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MPL 35th National U-11 Round 1-3: Swaraj and Sagnik score big upsets

by Himank Ghosh - 31/10/2022

The MPL 35th National Under-11 Open and Girls Championship is taking place in Gurugram, Haryana. A total of 25 players have scored a perfect 3/3 so far in the Open section, and 8 players in the Girls section. The top seed in the Open section is FM Rosh Jain (2333), and in the girls section it is Prishita Gupta (1556). The World Cadets 2022 U-8 Girls Champion Charvi A is the only female player who is playing in the Open section! Photo: North-Eastern States Championship 2019.

No easy start for the top seeds

The top seed of the Open section, FM Rosh Jain (DEL,2333) was held to a draw in the 1st round against an opponent rated more than 1000 points below him, Jyoti Neog Swaraj (ASM,1116). The marathon battle went on for 148 moves!

Drawing the top seed of the tournament with the Black pieces was no mean task | Photo: North-Eastern States Championship 2019.

Open Round 1: Rosh - Swaraj: 0.5-0.5

The position reached in the game after 64....Ra1

This position is completely winning for White. The winning idea for White is to move the a8-rook with a check, so that the pawn can promote. Therefore, the winning plan is to play g5! hxg5 h6! gxh6 (Kxh6 Rh8#) f6! and Black can't deal with both the f-pawn and the a-pawn.

Sacrificing 2 pawns to open up the files and create a new passed pawn.

But in the game, Rosh went completely wrong- he played 65. f6??. But this is a draw, because after ...gxf6 Kf8 Kh8, there is no possibility to create a passed pawn anymore! The Black king cannot be dislodged from the h7 and g7 squares, hence there is no way to win. The game went on for 148 moves, and finally the players agreed to a draw.

Open Round 3: Sagnik - Reyan: 1-0

11-year-old Sagnik Halder (WB, 1376) started a fiery attack against Reyan Md (BIH, 1738). Objectively, the position should've been winning for Reyan, but it was very hard to find the correct defenses over the board.

Position after 30. Ne8+

This was the position in which Reyan made the final blunder. The position looks very scary for Black - the only correct defense was to play ...Kf8! Qf6 and the very nice distraction tactic .... Bf4+! Qxf4 Rxd5. Now if White continues with something like Ng7, Qc4+ followed by Qd3+ is a draw by perpetual check. But in the game, Reyan played Rdxe8, which loses the game after fxe8=N+! Qxe8 Rf7+! and Black is forced to give up their Queen. Sagnik went on to win in a few more moves.

Position after 32. Rf7+

Sagnik's victory in a rook endgame against Archit Mohapatra in the 6th KDCA All Bengal Rapid Open 2022.

Round 2 Girls: Priyanka - Hanya: 1-0

Priyanka Rajan (KER,1160) had a worse position in the opening against the second runner-up in the National U-10 Girls Championships 2022, Hanya Shah (GUJ,1393). But Hanya missed a critical tactic: 

Position after 16. Qxb7

In this position, it was Critical for Hanya to play ...Rd8! Now if Bc7, Black can play ...Qxe2 Bxd8 Bxd8 and it is not bad for Black - they have 2 pieces for a Rook. Instead, Hanya played 16... 0-0, which simply hangs a piece to Qxd7! 

Position after 17. Qxd2

17...Ba3 was met by 18. Re1, protecting everything. Priyanka went on to win the game comfortably.

A total of 297 players in the Open and 131 players in the Girls tournament are taking part. The event is organized by the Haryana State Chess Association. Both tournaments are taking place at HSV Global School, Sector 46, Gurugram, Haryana from 29th October - 6th November 2022. The eleven-round Swiss league tournament has a time control of 90 minutes + 30 seconds increment from move no.1.

Replay Open Round 1-3 games

Replay Girls Round 1-3 games

Open Round 3 results

Rk.SNoNamesexRtgIClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 Rpnwwew-weKrtg+/-
126Nihaan Pohane1472MAH3466,00031975332,480,524020,8
40Sri Akhil Prasad1404AP3466,00031916221,580,424016,8
50Sagnik Halder1376WB3466,00032091220,901,104044
47Jval Saurin Patel1702GUJ345,55,50032038332,740,264010,4
12Pranav Sai Ram R S1604TN345,55,50032023332,640,364014,4
18Madhvendra Pratap Sharma1527MP345,55,50032006332,540,464018,4
55Samarth Sreeni Warrier1357GUJ345,55,50032075220,911,094043,6
132Vidit Sethi1144UP345,55,50032053220,421,584063,2
99Raihaan Zahid1676TEL3455,00032031332,730,274010,8
20Niladri Banerjee1516WB3455,00031997332,540,464018,4


Round 4 pairings

16Sathvik Adiga1728KAR33Madhesh Kumar S1440PON31
236Sarthak Sharma1413KAR33Jval Saurin Patel1702GUJ7
340Sri Akhil Prasad1404AP33Raihaan Zahid1676TEL9
410Badole Shaunak1645MAH33AIMPremshankar B U1403TN41
546Parambrata Sarkar1379WB33Adharsh K1612TN11
612Pranav Sai Ram R S1604TN33Sagnik Halder1376WB50
718Madhvendra Pratap Sharma1527MP33Samarth Sreeni Warrier1357GUJ55
820Niladri Banerjee1516WB33Sree Rama Anjani Kumar K1317TEL66
922AFMAadik Theophane Lenin1513KER33Rudradaman Mertia1300RAJ69
1026Nihaan Pohane1472MAH33Sanyam Srivastava1281UP73


Girls Round 3 results

Rk.SNoNameTypsexRtgIClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 Rpnwwew-weKrtg+/-
19Kirthika BU11w1330TEL3455,00031897221,480,524020,8
30Aishani PathakU11w1181UP3455,00031918110,270,734029,2
363Thota HrithikaU11w1038TEL3454,00030220,491,514060,4
410Aadya RanganathU11w1316KAR3444,00031913221,400,604024
535Vritika Krushna GameU11w1173MAH33,555,00031894110,350,654026
65Lakshana SubramanianU11w1362TN33,54,53,50030221,480,524020,8
713ACMNivedita V CU11w1289TN3344,00031831110,750,254010
21Shreya RajeshU11w1227KAR3344,00031943221,030,974038,8
91Prishita GuptaU11w1556DEL2,54,55,54,2502140632,52,71-0,2140-8,4
6Rudra RajeevU11w1359KAR2,54,55,54,2502139621,51,460,04401,6


Round 4 pairings

15Lakshana Subramanian1362TN33Shreya Rajesh1227KAR21
230Aishani Pathak1181UP33Kirthika B1330TEL9
310Aadya Ranganath1316KAR33Vritika Krushna Game1173MAH35
463Thota Hrithika1038TEL33ACMNivedita V C1289TN13
528Navieka Jaiswal1196JHAPrishita Gupta1556DEL1
62AFMGorli Nyna1421APSravyasree Bheemarasetty1221AP23
76Rudra Rajeev1359KARSandeepa Priyadarshini Sahoo1247ODI19
88Aadhya Jain1342DELStuti Pradeep1217KAR25
922Saranya Devi Narahari1221TELSiddhi Rao1303KAR11
1012Sanivarapu Hasini1292APAdya Shree0BIH73


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