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Vahap Sanal wins Fagernes GM Open 2023, Abhimanyu Puranik second

by Shahid Ahmed - 10/04/2023

GM Abhimanyu Puranik drew with GM Eduardas Rozentalis (LTU) in the final round of Fagernes GM Open 2023. GM Vahap Sanal defeated GM Aditya Mittal. Both Vahap and Abhimanyu finished with the same score 7.5/9. Vahap won the tournament due to better tie-breaks and Abhimanyu was adjudged second. Both received €2000 each as the prize money gets shared among players in the same point group. GM Samvel Ter-Sahalyan (ARM) scored sole 7/9 to finish third. He earned €800. GM Sethuraman S P made a strong comeback to finish fifth on tie-breaks scoring 6.5/9. IM Koustav Chatterjee and GM Aditya Mittal are the only two other Indians to make a top ten finish at seventh and eighth place scoring 6/9 each. Photo: Tom Eriksen

A successful event for the Indians

It has been quite a successful event for the Indian players as WIM Savitha Shri B became India's latest WGM and also earned an IM-norm. FM Tanmay Chopra and Sanket Chakravarty also scored their respective maiden IM-norms. IM Kushagra Mohan won the Slow Blitz event.

Top 3 (L to R) - 3rd GM Samvel Ter-Sahakyan (ARM), 2nd GM Abhimanyu Puranik and 1st GM Vahap Sanal (TUR) | Photo: Tom Eriksen

India's latest WGM Savitha Shri B and IM Vantika Agrawal with their prizes | Photo: Tom Eriksen

Apart from sharing the second prize in Best female category, IM Vantika Agrawal also won the Female player with the highest rating performance prize.

GM Eduardas Rozentalis (LTU) - GM Abhimanyu Puranik: 0.5-0.5 | Photo: SjakkTromsø

GM Vahap Sanal (TUR) defeated GM Aditya Mittal to become champion | Photo: SjakkTromsø

IM Moksh Amit Doshi - GM Frode Olav Olsen Urkedal (NOR): 0.5-0.5 | Photo: SjakkTromsø

Norm makers list:

WIM Savitha Shri B scored her final WGM-norm and maiden IM-norm | Photo: SjakkTromsø

FM Tanmay Chopra - maiden IM-norm | Photo: Anniken Vestby/SjakkTromsø

Sanket Chakravarty - maiden IM-norm | Photo: Anniken Vestby/SjakkTromsø

IM Tor Fredrik Kaasen (NOR) - GM-norm, FM Benny Aizenberg (ISR) and FM Aksel Bu Kvaløy (NOR) - IM-norm, WGM Vantika Agrawal scored a fourth IM-norm. She has already become an IM last month.

A total of 92 players including 14 GMs, 21 IMs, 2 WGMs and a WIM took part from 25 countries across the world in the GM (>2000) Open section. The tournament was organized by IO IA Hans Olav Lahlum in cooperation with Sotra SK and Innlandet Sjakkrets from 2nd to 9th April 2023 at Scandic Valdres hotel in Fagernes, Norway. The nine-round Swiss league tournament had a time control of 100 minutes/40 moves + 40 minutes/rest with 30 seconds increment from move no. 1.

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