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Sankalp Gupta wins Joytu Sheikh Hasina International GM 2021

by Shahid Ahmed - 29/09/2021

IM Sankalp Gupta scored an unbeaten 7.0/9 to win Joytu Sheikh Hasina International GM 2021. He finished a half point ahead of the competition. Five players finished at 6.5/9 and they were placed second to sixth respectively. They are - IM Mitrabha Guha, IM Aronyak Ghosh, IM Sayantan Das, GM Ziaur Rahman and GM Masoud Mosadeghpour. Sankalp won US$ 4000 (approx ₹297000), Mitrabha received US$ 2500 (approx. ₹185000) and Aronyak got (₹111000). Sankalp gained 13.4 Elo rating points, Mitrabha 11.6 and Aronyak increased 5.4 rating points. Photo: Bangladesh Chess Federation

Five players finish at 6.5/9

We reached out to the winner IM Sankalp Gupta and asked his thoughts on winning the tournament, "Thanks a lot, it feels great to win the tournament. Played some good games and managed to defend some very worse positions." He also added, "My game against Mitrabha is my favorite, it was the crucial game as he was on 5/5." - Sankalp on his favorite game of the tournament.

Champion - IM Sankalp Gupta 7.0/9 | Photo: Bangladesh Chess Federation

Sankalp performed at 2550 and gained 13.4 Elo rating points

2nd - IM Mitrabha Guha 6.5/9 | Photo: Bangladesh Chess Federation

3rd - IM Aronyak Ghosh 6.5/9 | Photo: Bangladesh Chess Federation

The tournament logo | Photo: Bangladesh Chess Federation

Round 7: Sankalp - Sayantan: 1-0

IM Sayantan Das opted for a side variation, which made the position slightly dicey early in the opening.

Position after 11...d4

The game continued 12.Bxc6 dxc3 13.Bd5+ e6 14.Bc4 cxd2+ and Black managed to get back in the game.

Position after 22.Rf1

22...Rc3 would have been a better option than 22...Be8 23.Nd2 Bc5 and retreat both bishops. Sankalp managed to turn things around and win the game.

Sankalp gained sole lead 6.0/7 | Photo: Bangladesh Chess Federation

Ghaem - Nubairshah: 0.5-0.5

IM Nubairshah Shaikh sacrificed a knight which was made interesting as his opponent GM Ghaem Maghami Ehsan (IRI) decided to accept it.

Position after 22...Nxe3

White decided to accept the sacrifice 23.fxe3 which gave Black a huge initiative. The game continued 23...Ra8 and White managed to save the day, 24.Qxc6+. Find out what Black should have done instead.

Nubairshah had a good opportunity to beat Iran's first GM in history | Photo: Bangladesh Chess Federation

Neelash - Sumets: 0.5-0.5

IM Neelash Saha drew with the top seed of the tournament GM Andrey Sumets (UKR).

Sammed - Deep: 0.5-0.5

IM Sammed Jaykumar Shete had a wild game against GM Deep Sengupta. The evaluation kept changing back and forth. The game eventually ended in a draw.

Malakhatko - Subhayan: 0-1

After a lot of maneuvering, GM Vadim Malakhatko (BEL) finally made a mistake.

Position after 46.Nd2

46.Nd2 removed the support of the c2-bishop which allowed take the advantage of the pin on the b1-h7 diagonal as he played 46...Nxd5 and soon got the upper hand. White lost all the weak pawn and eventually the game too.

GM Vadim Malakhatko (BEL) lost to Subhayan Kundu | Photo: Bangladesh Chess Federation

IM Srijit Paul defeated GM Alexey Kislinsky (CZE) in just 27 moves | Photo: Bangladesh Chess Federation

Round 8: Nubairshah - Sankalp: 0.5-0.5

IM Sankalp Gupta made a great save against fellow countryman IM Nubairshah Shaikh.

Position after 44...Qg7

White should have played 45.Rd8 here instead of 45.Qd1 to maintain the advantage, since Black king is relatively weaker and more vulnerable. Sankalp managed to defend the position and make a draw.

IM Nubairshah Shaikh had a well contested draw with IM Sankalp Gupta | Photo: Bangladesh Chess Federation

Subhayan - Aronyak: 0-1

Subhayan was cruising towards a draw against IM Aronyak Ghosh, until the former blundered in the final moments of the game.

Position after 39...Rc1+

The only move to save the game for White was 40.Kb3. White unfortunately played 40.Kd2 and lost the game because of 40...Rd1+.

Subhayan Kundu almost held IM Aronyak Ghosh to a draw | Photo: Bangladesh Chess Federation

Bangladesh no.2 GM Ziaur Rahman was held to a draw by IM Srijit Paul | Photo: Bangladesh Chess Federation

GM Andrey Sumets (UKR) lost to Sanket Chakravarty | Photo: Bangladesh Chess Federation

Sayantan - Ghaem: 1-0

IM Sayantan Das scored a nice win over GM Ghaem Maghami Ehsan (IRI).

IM Sayantan Das defeated GM Ghaem Maghamai Ehsan (IRI) | Photo: Bangladesh Chess Federation

Deep - Neelash: 0-1

GM Deep Sengupta and IM Neelash Saha had an exciting finish which could have gone either player's way.

Position after 32.Qxc6

Black is completely winning here. 32...Nxc3 33.Rxc3 e3 and Black should win this. However, probably due to time trouble, the game continued 32...e3 which gave White a chance to fight back. Can you find out what White could have done?

Round 9: Mosadeghpour - Mitrabha: 1-0

Mitrabha got himself a good position against GM Masoud Mosadehpour (IRI). A draw in the final round would have made Mitrabha the champion, since Sankalp made a quick draw and had less tie-breaks.

Position after 18.Rab1

18...Rc4 followed by Qc7 keeps things in control for Black. Shortly Black sacrificed an exchange when he could have kept things in balance and eventually lost the game.

Srijit - Sayantan: 0-1

IM Srijit Paul lost an exciting encounter against IM Sayantan Das.


Here are a few interesting finishes from Round 7-9:

IM Srijit Paul defeated GM Alexey Kislinsky (CZE), Round 7

GM Andrey Sumets (UKR) lost to Sanket Chakravarty, Round 8

FM Sheikh Nasir Ahmed(BAN) lost to IM Asyl Abdyjapar (KGZ), Round 8

Replay the Live stream

Joytu Sheikh Hasina International Grandmasters Chess Tournament 2021 Round 9 Live stream | Video: Bangladesh Chess Federation

Replay Round 7-9 games

Round 9 results

Bo.No. NameGrFEDRtgPts.ResultPts.NameGrFEDRtg No.
IMSankalp GuptaIND2433½ - ½6IMAronyak GhoshIND2440
GMMosadeghpour MasoudIRI24861 - 0IMMitrabha GuhaIND2467
IMNeelash SahaIND2418½ - ½IMMohammad Nubairshah ShaikhIND2432
IMSrijit PaulIND23120 - 1IMDas SayantanIND2431
Sanket ChakravartyIND22430 - 1GMRahman ZiaurBAN2424
Sourath BiswasIND221950 - 15GMMalakhatko VadimBEL2447
IMKoustav ChatterjeeIND24315½ - ½5GMHossain EnamulBAN2402
IMAbdyjapar AsylKGZ24095½ - ½5Subhayan KunduIND2301
GMKislinsky AlexeyCZE2328½ - ½GMSumets AndreyUKR2541
GMGhaem Maghami EhsanIRI25361 - 0FMRahman Md. TaiburBAN2199
IMMohammad Fahad RahmanBAN23390 - 1GMSengupta DeepIND2527
WIMArpita MukherjeeIND22060 - 1IMSammed Jaykumar SheteIND2412
GMZubarev AlexanderUKR24091 - 0FMPiyumantha M Sasith NipunSRI2231
IMLodhi MahmoodPAK233440 - 14CMLiyanage Ranindu DilshanSRI2197
FMSubrota BiswasBAN228240 - 14FMAhmed Sheikh NasirBAN2185


Final standings

Rk.SNo NamesexFEDRtgRtgIPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 Rpnwwew-weKrtg+/-
IMSankalp GuptaIND243324337,00,045,049,5235652550975,661,341013,4
IMMitrabha GuhaIND246724676,50,049,554,024236256196,55,341,161011,6
IMAronyak GhoshIND244024406,50,044,548,523314247896,55,960,54105,4
IMDas SayantanIND243124316,50,044,548,023996253296,55,191,311013,1
GMRahman ZiaurBAN242424246,50,043,547,523394247696,55,780,72107,2
GMMosadeghpour MasoudIRI248624866,50,042,045,523195247096,56,54-0,0410-0,4
IMMohammad Nubairshah ShaikhIND243224326,00,045,049,5239742491965,220,78107,8
IMNeelash SahaIND241824186,00,041,545,0232452421965,740,26102,6
GMMalakhatko VadimBEL244724476,00,041,044,5231142419966,27-0,2710-2,7
Subhayan KunduIND230123015,50,047,550,523724241095,54,081,422028,4
IMSrijit PaulIND231223125,50,044,548,023454238695,54,491,012020,2
IMKoustav ChatterjeeIND243124315,50,044,047,523754242395,55,490,01100,1
GMSengupta DeepIND252725275,50,043,548,023484240795,56,65-1,1510-11,5
IMSammed Jaykumar SheteIND241224125,50,041,044,523574240695,55,410,09100,9
GMGhaem Maghami EhsanIRI253625365,50,041,044,522964234795,57,07-1,5710-15,7



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