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Harshit Raja wins Winter Chess Classic 2023

by Shahid Ahmed - 07/01/2024

Harshit Raja won Winter Chess Classic 2023 for his team A. His teammates were - IM Josiah Stearman (USA), GM Lazaro Bruzon Batista (USA), GM Mikhail Antipov, GM Grigoriy Oparin (USA) and GM Benjamin Gledura (HUN). Harshit scored 20.5 points and earned US$ 4000, $2500 as team prize and $1500 individual. Oparin, Antipov and Bruzon also earned the same as Harshit. The Mizzou University student gained 57.4 Elo rating points in the Rapid segment. Earlier in December, Harshit secured third place at 107th Edward Lasker Memorial 2023, organized by Marshall Chess Club. Photos: US Chess Champs

Team A - Team B: 135 - 117

GM Harshit Raja's team A defeated team B 135-117 after a battle of Classical, Rapid and Blitz games, played between two teams in Scheveningen format. It means one member of each team must play all members of other team.

Winner Team A (L to R) - IM Josiah Stearman (USA), GM Harshit Raja, GM Lazaro Bruzon Batista (USA), GM Mikhail Antipov, GM Grigoriy Oparin (USA) and GM Benjamin Gledura (HUN)

The winning team 'A' in front of Sinquefield Chess Commons

Winter Chess Classic 2023 logo

GM Harshit Raja in action against various opponents

Sinquefield Chess Commons at Saint Louis University, Saint Louis, Missouri in USA

Two six member teams competed in Scheveningen format. Each player from one team faced all players from the other team in Classical, Rapid and Blitz format. Classical rounds were played from 16th to 18th December, followed by Rapid on 19th December and Blitz on 20th December 2023.

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