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Dreamhack Rapid and Blitz 2023 starts tomorrow Friday 3rd November

by Shahid Ahmed - 02/11/2023

Dreamhack Rapid and Blitz 2023 starts tomorrow in Hyderabad, Telangana. Four GMs, nine IMs, a WGM and a WIM have confirmed their participation. Total ₹500000 prize fund is up for grabs, ₹300000 for Rapid and ₹200000 for Blitz. Entry is FREE for GM, IM, WGM and WIM. For everyone else, you have to buy a ticket as per your preference which includes participation in the chess tournament. A player can register for either Rapid or Blitz or both, as per their choice. This tournament is unlike any other as it takes place inside a gaming convention, which means loud music and noise will be there throughout the day. So if you haven't registered yet, do it right away. Whoever can block out the noise, focus on their game, will win big and clinch the championship!

4 GMs, 9 IMs, a WGM and a WIM are slated to take part

The confirmed 15 titled players as of this writing are - GM Sankalp Gupta, GM Karthik Venkataraman, GM Arjun Kalyan, GM Deepan Chakkravarthy, IM Nitish Belurkar, IM Sammed Jaykumar Shete, IM Viani Antonio Dcunha, IM FT Harikrishnan A Ra, IM Padmini Rout, IM Raahul V S, IM Ravi Teja S, IM Kushagra Mohan, IM Sharan Rao, WGM Priyanka Nutakki and WIM Harshita Guddanti.

The confirmed top seeds of Dreamhack Rapid and Blitz 2023
Chess at Dreamhack in Hyderabad is here with a prize fund of ₹500000 - 3rd to 5th November | Video: ChessBase India

Dreamhack Rapid and Blitz 2023 is offering a total of ₹500000 prize fund


Total prize fund for Rapid: ₹300000, for Blitz: ₹200000. Check out the image below for entire prize details of both Rapid and Blitz events:

Rapid prize details

Blitz prize details

Note: 31.2% tax will be deducted for prizes worth ₹10000 or more.


Four rounds of Rapid will take place on Friday 3rd November 2023. Five rounds of Rapid games will be played on Saturday 4th November 2023. Nine rounds of Blitz will happen on Sunday 5th November 2023. Check out the image below for the timings.

Dreamhack Rapid and Blitz schedule

Rules and Regulations

Check out the Rules and Regulations mentioned in the image below:

Dreamhack Rapid and Blitz 2023 Rules and Regulations

Entry fee/Tickets

FREE entry for GM, IM, WGM and WIM. For everyone else, please read carefully, buy the appropriate ticket for chess tournament(s) and your preference:


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Confirmed title players

GM Sankalp Gupta

GM Karthik Venkataraman

GM Arjun Kalyan | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

GM Deepan Chakkravarthy | Photo: Himank Ghosh

IM Nitish Belurkar | Photo: Himank Ghosh

IM Sammed Shete | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

IM Viani Antonio Dcunha | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

IM FT Harikrishnan A Ra | Photo: Biel Chess Festival

IM Padmini Rout

IM Raahul V S | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

IM Ravi Teja S | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

IM Kushagra Mohan | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

IM Sharan Rao | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

WGM Priyanka Nutakki

WIM Harshita Guddanti | Photo: Amruta Mokal

Players list in Rapid

1GMSankalp, Gupta5097010IND2430
2GMKarthik, Venkataraman25006479IND2426
3GMArjun, Kalyan35018701IND2389
4GMDeepan, Chakkravarthy J.5011132IND2338
5IMNitish, Belurkar5084768IND2321
6IMSammed Jaykumar, Shete5073421IND2280
7IMViani, Antonio Dcunha5027330IND2277
9IMPadmini, Rout5029295IND2274w
10IMRaahul, V S25035525IND2252
11IMRavi, Teja S.5017220IND2252
12IMKushagra, Mohan25033638IND2228
13WGMPriyanka, Nutakki25049615IND2205w
14Praveen, Prasad P.5014549IND2175
15FMMd, Imran25748580IND2171U15
16Bharat, Kumar Reddy Poluri46600353IND2170
17FMSharan, Rao5073464IND2154
18Aakash Sharadchandra, Dalvi25033220IND2131
19FMAditya, Varun Gampa45066183IND2109
20FMSingh, Rishpal S5004284IND2098
21Vignesh, Advaith Vemula25792059IND2048U15
22CMAmitpal, Singh5012899IND2044
23WIMHarshita, Guddanti25043250IND1997w
24Shivkumar, L.V.5006333IND1986
25Mehta, Jwalin25047191IND1971
26Satyanarayana, P.5012996IND1955
27WFMKheerthi, Ganta25626280IND1950w
28Vishal, Choudary B46660852IND1917
29Phatak, Aanjaneya46627936IND1908
30Sailesh, R25759876IND1904


Players list in Blitz

1GMSankalp, Gupta5097010IND2455
2GMKarthik, Venkataraman25006479IND2440
4IMRavi, Teja S.5017220IND2428
5GMArjun, Kalyan35018701IND2415
6IMViani, Antonio Dcunha5027330IND2391
7IMNitish, Belurkar5084768IND2374
8IMKushagra, Mohan25033638IND2358
9FMAditya, Varun Gampa45066183IND2326
10GMDeepan, Chakkravarthy J.5011132IND2306
11IMPadmini, Rout5029295IND2299w
12IMSammed Jaykumar, Shete5073421IND2296
13IMRaahul, V S25035525IND2286
14Aakash Sharadchandra, Dalvi25033220IND2267
15Praveen, Prasad P.5014549IND2264
16FMSharan, Rao5073464IND2236
17WGMPriyanka, Nutakki25049615IND2224w
18FMMd, Imran25748580IND2217U15
19Dhruva, Thota25996533IND2192U15
20Bharat, Kumar Reddy Poluri46600353IND2186
21WIMHarshita, Guddanti25043250IND2120w
22FMSingh, Rishpal S5004284IND2117
23Rao, J. Malleswara5010926IND2114
24CMAmitpal, Singh5012899IND2107
25Shivkumar, L.V.5006333IND2102
26Vignesh, Advaith Vemula25792059IND2050U15
27Vijaya, Bhaskar B.5026725IND2022
28Mehta, Jwalin25047191IND1986
29WFMKheerthi, Ganta25626280IND1974w
30Sri, Sai Baswanth P25088793IND1973



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