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Kartavya Anadkat and Fathima Abdeen win National Amateur 2019

by Shahid Ahmed - 01/09/2019

Kartavya Anadkat of Gujarat and Fathima Abdeen of Kerala are the National Amateur champions in open and women section respectively. Five players scored 8.0/10, Kartavya came out at the top due to a better tie-break score, suffering only one loss in the penultimate round against the eventual runner-up Srikanth K of SSCB who also finished with the same score. Indrajeet Mahindrakar of Maharashtra was placed third. Among the women, Fathima Abdeen of Kerala scored 7.0/10 to win the first position in her category followed by Femil Chelladurai of Tamil Nadu and Dhanashree Rathi of Maharashtra finishing at 6.5/10 each to secure second and third place respectively. Photo: Mpchess

Gujarat and Kerala triumph at National Amateur

The podium finishers at 8th National Amateur | Photo: Mpchess

Closing Ceremony of the event was graced by Madhya Pradesh Sports and Youth Welfare Director SL Thousen, Secretary of All India Chess Federation Bharat Singh Chauhan and Depy. Secretary Kapil Saxena, Madhya Pradesh Chess Association President Sunil Bansal and Chief Arbiter IA AK Joshi.

Champion - Kartavya Anadkat of Gujarat scored 8.0/10, received a beautiful trophy and ₹21000 cash | Photo: Mpchess

Kartavya's only blemish was his loss in the penultimate round against the eventual runner-up of the tournament Srikanth K of SSCB

Kartavya's best win was in round 3 against Varuan Sharma (1636) of Madhya Pradesh, when he thwarted opponent's all attempts to stir up trouble on his kingside in a game arising out of Scotch Game.

Eleventh seeded Srikanth K's dream run was halted as he lost the last round game against Karan Trivedi of Gujarat | Photo: Mpchess

Srikanth needed a draw in the final round to become champion

Indrajeet Mahindrakar secured third place with a score of 8.0/10, despite losing his seventh and eighth round game against the eventual champion Kartavya and runner-up Srikanth respectively

Champion in Women's category - Fathima Abdeen of Kerala scored 7.0/10, received a shiny new trophy and ₹10000 cash | Photo: Mpchess

Fathima suffered only two losses, one of them against the eventual champion in the final round, on her way to triumph

Fathima won Sitges Open 'B' less than a month ago | Photo: Niklesh Jain

Bhopal GM 2019 Tournament Circular was unveiled at the Closing Ceremony. Details can be found here | Photo: Mpchess

The tournament hall | Photo: Mpchess

The highest number of participants from the host state Madhya Pradesh speaks volumes about the progress of chess in the state | Photo: Mpchess

Final Ranking after 10 Rounds

Rk.SNoNamesexGrFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 
13Anadkat KartavyaGUJIND2079B-23008,00,061,567,052,007
211Srikanth K.SSCBIND1917B-20008,00,061,066,552,007
34Mahindrakar IndrajeetMAHIND2078B-23008,00,061,066,550,508
49Pradeep TiwariDELIND1959B-20008,00,059,564,050,506
513Trivedi Karan RGUJIND1886B-20008,00,057,062,049,757
65Tanmay ChopraDELIND2023B-23007,50,055,559,543,755
733Colaco ReubenGOAIND1692B-20007,50,049,553,040,257
815Banerjee AshutoshCHHIND1821B-20007,00,057,561,040,256
951Aarush GuptaDELIND1590B-17007,00,057,560,539,005
1020CMSharma PankajPUNIND1767B-20007,00,057,062,040,006
1116Fathima AbdeenwKERIND1809B-20007,00,057,061,541,756
1218Chudasama AnkitGUJIND1798B-20007,00,057,061,540,506
1314Sanchit AnandDELIND1878B-23007,00,054,559,039,505
1434AIMMandloi MukeshRAJIND1685B-20007,00,052,056,035,507
1512Chauhan JoyGUJIND1904B-23007,00,051,055,036,756
1632Sairaj Dilip VernekarGOAIND1695B-23007,00,046,050,035,007
1710Sooraj M RKERIND1934B-20006,50,060,065,039,755
1845Subhabrata RoyWESIND1629B-17006,50,060,064,539,004
191Jaiswal PuneetDELIND2184B-23006,50,059,564,539,755
206Devesh Anand NaikGOAIND1996B-20006,50,059,563,037,755
212Wajih NassirDELIND2168B-23006,50,055,559,035,756
2271Femil ChelladuraiwTNIND1512B-17006,50,055,059,038,003
2383AIMSheikh JahanMPIND1427B-17006,50,055,058,536,006
2431AIMKohli PranavMAHIND1698B-17006,50,054,559,036,004
25101Kavyansh AgrawalMPIND1300B-17006,50,054,558,534,756
2669Kuwar TusharMAHIND1522B-17006,50,054,058,534,756
2728Mayank Sharma NandkishoreDELIND1721B-20006,50,054,058,534,256
2839Rathi DhanashreewMAHIND1642B-20006,50,053,557,034,256
2953Narasimha Raveendra GAPIND1584B-17006,50,053,557,033,756
3085Umesh KonduruTELIND1406B-17006,50,052,557,536,256

Complete standings

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