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Daakshin Arun and Sneha Halder win MPL 35th National Under-13 Open and Girls Chess Championships 2022

by Shahid Ahmed - 01/01/2023

CM Daakshin Arun (TN) and Sneha Halder (WB) scored an unbeaten 10/11 and 9.5/11 each respectively to win MPL 35th National Under-15 Open and Girls Chess Championship 2022 respecttively. Both of them finished a full point ahead of the competition. Daakshin did not face the remaining podium finishers. Sneha drew with the runner-up Sachi Jain (DEL) 8.5/11. Daeevik Wadhawan (DEL), Yash Bharadia (RAJ) and Dhruva Thota (TEL) scored 9/11 each. They were placed second, third and fourth; in the Girls, Sachi Jain, Saparya Ghosh (WB), Shreya G Hipparagi (MAH) and Sannidhi Ramakrishna Bhat (MAH) scored 9/11 each. They were adjudeged second to fiftth respectively. Photo: AICF

West Bengal and Delhi dominate the podium

Sneha Halder grabbed sole lead after the sixth round 6/6. She won the next two rounds, extending her lead by 1.5 points. No one was able to catch her for the remainder of the tournament.. Total prize fund of the tournament was ₹400000 in each section. Top three prizes were ₹80000, ₹60000 and ₹48000 along with a trophy each.

Sneha Halder (WB) and CM Daakshin Arun are the winners of MPL 35th National Under-13 Girls and Open Chess Championships 2022 | Photo: AICF

Champion in Open - CM Daakshin Arun (TN) 10/11 | Photo: AICF

Champion in Girls - Sneha Halder (WB) 9.5/11 | Photo: AICF

Open Runner-up - Daaevik Wadhawan (DEL) 9/11 | Photo: Delhi Chess Association

Girls Runner-up - Sachi Jain (DEL) 8.5/11 | Photo: Pondicherry Chess Association

Open Second Runner-up - Yash Bharadia (RAJ) 9/11

Girls Second Runner-up - Saparya Ghosh(WB) 8.5/11

Open: Daakshin Arun 10/11

CM Daakshin Arun (TN, 1982) started with six wins before making a draw with the top seed of the tournament, CM Akshay Borgaonkar (MAH, 2135). He won the next two games, drew the penultimate round and had a half point lead heading into the final round. A draw probably would have sufficed, still Daakshin played for a win against Arjun Adireddy (TEL, 1980) and that is what he achieved.

Daakshin - Arjun, Round 11

Position after 22...Qxf3?

22...Qxf3 seems to be correct but it is actually not the best move. 23.Rd3 getting rid of the queen from the long diagonal before it starts making some deadly battery on it with the bishop. 23...Qh5 24.exf6+ Kxh6 25.Ne4 g5 26.Rg3 Rg8 27.Kg2 Bc8 28.h4 g4 29.Qd2+ Kg6 30.Rc5 and White went on to win the game. 22...Kxh6 is what the computer suggests to be the best continuation. Of course, it seems very artificial and difficult for a human to consider it seriously.

CM Daakshin Arun has won his first National title | Photo: Aditya Sur Roy

CM Daakshin Arun scored an unbeaten 10/11 and gained 56 Elo rating points

Girls: Sneha Halder 9.5/11

Sneha Halder (WB, 1613) got a walk over in the first round. She then went on to win her next seven games consecutively before finishing the tournament with three draws to win it 9.5/11. She finished a full point ahead of the field. Five months ago, Sneha finished runner-up in MPL 32nd National Under-17 Girls Chess Championship 2022.

Jeevika - Sneha, Round 5

Position after 19.Bg5

Sneha made a very nice strategical exchange sacrifice 19...Rxg5. Although there is nothing definite for Black, White lagging in the development department of her pieces certainly gives her the initiative. 20.hxg5 Bf4 21.b6 a6 22.bxc7 Qxc7 23.Kf1 h4 24.Ke2 h3 and Black is completely winning.

The reigning West Bengal State Under-13 Girls champion, Sneha Halder clinched her second National title | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Sneha Halder scored 9.5/11, remained undefeated and gained 41.6 Elo rating points

Pondicherry players along with the officials | Photo: Pondicherry Chess Association

A total of 328 players in the Open and 169 players in the Girls tournament took part. It was organized by Pondicherry Chess Association at Amalorpavam Higher Secondary School, Pondicherry from 11th to 18th December 2022. The eleven-round Swiss league tournament had a time control of 90 minutes + 30 seconds increment from move no.1.

Replay Open Round 1-11 games

Replay Girls Round 1-11 games

Open Round 11 results

13CMDaakshin Arun1982Tamil Nadu91 - 0Arjun Adireddy1980Telangana4PGN
215Daaevik Wadhawan1780Delhi81 - 0Sriram Adarsh Uppala1685Telangana22PGN
311Apoorv Kamble1814Karnataka80 - 18Bharadia Yash2117Rajasthan2PGN
419Dhruva Thota1729Telangana81 - 08Mrinmoy Rajkhowa1646Assam32PGN
51CMBorgaonkar Akshay2135Maharashtra0 - 1Advaitt Srikant Koduri1652Uttar Pradesh29PGN
66Goutham Krishna H1896Kerala1 - 0Saisarvesh S1427Tamil Nadu88PGN
723Raghav V1668Tamil Nadu½ - ½Shaun Deon Sequeira1566Karnataka45PGN
85Dhyey Agarwal1903Gujarat71 - 07Adharsh K1630Tamil Nadu34PGN
936Swarna Nihal1610Andhra Pradesh7½ - ½7Aarav Sinha1854Delhi8PGN
109Aakash G1830Tamil Nadu70 - 17Vignesh Advaith Vemula1600Telangana39PGN


Final standings

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4 
13CMDaakshin ArunIND1982Tamil Nadu1078,58577,000
215Daaevik WadhawanIND1780Delhi975,581,565,500
32Bharadia YashIND2117Rajasthan974,57963,500
419Dhruva ThotaIND1729Telangana97377,562,750
56Goutham Krishna HIND1896Kerala8,575,58161,000
64Arjun AdireddyIND1980Telangana8,57579,557,500
722Sriram Adarsh UppalaIND1685Telangana8,572,577,557,500
829Advaitt Srikant KoduriIND1652Uttar Pradesh8,57277,554,750
921Arshpreet SinghIND1713Haryana879,584,557,750
105Dhyey AgarwalIND1903Gujarat877,58356,250
1150Prathamesh Sainath SherlaIND1546Maharashtra873,578,553,500
1230Gaikwad ManasIND1652Maharashtra8737851,000
1312Shankhodip DeIND1809West Bengal8727754,750
1411Apoorv KambleIND1814Karnataka87176,554,000
1532Mrinmoy RajkhowaIND1646Assam870,575,551,000
1653Haridev SIND1516Tamil Nadu87075,552,000
1731Pranav K PIND1652Tamil Nadu8707552,250
1845Shaun Deon SequeiraIND1566Karnataka868,57349,500
1923Raghav VIND1668Tamil Nadu8687248,750
2024Agarwal Mukund HIND1662Gujarat867,573,553,000


Girls Round 11 results

110Sani Deshpande1482Maharashtra½ - ½9Sneha Halder1613West Bengal3PGN
22Sachi Jain1617Delhi8½ - ½8Saparya Ghosh1563West Bengal4PGN
35Divya Sharad Patil1559Maharashtra½ - ½Lakshana Subramanian1342Tamil Nadu30PGN
47Shreya G Hipparagi1526Maharashtra1 - 0Debapriya Manna1478West Bengal12PGN
519Bhat Sannidhi Ramakrishna1394Maharashtra1 - 0AFMAadya Gupta1350Delhi29PGN
636Akshaya Sathi1305Karnataka70 - 17Sherali Pattnaik1512Uttarakhand8PGN
715Jeevika S1438Puducherry71 - 07Pournami S1352Kerala28PGN
841Drishtee Ghosh1277Karnataka71 - 07Amrutha Varshini Damisetty1410Andhra Pradesh17PGN
942Sahana Shainsha1276Tamil Nadu7½ - ½7AFMSanikommu Manasvi1375Karnataka22PGN
1024Asmita Avijit Ray1367Goa70 - 17Shradha Smaranika Nanda1218Odisha55PGN


Final standings

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 
13Sneha HalderIND1613West Bengal9,577,582,570,5008
22Sachi JainIND1617Delhi8,57378,559,2507
34Saparya GhoshIND1563West Bengal8,572,57859,0007
47Shreya G HipparagiIND1526Maharashtra8,57175,556,5007
519Bhat Sannidhi RamakrishnaIND1394Maharashtra8,567,572,553,2508
65Divya Sharad PatilIND1559Maharashtra87479,555,5006
730Lakshana SubramanianIND1342Tamil Nadu8727651,0006
88Sherali PattnaikIND1512Uttarakhand871,57652,7507
941Drishtee GhoshIND1277Karnataka87173,550,2507
1010Sani DeshpandeIND1482Maharashtra86872,550,2507
1115Jeevika SIND1438Puducherry8677249,5007
1255Shradha Smaranika NandaIND1218Odisha863,56847,7507
1329AFMAadya GuptaIND1350Delhi7,578,58354,5005
1442Sahana ShainshaIND1276Tamil Nadu7,5727548,5006
151Arshiya DasIND1640Tripura7,5717648,5007
1622AFMSanikommu ManasviIND1375Karnataka7,57175,547,5006
1725Aadhya JainIND1362Delhi7,57074,548,5005
1844Nafila AIND1268Tamil Nadu7,569,57245,5007
1912Debapriya MannaIND1478West Bengal7,56974,546,7507
2014AFMTheephigaa K PIND1448Tamil Nadu7,5646945,7507


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