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Your chance to play against the Indonesian national team!

by Sagar Shah - 23/10/2019

Indonesian National Team consisting of their top ten players is coming to India for a friendly match from 28th to 31st of October 2019 in Chennai. The average rating of the Indonesian team is 2373.6, which means that its a very strong contingent. Six out of the ten Indian players have already confirmed their participation. However, there are still four spots left to be filled. If you are keen then you can write to us at and we will revert. This is a training match in rapid and blitz and is not FIDE rated. But it is an excellent opportunity to face strong opponents and also have the unique opportunity to be a part of this exciting match. Check this article for more details about venue, schedule, prize money and more.  

The Indonesian National Team is coming to Chennai, India from the 28th to 31st of October 2019 to play a friendly match with ten Indian players. This match has been jointly organized by ChessBase India, Chess Gurukul and Percasi. It will not be FIDE rated.


The Indonesian team consists of:

GM Susanto Megaranto 2550

IM Novendra Priasmoro 2484

IM Sean Winshand Cuhendi 2425

IM Irene Kharisma Sukandar 2400

IM Muhamad Lutfi Ali 2399

WGM Medina Warda Aulia 2360

IM Muhamad Ervan 2356

IM Dede Lioe 2314

WIM Chelsie Monica Sihite 2252

WFM Ummi Fisabilillah 2196

The Indonesian team consists of one GM, 6 IMs, 1 WGM, 1 WIM and 1 WFM and the rating average of the team is a solid 2373.6.

Indonesian team will come along with three managers and one coach GM Ruslan Scherbakov 

ChessBase India Team:

The ChessBase India team will also consist of 10 players.


GM elect Arjun Kalyan (2483) will be a part of the ChessBase India team

13-year-old IM Sreeshwan Maralakshikari (2449), 13-year-old IM Leon Mendonca (2388) and 11-year-old IM Bharath Subramaniyam (2417) have already confirmed their participation

One of India's most recent IMs Rathanvel (2410) has also confirmed his participation

WIM V. Varshini (2210) and WIM N. Raghavi (2162) will also be seen in action

There are four more spots left. If you are keen on playing the event, please write to us at


When the manager of Indonesian team Kristianus Liem contacted me for the match, I started looking for a place to host it in Chennai. When I shared the news with GM R.B. Ramesh, he was kind enough to host the match at Chess Gurukul academy in Chennai.

The Chess Gurukul Academy, headed by GM R.B. Ramesh has been home to many world class talents. The academy will host the match

Rate of play:

All ten players of India will face ten players of Indonesia in ten rounds of rapid chess and 10 rounds of blitz. The time control for Rapid will be 15+10 while Blitz will be 3+2.


28th Oct, 2 p.m. onwards – 3 rounds of rapid

 29th Oct – 2 p.m. onwards, 3 rounds of rapid

30th Oct – 2 p.m. onwards, 4 rounds of rapid

31st Oct – 2 p.m. onwards, 10 rounds of blitz

Scoring system:

2 points will be awarded for a win in rapid and 1 point for a win in blitz. The scores of all the ten players will be added in each team to determine the final winner.

Prize money:

The main aim of the match is to have good training for all the players involved. But the Indonesian Chess Federation has gone a step ahead sponsored a prize fund of USD 1000 for the event. The winning team gets USD 600 and the losing team USD 400. The prize money will be equally divided in 10 players.

The Indonesian team has the extremely important South East Asian Games coming up where they hope to win the gold medal in rapid and blitz chess. This match against 10 players of India is their training before the all important event. As mentioned before there are still four spots left, and if you are keen on playing you can write to us at We will revert back to you.

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