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FM Nikhil Dixit wins the 5th TMCA Rapid

by Himank Ghosh - 22/10/2022

FM Nikhil Dixit won the Open section of the 5th TMCA One Day Rapid Chess Tournament, held in Chinchwade Lawns, Pune. Both Nikhil Dixit and Aniruddha Potawad scored 6.5/7, but Nikhil clinched the 1st place due to better tiebreaks. The total prize fund of the tournament was Rs.49000, and there were a total of 49 trophies awarded. There were a total of 4 categories - Open, Under 8, Under 10 and Under 14. The most number of participants trophy was won by host of the event - Tactical Moves Chess Academy (TMCA). Photo: Shri Madhav Mulay.

Top 2 players finish unbeaten in Open

FM Nikhil Dixit and Aniruddha Potawada both scored an unbeaten 6.5/7in the open section, but Nikhil finished 1st due to better tiebreaks. 3 players scored 6/7 and were ranked 3rd-5th in the final standings of the Open section - WIM Aakansha Hagawane, Dhanashree Khairmode and Omkar Deshpande respectively.

Champion - FM Nikhil Dixit, 6.5/7| Photo:  Shri Madhav Mulay

Runners up - Anirudhha Potawad, 6.5/7 |Photo: Shri Madhav Mulay

3rd place - WIM Aakansha Hagawane, 6/7 | Photo: Shri Madhav Mulay

The U-14 Category was won by Harsh Ghadge, who scored 6.5/7. Arvind Iyer also scored 6.5/7, but Harsh clinched the 1st position due to better tiebreaks.

Harsh Ghadge started off as the 12th seed, but went on to win the event!

In the U10 category, both Advay Vikrant Bende and Abhijay Aniruddha Walvekar scored 6/7, but Advay won the 1st prize due to better tiebreaks. In the U8 category, 3 players tied with 6/7 - Varad Patil, Nidhi Khinvasara and Advik Agrawal. Varad Patil won the 1st prize due to better tiebreaks.

Best Veteran player: Sunil Vaidya (1724), 4.5/7

Best Female player: Nihira Kaul (1295), 5/7

Best PCMC player: Vikas R Sharma (1957), 5/7

Best TMCA player: Sawant Sarvesh (1281), 5/7

Best specially abled player: Milind Samant (1552), 4/7

Best youngest player: Parnika Nanekar, U5 category

Best chess academy: TMCA (Tactical moves chess academy)

A total of 49 trophies were given to the players. |Photo: Shri Madhav Mulay

The Chief Guest of Prize distribution function was Shri Sachin Abhang, businessmen in accounting and also founder of 1. Institute of Technology and Corporate Education (CA Foundation courses and Diploma Courses for Graduation and MBA Students) & 2. Ask Logics Certified Tax Auditor and Member of MTPA. Along with him on dais, there was organizer Shri Pratik Mulay, founder of TMCA, having ELO rating 2115 points and USCF rating 2258 points. Pratik has won many Pune district chess championships. He has a teaching experience of more than 12 years as well as playing experience of more than 22 years. He is also a licensed FIDE instructor. Shri Shripad Joshi was also on the dais, he is by profession Tech expert. Another dignitary on dais was Shri Nagnath Halkude, international rated player as well as organizer of successful five rating events. Along with them on dais as a Chief Arbiter, IA Nitin Shenvi was doing anchoring of the event. The prizes were distributed by the hands of all the dignitaries present on dais.

Birds-eye view of the tournament hall. |Photo: Shri Madhav Mulay

Thanks to the Chief Arbiter of the tournament, IA Nitin Shenvi for sharing the photos and providing information about the tournament.

The Tactical Moves Chess Academy successively organized their 5th event on 1s t October, 2022. The event was organized in Chinchwade Lawns, Opposite River View Hotel, Chinchwad Pune. The team of arbiters who supported IA Nitin Shenvi are: FA Shardul Tapase, FA Pranav Tangsale, SA Nitin Undale, SA Uddhav Patil, SA Mali, Shri Shubham Chaturvedi, Shri Manvel Das, Shri Aadesh Ingale, Shri Shripad Joshi, Shri Krishna Sharma, Shri Deven Sharma, Shri Madhav Mulay (father of Pratik Ji), Shri Mayur Shinde, Shri Yogesh babu and others. The event was organized in four groups namely, open, U14, U10 and U08. Main task of photography was done by Shri Madhav Ji. In open category, there were a total 100 participants in which 53 were rated participants. In U14 category, there were a total of 74 participants out of which 21 were rated players. In U10 category, there were a total 55 participants in which 4 were rated participants and in U08 category, there were a total 73 participants in which 2 were rated participants.

Final standings

Rk.SNoNameTypsexRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 
11FMDixit Nikhil2206Others6,53531,75063
24Potawad Anirudhha1861Others6,53329,75063
32WIMAakanksha Hagawanew2062Others63226,00064
49Khairmode Dhanashreew1628Others628,524,50063
522Deshpande Omkar1345PCMC62722,00063
65Tamhankar Siddhant1843Others5,532,524,25051
717Dagariya Ceraw1440Others53523,00052
815Singla Aaryan1460Others53221,00053
918Muchandikar Shrikant1395PCMC531,520,00052
1024Joshi Aditya Shripad1344PCMC_TMCA53119,50053
117Om Nagnath Lamkane1714Others52918,50052
123Vikas R Sharma1957PCMC527,518,50052
1329Khenagre Umesh1284PCMC52717,00053
1439Harshal Naik1200Others526,518,00053
1532Halkude Nagnath1257526,516,00053


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