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Kartavya Anadkat scores a hat-trick of tournament triumphs in Classical, Rapid and Blitz

by Shahid Ahmed - 10/12/2021

National Amateur 2019 champion Kartavya Anadkat won Shri Harbans Singh and Smt. Ranjeet Kaur Memorial Rapid Rating Open on 28th November. Then he won the TCC Blitz tournament on 5th December and Tirth Chess Club FIDE Rating Open on the following day, 6th December. He scored 8.0/9, 9.0/9 and 8.5/9 respectively which means he scored 25.5/27 in the last three events he won and remained undefeated. This does not come as a surprise as he won National School Online U-17, Gujarat State Online Junior U-20 and State Senior Online consecutively in July. How did he manage to do that? Check out his games annotated by him from the events he won. Photo: Palak Patel/Tirth Chess Club

Kartavya wins three tournaments in eight days

"Obviously, winning any championship is a fantastic feeling. I worked hard in quarantine for about 3-4 hours daily. It improved my confidence for the Classical tournament after winning the fast event. I was paired against lower-rated players in the blitz event, so it wasn't too difficult. I'm also thankful to my coach Hemal Thanki for the guidance and support." - Kartavya shared his thoughts on winning three tournaments consecutively.

Tirth Chess Club Classical Rating and Blitz Open champion - Kartavya Anadkat won ₹15000 cash and a trophy | Photo: Palak Patel/Tirth Chess Club

Tirth Chess Club Rating Open: Top five (L to R) - 4th Kushal Jani, 3rd Shaikh Sohil, 1st Kartavya Anadkat, 2nd IM Rahul Sangma and 5th Ankit Chudasama | Photo: Palak Patel/Tirth Chess Club

Shri Harbans Singh and Smt. Ranjeet Kaur Memorial Rapid Rating: Champion - Kartavya Anadkat 8.0/9 won ₹21000 cash and a trophy

Kartavya scored an unbeaten 8.0/9 and gained 49 Elo rating points

Kartavya Anadkat scored 8.0/9, remained undefeated to win Shri Harbans Singh & Smt. Ranjeet Kaur Memorial All India Rapid Rating Open. Ayush Sharma also finished with the same score, however Kartavya defeated him in the penultimate round which gave him an edge in the tie-breaks. The 17-year-old boy from Gujarat also drew with the top seed of the tournament IM Himal Gusain in the fifth round. Check out Kartavya's final round win over Indrajeet Mahindrakar, annotated by the champion himself.

Kartavya was in sole lead 7.5/8 at Tirth Chess Club Rating Open, when he played TCC Blitz Open on 5th December and scored a massive 9.0/9 to win the tournament. He finished 1.5 points ahead of the competition. On the following day, 6th December, Kartavya won the final round game to win the Classical Rating tournament 8.5/9, where he remained undefeated and finished a full point ahead of the field. He beat the eventual runner-up IM Rahul Sangma in the penultimate round and then defeated Sanjeev Mishra in the final round. Check out those two wins, annotated by Kartavya.

Kartavya scored an unbeaten 8.5/9 and gained 30.4 Elo rating points

Kartavya won the TCC Blitz Open with a 100% score 9.0/9

Runner-up - IM Rahul Sangma 7.5/9 | Photo: Palak Patel/Tirth Chess Club

Youngest player of the tournament - Dhairya Amit Shroff is 4 years 11 months old | Photo: Palak Patel/Tirth Chess Club

All prize winners with the organizers of the tournament | Photo: Palak Patel/Tirth Chess Club

The tournament hall | Photo: Palak Patel/Tirth Chess Club

Top seed IM Rahul Sangma (right) in action against Rushil Raval in Round 3 | Photo: Palak Patel/Tirth Chess Club

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Shri Harbans Singh & Smt. Ranjeet Kaur Memorial All India Rapid Rating Open was organized by Edwel Educational & Welfare Society on 27th and 28th November 2021 at Jagmeet Dhaba & Garden, Raisen, Madhya Pradesh. A total of 117 players including an IM took part in the nine-round Swiss league event which had a time control of 15 minutes + 10 seconds increment from move no.1. The total prize fund of the tournament was ₹100000.

Rapid Rating Final Standings

Rk.SNoNameTypsexGrFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 nwwew-weKrtg+/-
110Anadkat KartavyaIND1871Gujarat8,054,058,047,00874,552,452049,0
28Ayush SharmaIND1910Mp8,052,556,549,00875,371,632032,6
31IMGusain HimalIND2394Wr7,551,054,544,0097,58,85-1,3520-27,0
43Sharma HarishIND2060Del7,548,051,541,5097,57,90-0,4020-8,0
515AFMChoubey SaurabhIND1719Mp7,048,553,539,00864,691,312026,2
612Mahindrakar IndrajeetIND1760Maharashtra7,048,550,535,50864,981,022020,4
728Mishra KamadU15IND1460Mp6,547,548,529,7563,50,503,002060,0
829Dilip Kumar PeddaIND1445Karnataka6,546,548,529,7563,51,332,172043,4
913Aishwin DanielIND1752Mp6,545,548,032,2585,56,05-0,5520-11,0
1018Vedant BhardwajIND1637Mp6,544,546,030,7574,54,89-0,3920-7,8
1154Kunal VyasIND1208Mp6,544,046,528,7552,50,332,172043,4
127Singh SukhpalIND1936Mp6,543,046,531,2596,58,26-1,7620-35,2
13107Rajendra Kumar TripathiS60IND0Mp6,543,046,027,2596,5
1491Harshit SarafIND0Mp6,540,543,529,7585,5
1514AGMSikka SumitIND1727Mp6,045,549,029,50755,54-0,5420-10,8
1632Gourav NigamIND1426Mp6,045,548,530,00301,15-1,1520-23,0
179Hitesh S. JariyaIND1883Mp6,043,547,527,75968,33-2,3320-46,6
186Mishra ManojIND1967Mp6,042,546,026,50968,05-2,0520-41,0
194Gopal RathodIND2008Maharashtra6,042,046,028,50867,90-1,9020-38,0
2022Batham AvinashIND1565Mp6,042,045,528,25533,78-0,7820-15,6

Complete standings


Tirth Chess Club Open FIDE Rating tournament was organized by Joy Chauhan from 1st to 6th December 2021 at Rifle Club, Khanpur, Ahmedabad. A total of 228 players including 2 IMs from various states across the country participated in the nine-round Swiss League Classical Rating event which had a time control of 90 minutes + 30 seconds increment from move no.1. The Blitz Open took place on 5th December which drew 145 participants across the country. The total prize fund for the Classical Rating tournament was ₹100000 and for the Blitz Open ₹10000.

Classical Rating Final standings

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
12Anadkat KartavyaIND22118,50,052,056,0
21IMSangma RahulIND22897,50,055,060,0
334Shaikh SohilIND15927,50,050,554,0
428Jani Kushal RIND16667,50,048,051,5
510Chudasama AnkitIND18447,50,047,050,5
68Garv RaiIND18947,00,049,553,5
711Raj D VyasIND18327,00,049,053,5
812Vrashank ChouhanIND17957,00,049,052,5
93IMSahu Sekhar ChandraIND20547,00,049,052,5
104Bhatt JalpanIND19707,00,048,551,0
1113AGMChandrajeet Singh RajawatIND17877,00,048,052,0
1233Mishra SanjeevIND16057,00,047,551,0
1329Arun KatariaIND16327,00,044,548,5
1420Mhamane SourabhIND17207,00,041,043,5
1515Deepak RaiIND17506,50,051,555,5
1623Makwana DevamIND16806,50,049,553,5
17200Jihan Tejas ShahIND06,50,048,554,0
1856Guru PrakashIND13876,50,047,049,0
1921Sunny BediIND17186,50,046,550,5
2074Roy AanyaIND13296,50,044,547,0

Complete standings

Blitz Open Final standings

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
13Anadkat KartavyaIND19829,00,046,049,5
219Jani Kushal RIND16667,50,047,050,5
31Maulik RavalIND20767,50,045,549,5
416Mishra SanjeevIND16837,00,049,553,0
531Bardoliwala NirmalIND15477,00,046,549,5
654Vivaan Vishal ShahIND13277,00,046,549,0
713Mhamane SourabhIND17207,00,043,046,5
810AGMChandrajeet Singh RajawatIND17927,00,041,043,5
943Guru PrakashIND14026,50,052,056,5
1050Agarwal Mukund HIND13496,50,051,556,0
1124Shaikh SohilIND15926,50,046,551,0
126WFMDhyana PatelIND18866,50,046,050,0
1314Sunny BediIND17186,50,046,049,0
1438Gada OmIND14276,50,044,047,5
1518Hriday PanchalIND16726,50,040,044,0

Complete standings

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