an advantage with Rxd5 Rxa2+ Kf3, where White has a significant edge due to the active king and the center pawn mass. Instead, White played 35. R1c2? and the game headed towards equality.

Photo Gallery

Round 6, Board 3: Ethan Vaz (2059, GOA) - Aadik Theophane Lenin (1513, KER) | Photo: IA Rathinam Anantharam

Round 4: Lakshana Subramanian (former U 8 World Schools champion, TN) - Shreya Rajesh (KAR) | Photo: IA Rathinam Anantharam

Round 5, Board 1 - Kirthika B (TEL) - Nivedita VC (TN) | Photo: IA Rathinam Anantharam

The third seed Syed Abdul Khader of Karnataka (left), up against Adipta Saha (1267, WB), Round 2 | Photo: IA Rathinam Anantharam

Charvi A of Karnataka, the under 8 girls world champion is participating in the open section! Kudos to her bravery - she has scored 4/6 so far in a very strong field! | Photo: IA Rathinam Anantharam

A big thank to you to the Chief Arbiter of the event, IA Rathinam Anantharam for sending us all the pictures. A total of 297 players in the Open and 131 players in the Girls tournament are taking part. The event is organized by the Haryana State Chess Association. Both tournaments are taking place at HSV Global School, Sector 46, Gurugram, Haryana from 29th October - 6th November 2022. The eleven-round Swiss league tournament has a time control of 90 minutes + 30 seconds increment from move no.1. Round 7 starts from 2nd November 3:30 PM IST.

Replay Open Round 4-6 games

Replay Girls Round 4-6 games

Open Standings after Round 6

Rk.SNoNamesexRtgIClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 Rpnwwew-weKrtg+/-
17Jval Saurin Patel1702GUJ5,52426,523,7505177565,54,950,554022
212Pranav Sai Ram R S1604TN5,522,524,521,7505171565,54,750,754030
326Nihaan Pohane1472MAH5,52123,521,0005177365,53,641,864074,4
411Adharsh K1612TN5,52123,520,7505175965,54,590,914036,4
55Aansh Nandan Nerurkar1732MAH5,520,52321,7505168265,55,470,03401,2
66Sathvik Adiga1728KAR5,5202320,7505177565,55,090,414016,4
72AIMVaz Ethan2059GOA5,519,521,520,0005172665,55,87-0,3740-14,8
850Sagnik Halder1376WB5222519,50051629542,211,794071,6
955Samarth Sreeni Warrier1357GUJ521,523,518,00051678541,732,274090,8
1020Niladri Banerjee1516WB5212317,50051600654,270,734029,2


Round 7 pairings

17Jval Saurin Patel1702GUJAIMVaz Ethan2059GOA2
211Adharsh K1612TNAansh Nandan Nerurkar1732MAH5
312Pranav Sai Ram R S1604TNSathvik Adiga1728KAR6
420Niladri Banerjee1516WB5Nihaan Pohane1472MAH26
550Sagnik Halder1376WB55Binu Devdutt1464KER28
655Samarth Sreeni Warrier1357GUJ55Sarthak Sharma1413KAR36
739Raman Siddhardh B1408AP55Sanyam Srivastava1281UP73
8141Manav1136DEL55AIMPremshankar B U1403TN41
99Raihaan Zahid1676TEL5Rishabh Kumar1354DEL57
1033Prabhman Singh Malhotra1417CHTNimay Agrawal1685HAR8


Girls Standings after Round 6

Rk.SNoNameTypsexRtgIClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 Rpnwwew-weKrtg+/-
113ACMNivedita V CU11w1289TN6202222,50061915442,591,414056,4
210Aadya RanganathU11w1316KAR52222,518,25041453543,170,834033,2
335Vritika Krushna GameU11w1173MAH521,523,518,50051433320,921,084043,2
49Kirthika BU11w1330TEL52021,515,50051437543,390,614024,4
58Aadhya JainU11w1342DEL5192218,2504146843,52,261,244049,6
62AFMGorli NynaU11w1421AP517,52016,50041437543,920,08403,2
717Pratyasha JenaU11w1252ODI517,51915,75041367432,570,434017,2
821Shreya RajeshU11w1227KAR4,5212315,0004142653,52,141,364054,4
91Prishita GuptaU11w1556DEL4,5202314,7504132853,54,40-0,9040-36
1012Sanivarapu HasiniU11w1292AP4,52022,516,2503126132,52,120,384015,2


Round 7 pairings

18Aadhya Jain1342DEL56ACMNivedita V C1289TN13
217Pratyasha Jena1252ODI55AFMGorli Nyna1421AP2
39Kirthika B1330TEL55Aadya Ranganath1316KAR10
435Vritika Krushna Game1173MAH5Nihira Koul1371MAH4
51Prishita Gupta1556DELLasyasree Mattam1128AP45
633Advika Sarupria1174RAJSiddhi Rao1303KAR11
7114Somya0HARSanivarapu Hasini1292AP12
8129Vidhi Angelina0UPYasaswi Krishna Bommi1282AP14
915ACMShanmathi Sree S1275TNAishani Pathak1181UP30
1021Shreya Rajesh1227KARSaranya Devi Narahari1221TEL22


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