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Antonio Viani dominates 2nd Kudremukh All India Rapid Rating 2019

by Shahid Ahmed - 17/12/2019

Starting out as the top seed of the tournament and after winning double in France, Antonio Viani was absolutely in top form. He scored 9.0/9 and won the championship a full point of the competition. He received ₹30000 cash and a huge beautiful trophy for his efforts. Both Sharan Rao and Sooraj M R scored 8.0/9 each and they were placed second and third respectively. Total 330 players participated from five states across the country in this two-day rapid rating tournament. Total cash prize ₹200000 and 165 trophies were distributed among the prize winners. The tournament was organized by KIOCL Ltd. on 7th and 8th December 2019. Photo: KIOCL Ltd.

Viani becomes champion with a 100% score

Top seed of the tournament IM Viani Antonio D'cunha scored 100% by winning all his games and finishing with 9.0/9, a full point ahead of the remaining podium finishers. Both Sharan Rao and Sooraj M R scored 8.0/9, they were placed second and third according to their tie-break score.

All prize winners | Photo: KIOCL Ltd.

Viani's clean sheet gained him 20 Elo rating points along with the championship

Lighting of the lamp at the Inauguration Ceremony | Photo: KIOCL Ltd.

Inaugurating the function, the Chief guest, the Chairman of New Mangalore Port Trust (NMPT), Mr. Venkata Ramana Akkaraju, said that “As the physical sports gives activity for the body, chess is a sport which keeps our mind healthy and active”. The event was presided by the Chairman cum Managing Director of KIOCL Mr.M V Subba Rao and the guests of honour were Director (Finance) Mr. S K Gorai, General Manager (HR) Mr. S Rajendra, General Manager (Mangalore) Mr. Roque D’souza and the International Arbiter Mr. B H Vasanth. The programme commenced by lighting the lamp and inauguration of trophies followed by the Chess game inauguration by moving the pawns on the Demo Chess Board by the NMPT Chairman and KIOCL CMD.

Main Tournament hall | Photo: KIOCL Ltd.

Tournament hall two | Photo: KIOCL Ltd.

Trophies being unveiled | Photo: KIOCL Ltd.

The beautiful trophies are well decorated | Photo: KIOCL Ltd.

It is obviously difficult to bring 165 trophies in a single frame | Photo: KIOCL Ltd.

Total 330 players participated from five states - Goa, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu, across the country in this two-day All India Open Rapid Rating tournament organized by KIOCL Ltd. Panambur, Mangalore, Karnataka. Total cash prize 200000 and 165 trophies were distributed as part of the prizes.

Feedback of the participants

Sir you and your teams are very greatful. Every team members struggled for anything day and night to make it a grand success especially their politeness, kindness hospitality too great - food, match, stage arrangements are well constructed. One request is that from next year please make residential arrangement if possible by taking extra payment from those in need than entry fee for tournament. I hope you will do so.

- Shiva Prasad


The event was very well organized in terms of every aspect of the event like seating, food, time schedule and all the staff were polite, cooperative and supportive. I congratulate all the people who invested their valuable time and energy to make the event successful.

- Deepa Kamath


I would like to congratulate organisers, KIOCL staff for organising 2nd Kudremukh trophy chess tournament .The organising committee were very cooperative & all arrangements excellently organised. The organisers were very much concerned not only about participating chess players but also parents accompanying players. I once again congratulate your team & specially to arbiter Vasant BH for the success of tournament I wish you all the best for 3rd Kudremukh trophy.

- Atish Angle



Final Standings

Rk.SNoNameTypsexFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
11IMViani Antonio DcunhaIND2356Kar_DK9,00,051,553,5
28Sharan RaoIND1847Kar_DK8,00,052,557,0
39Sooraj M RIND1839Ker8,00,047,047,5
43Syed Anwar ShazuliIND2179ICF7,50,055,559,5
511Praveen KamathIND1683Kar_DK7,50,045,547,5
618Swarnangshu GhoshIND1572Kar7,00,052,557,5
74Augustin AIND2082Kar7,00,052,056,5
85Swaraj PalitIND2004Jha7,00,051,052,5
96Balkishan A.IND1999Kar7,00,050,553,5
1023AIMPankaj BhatU13IND1535Kar_DK7,00,050,055,0
1120Shiva Chethan HalamaneU13IND1547Kar_DK7,00,049,554,0
1222Roshan HariU15IND1537KER7,00,049,552,5
1326Nitish BhatIND1509Kar7,00,049,052,0
1414AIMAbhijit ChutiaIND1639Kar7,00,048,550,5
1517Prasanna SwamywIND1588Goa7,00,047,551,5
167Ajeesh AntonyIND1854Ker7,00,047,052,0
1712Hermon Dain SaldanhaIND1652Kar_DK7,00,046,049,0
19Devi Das Suresh PaiIND1562Kar7,00,046,049,0
1932Nitin M PaiIND1447Ker7,00,045,550,0
2095Narayan IyengarU15IND1125Kar7,00,044,547,0
2125Karthik RajU13IND1518Ker6,50,050,554,0
2233AFMDhanush Ram MU13IND1439Kar_DK6,50,049,553,5
2341AGMRenganayaki VF13wIND1353Kar6,50,049,552,5
2446Parab RishikeshU15IND1318Goa6,50,048,051,0
25149Nishanth DsouzaU13IND1019Kar6,50,045,549,5
2658Ajay Krishna DIND1235Kar_DK6,50,045,548,5
2710Ramachandra BhatS60IND1769Kar6,50,044,549,0
2924Nayaz AhamadIND1534Kar6,50,044,048,0
3049Anoop PIND1297Ker6,50,044,048,0

Complete standings

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