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Gibraltar GP R5: Abdumalik shocks Stefanova

by Shahid Ahmed - 27/05/2021

The fifth round of FIDE Gibraltar Women's GP also had 50% decisive results. Both Abdumalik and Mariya Muzychuk scored convincing victories against Stefanova and Bulmaga respectively to maintain their lead with 4.0/5. Paehtz was the only other victor in the round as she managed to turn things in her favor from a tumultuous position against Kashlinskaya. Lagno had a good opportunity which she did not capitalize and eventually made a draw with Anna Muzychuk. Both Paehtz and Lagno are now at 3.5/5. Round 6 starts today at 6:30 p.m. IST. Photo: John Saunders/FIDE

Abdumalik and Mariya maintain their lead

Both Zhansaya Abdumalik and Mariya Muzychuk scored emphatic victories against their opponents Antoaneta Stefanova and Irina Bulmaga to maintain their lead with 4.0/5. Elisabeth Paehtz turned things around from a difficult position against Alina Kashlinskaya and managed to score a victory to move to shared third place with Kateryna Lagno at 3.5/5

Stefanova got her queen trapped | Photo: John Saunders/FIDE

Abdumalik - Stefanova: 1-0

Stefanova loses her second consecutive game in Scotch 4...Qf6 line.

Position after 12...a4

12...a4 is a blunder which traps the black queen. Find out how. Abdumalik converted her advantage with ease and won the game.

Abdumalik is in very good form | Photo: David Llada/FIDE
Interview with Zhansaya Abdumalik | Video: FIDE

M Muzychuk - Bulmaga: 1-0

Mariya got an advantage early in the opening, later she gained and eventually converted it into a full point.

Position after 19...Kd7

Black needed to play 19...c5 as moving the king to d7 makes it vulnerable after 20.Red1+. Now black is either forced to give up a pawn or put the king in an uncomfortable position.

Mariya maintains her lead by beating Bulmaga | Photo: David Llada/FIDE
Interview with Mariya Muzychuk | Video: FIDE

Dzagnidze - Mammadzada: 0.5-0.5

Mammadzada held Dzagnidze to a solid draw. However she had a decent chance to damage her opponent's kingside.

Position after 25.b3

White needed to keep everything locked on the kingside with 25.h4. Instead 25.b3 gave black the opportunity to break the kingside wide open with 25...gxh3. The game continued with 25...h4 which is also good but it did not yield the desired result for black. Black's advantage evaporated and Dzagnidze managed to escape with a draw.

Mammadzada played some good chess against Dzagnidze | Photo: John Saunders/FIDE
Interview with Gunay Mammadzada | Video: FIDE

Kashlinskaya - Paehtz: 0-1

Paehtz went wrong early in the opening and Kashlinskaya managed to gain the upper hand.

Position after 9...Nfd7

9...Nfd7 allows white to do some tactics and weaken black's center. Black should have played 9...Nbd7 instead.

Position after 29...Rxh2

White needed to defend the f2-pawn and prevent black from regrouping all her pieces. 30.Rf5 was played in the game which did not add anything in the position for white and allowed black to slowly make a comeback starting with 30...Rxf2. Eventually black won the game.

Paehtz moves to the shared third place with 3.5/5 | Photo: John Saunders/FIDE
Interview with Elisabeth Paehtz | Video: FIDE

Gunina - Saduakassova: 1-0

Gunina exploited her opponent's IQP (Isolated queen's pawn) weakness in the endgame to convert it into a victory.

Position after 40...Rd8

Black needed to play a bit more actively like 40...Rc2 as 40...Rd8 drops the d5-pawn immediately after 41.Qd2. Rest was just a matter of technique.

Gunina scored her second victory of the tournament | Photo: John Saunders/FIDE
Interview with Valentina Gunina | Video: FIDE

Lagno - A Muzychuk: 0.5-0.5

Lagno could have landed Anna Muzychuk in a serious trouble in the middlegame but much to her chagrin, she did not play it.

Position after 22...Nxe4

Which is the best way for white to recapture on e4?

Lagno missed a good opportunity against Anna | Photo: John Saunders/FIDE
Interview with Anna Muzychuk | Video: FIDE

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Women's GP Gibraltar Round 5 with Nigel Short and Fiona Steil-Antoni | Video: FIDE

Round 5 Results

Abdumalik - Stefanova:  1-0

Mariya Muzychuk - Bulmaga: 1-0

Dzagnidze - Mammadzada: 0.5-0.5

Kashlinskaya - Paehtz: 0-1

Gunina - Saduakassova: 1-0

Lagno - Anna Muzychuk: 0.5-0.5



Everyday game starts at 6:30 p.m. IST except the last round which will be notified later.


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