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Aditya Bagus Arfan and Arif Abdul Hafiz shine at Pertamina Indonesian GM and IM Tournaments 2024

by Kristianus Liem and Peter Long - 02/05/2024

IM Aditya Bagus Arfan (INA) scored an unbeaten 9.5/11 to win Pertamina Indonesian GM Tournament 2024. He finished a full point ahead of the field. Top seed GM Novendra Priasmoro (INA) scored 7.5/11 to finish second. GM Temur Kuybokarov (AUS) finished third scoring 7/11. No tie-breaks were needed for the top six finishers. In the IM tournament, FM Arif Abdul Hafiz (INA) and IM Farid Firman Syah (INA) scored 8/11 each. Arif won the tournament as he defeated Farid in the eighth round. Arif also earned his final IM-norm at this event and became an International Master. FM Khuyagtsogt Itgelt (MGL) and IM Mohamad Ervan (INA) scored 7/11 each. The former secured third place and also earned an IM-norm. Check out first round report written by Kristianus Liem, Tournament Director, translated to English by Peter Long. Photos: FM FT IA Peter Long

Report by Kristianus Liem, Tournament Director

Translated by Peter Long

GM tournament top 3 (L to R): 2nd GM Novendra Priasmoro (INA) 7.5/11, 1st Aditya Bagus Arfan (INA) 8.5/11 and 3rd GM Temur Kuybokarov (AUS) 7/11

The Pertamina Indonesian GM Tournament 2024 event was officially closed by the President of PERCASI (All Indonesian Chess Federation), GM Utut Adianto on May 1st 2024.

GM Utut Adianto closing the event

In his speech, Adianto said, "I am very happy, as the host, Indonesia won the GM and IM tournaments at the same time, this is beyond expectations," he said.


Adianto was not only happy, but also he is proud because Indonesian chess players are playing well. "The quality of the games was also good, and from the beginning Adit and Novendra started well," he said.

Eka Wirja Putra is a long time benefactor of Indonesian chess and is presenting the Prizes to the winners of the IM tournament. L to R: 3rd FM Khuyagtsogt Itgelt (MGL) 7/11, 1st FM Arif Abdul Hafiz (INA) 8/11 and 2nd IM Farid Firman Syah (INA) 8/11

The brilliant results achieved by these Indonesian chess players are certainly very encouraging. First place in the GM (Grandmaster) Tournament category was won by IM Aditya Bagus Arfan, second place was won by GM Novendra Priasmoro, both Indonesian chess players. Meanwhile, third place was occupied by Australian chess player GM Temur Kuybokarov.


In a dramatic last round, the 73-year-old Eugene Torre who became Asia’s first grandmaster 50 years ago, turned back the years in comprehensive victory over 2600 rated top seed Kuybokarov while Novendra overpressed in a drawn position against Singaporean IM Liu Xiangli in an attempt to win the tournament.


Meanwhile, in the IM (International Master) Tournament category, first and second place went to Indonesian chess players, FM Arif Abdul Hafiz took first place, IM Farid Firman Syah took second place, and third place was won by Mongolian chess player, FM Itgelt Khuyagtsogrt.


Head of Binpres PB Percasi, Kristianus Liem said, "In this championship, Arif received his third IM-norm, meaning that after this he can hold the IM title," he said.

Kristianus Liem together with Eka Wirja Putra are also the co-founders of the Utut Adianto Chess School which has branches all over Indonesia and has enabled generations of young talents

FM Kyuyagtsogt also made an IM-norm.


Located at Artotel Gelora Senayan, Jakarta. This tournament, which was attended by 24 chess players from 8 countries, and was an interesting chess competition, because it brought together a large number of chess players with even abilities.

Trophies for the prize winners

The closing proved to be very much a family affair as attended by PERCASI management, and was particularly colorful because the players competing and all the media covering it looked united and happy together.


Adit, still 17 years of age, performed perfectly without missing a beat, scoring 8.5 points to exceed the GM-norm requirements by half a point, and finished as champion alone.

The two trainers playing, both of them managed to finish last, respectively in the GM and IM tournaments

For PERCASI, under the leadership of GM Adianto, this was an unprecedented double success long overdue, finally a truly successful implementation and achievement, a first for a country that has invested so much in organising international round robin competitions to give local players opportunities for GM, IM, WGM and WIM norms.

Group photo

We look forward to the next in the series to be held in Bandung, Indonesia, in November 2024.

Replay all GM group games

Replay all IM group games

Final standings in GM-group

Rk.SNo NameFEDRtgPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
IMArfan, Aditya BagusINA24078,5042,006
GMPriasmoro, NovendraINA24947,5038,755
GMKuybokarov, TemurAUS26007034,505
GMMegaranto, SusantoINA25046,5031,503
IMTarigan, Gilbert ElroyINA23306030,002
IMAgibileg, UurtsaikhMGL24425,5028,502
IMLiu, XiangyiSGP23555125,003
IMAulia, Medina WardaINA23725026,501
IMTaher, Yoseph TheolifusINA24454,5120,002
GMTorre, EugenioPHI24254,5024,752
IMSetyaki, Azarya JodiINA23843,5017,250
GMDao, Thien HaiVIE24752,5012,250


Final standings in IM-group

Rk.SNo NameFEDRtgPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
FMHafiz, Arif AbdulINA23118140,256
IMFirman Syah, FaridINA23928037,257
FMItgelt, KhuyagtsogtMGL240870,535,754
IMErvan, MohamadINA238370,533,504
FMWahyudi, SuryaINA230860,532,004
IMGarcia, Jan EmmanuelPHI240860,528,503
FMKurniawan, Muhamad AgusINA22955,50,527,252
FMKosasih, CecepINA23725,50,523,254
WGMNguyen, Thi Mai HungVIE21795020,753
IMWynn, Zaw HtunMYA24164020,002
WIMFisabilillah, UmmiINA21873013,001
FMLong, PeterMAS2285105,000


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