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IM Nitish Belurkar wins the 1st Indore International GM Open

by Himank Ghosh - 23/04/2023

An exciting final round decided the winner of the 1st Indore International GM Open 2023! In the 10th round, IM Nitish Belurkar continued his fantastic form and defeated FM Harsh Suresh in the first board. The battle between IM Viani Antonio Dcunha and IM Ameya Audi in the 2nd board was a messy one, but Viani was the one who managed to come out on top. Both Viani and Nitish finished with 8.5/10, but Nitish became the champion due to better tiebreaks! Viani stood 2nd, and the experienced Polish Grandmaster Michal Krasenkow finished 3rd. IM Padmini Rout became the best women player of the event! | Photo: Himank Ghosh

Finishing with a win in the final round

IM Nitish Belurkar was leading the event before the final round with 7.5/9, and so was IM Viani Antonio Dcunha. In order to have chances for the podium position, it was necessary to try for a win! That's exactly what Nitish did with the White pieces against FM Harsh Suresh in the final round.

IM Nitish Belurkar showed fantastic consistency throughout the event | Photo: Himank Ghosh

Round 10: IM Nitish Belurkar - FM Harsh Suresh: 1-0

IM Nitish Belurkar (left) - FM Harsh Suresh | Photo: Himank Ghosh

Harsh had just completed his IM Norm in the previous round, so he was also in a fighting mood in the last round. Probably that's why he went for the Modern defense with the Black pieces! But Nitish started taking the upper hand from the opening itself:

Position after 11...c5?

Black's position is already not very good, but 11...c5 is a considerably large mistake. All of White's pieces are developed and connected with each other - now White simply continue 12. dxc5 and is a full pawn up. It's not possible to win back the c5-pawn like in most cases, because it is defended by the Bishop and can be defended by a3-b4 later, which is exactly what Nitish did in a few more moves!

Position after 26. c6!

White had a completely winning position relatively early in the game, but 26. c6 seals the deal. The Black queenside is tore open, and now the White major pieces will infiltrate. Black resigned after 26....bxc6 27.Qc3 Qc7 28. Rxg4 fxg4 29. Rh4 Kb7 30. Qc5 Qd8 31. Qa7+ Kc8 32. Bb6!

IM Ameya Audi - IM Viani Antonio Dcunha: 0-1

The exciting 2nd board clash between IM Ameya Audi (left) and IM Viani Antonio Dcunha (right). | Photo: Himank Ghosh

Viani was in a must-win situation with the Black pieces for chances of finishing 1st. But IM Ameya Audi wasn't going to give up easy - with a win. he good chances of a top 3 finish! The resulting game was an extremely chaotic one in the Sicilian Najdorf:

Position after 18. Qf2

A typical complex position from the Najdorf. White is creating threats on the Black king, and Black has a lot of Queenside activity. Black made a mistake here, but it went unpunished:

Position after 18...e5?

This is a tactical error, but the refutation is not so easy to spot. In this position, White should play Rxf7! exd4 Nd5! Bxd5 exd5 Be7 Re1 Rc7 Bd3, and has a winning position. Instead, White continued with 19. Nd5 Bxd5? and Black is still okay. After some topsy-turvy action, it was White who made the final error:

Position after 23. Rf1

This was the deciding error in the game. Ameya should've continued with Bf1 - even though Black is better, White can hold on. But 23.Rf1 is met with 23...Nf4! and Black will lose material now. Viani went on to win the game comfortably in the next few moves.

Both IMs Nitish Belurkar and Viani Antonio Dcunha finished with 8.5/10. But due to better tiebreaks, IM Nitish Belurkar became the Champion of 1st Indore International GM Open!

Champion - IM Nitish Belurkar, 8.5/10

IM Nitish Belurkar wins the biggest tournament of his career - The 1st Indore International GM Open | Video: ChessBase India

1st runner-up - IM Viani Antonio Dcunha, 8.5/10

GM Michal Krasenkow - Kaustav Kundu: 1-0

Michal Krasenkow (right) - Kaustav Kundu (left) | Photo: Himank Ghosh 

GM Michal Krasenkow had a slow start, but started picking up pace in the final rounds. In the last round, he was facing Kaustav Kundu, and had a better position for the majority of the game. But Kaustav fought back, and the players entered an even endgame. Late in the endgame, Kaustav went wrong:

Position after 45...b3

Black does have enough compensation for the piece with his 2 strong passers, but this is a big mistake. You have to remove your Rook from the pin first with ...Rc4, and only then ...b3 is good. But 45...b3 directly is met by the beautiful 46. Rd1! Ra1# is the main threat, and ...b2 is met with Nxb2! Rxd1 Nxd1, and the White h-pawn marches forward. The game continued 46....Ka2 47. Nc1+ Kb2 48. Rxd4 and Black resigned soon.

Thanks to this win in the final round, GM Michal Krasenkow took the 3rd position in the 1st Indore International GM Open!

Second runner-up: Grandmaster Michal Krasenkow, 7.5 /10 | Photo: Himank Ghosh

The top 3 finishers of the tournament together | Photo: Himank Ghosh

4th : GM Aronyak Ghosh, 7.5/10 | Photo: Himank Ghosh

5th: GM Deepan Chakkravarthy, 7.5/10 | Photo: Himank Ghosh

6th: IM Utsab Chatterjee, 7.5/10 | Photo: Himank Ghosh

7th: IM Anuj Shrivatri, 7.5/10 | Photo: Himank Ghosh

8th: GM Mikheil Mchedlishvili, 7/10 | Photo: Himank Ghosh

9th: FM Harsh Suresh, 7/10 | Photo: Himank Ghosh

10th: GM Boris Savchenko, 7/10 | Photo: Himank Ghosh

Best female player - IM Padmini Rout, 7/10 | Photo: Himank Ghosh

Special Achievements

FM Harsh Suresh scored his maiden IM-norm at the 1st Indore International GM Open! | Photo: Himank Ghosh
FM Harsh Suresh gets his 1st IM Norm at the 1st Indore GM Open! | Video: ChessBase India

IM Ameya Audi won the best game prize for his fantastic 6th round win against GM Dzhumaev Marat! | Photo: Himank Ghosh
The Audi Immortal | Best game of the 1st Indore GM Open 2023 | Video: ChessBase India

Anastasiya Soboleva won the "best dress" prize for this beautiful attire! | Photo: Himank Ghosh

Photo and Video Gallery

The full Arbiter team at the 1st Indore International GM Open | Photo: Himank Ghosh
An interview with one of India's best Arbiters - IA Swapnil Bansod | 1st Indore GM Open | Video: ChessBase India

The complete Volunteer team which made the 1st Indore GM Open successful | Photo: Himank Ghosh

Grandmaster Abhijit Kunte was the chief guest on the final day | Photo: Himank Ghosh
"This will be a very even match!" India's 4th GM, Abhijit Kunte | 1st Indore GM Open | Video: ChessBase India

A view of the hall during the prize distribution ceremony | Photo: Himank Ghosh
How's the Chess scene in Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan? | Interview with GM Dzhumaev Marat | Indore GM
IM Akshat Khamparia - The man behind the 1st Indore International GM Open | Video: ChessBase India

The author of these lines took a selfie with IMs Nitish Belurkar and Viani Antonio Dcunha - the champion and runner-up of the 1st Indore International GM Open! 

For more photos, check out our Facebook album.

All the Round 10 games

Round 10 results

Bo.No. NameGrTypRtgClub/CityPts.ResultPts.NameGrTypRtgClub/City No.PGN
IMNitish, Belurkar2426GOA1 - 07FMHarsh, SureshU192261TN
IMAudi, Ameya2387GOA70 - 1IMViani, Antonio Dcunha2385KAR
IMAronyak, Ghosh2534WB7½ - ½7GMDeepan, Chakkravarthy J.2432ICF
GMMchedlishvili, Mikheil2568GEO½ - ½IMMehar, Chinna Reddy C.H.2405TEL
IMPadmini, Rout2388ODI½ - ½GMSavchenko, Boris2540FID
GMKrasenkow, MichalS602527POL1 - 0Kaustuv, Kundu2217WB
IMUtsab, Chatterjee2338WB1 - 0GMPaichadze, Luka2515GEO
GMTeterev, Vitaly2377FID½ - ½GMMirzoev, Azer2437AZE
Arpan, Das1981WB½ - ½GMStupak, Kirill2413FID
IMAnuj, ShrivatriU192407MP1 - 0Dhananjay, S2234CG
GMFedorov, Alexei2477FID61 - 0Dhruva, ThotaU191705TEL
GMPantsulaia, Levan2597GEO61 - 06IMSaravana, Krishnan P.2284TN
FMZhakshylykov, ErzhanU192274KGZ6½ - ½6IMNeelash, Saha2444WB
IMSrihari, L RU192432TN61 - 06AGMVignesh, BU192262TN
GMHossain, Enamul2404BAN6½ - ½6Dere, Pushkar2152MAH
IMRatnakaran, K.2275RLYS6½ - ½6IMNitin, S.2398TN
AFMPawar, HarshitU191992DEL6½ - ½6Subhayan, Kundu2363WB
Goutham, Krishna HU191990KER60 - 16FMRitviz, Parab2328GOA
FMWagh, Suyog2313MAH61 - 06FMMatta, Vinay Kumar2190UBI
IMRaahul, V S2306TN61 - 06Uddipan, RoyU191800WB

All Round 10 results

Final Standings

Rk.SNo NameTypsexFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 RpKrtg+/-
IMNitish, BelurkarIND2426GOA8,562,566,555,000726111024,3
IMViani, Antonio DcunhaIND2385KAR8,560,564,553,750725591026,9
GMKrasenkow, MichalS60POL2527POL7,559,56547,0006239510-9
IMAronyak, GhoshIND2534WB7,559,56445,00052497100,2
GMDeepan, Chakkravarthy J.IND2432ICF7,5576144,00052381103
IMUtsab, ChatterjeeIND2338WB7,5515541,00072336105,7
IMAnuj, ShrivatriU19IND2407MP7,550,554,540,5006228410-5,3
GMMchedlishvili, MikheilGEO2568GEO7606545,0004239510-11
FMHarsh, SureshU19IND2261TN7606543,000624432054,8
GMSavchenko, BorisFID2540FID7586241,7506237310-9,8
IMAudi, AmeyaIND2387GOA7586239,75062422109,4
GMPantsulaia, LevanGEO2597GEO757,56342,7506229710-20,3
FMRitviz, ParabIND2328GOA757,561,538,500723252011,6
GMStupak, KirillFID2413FID757,56038,25042400104,9
GMFedorov, AlexeiFID2477FID755,56142,0005223810-16,3
IMPadmini, RoutwIND2388ODI754,55940,0005229610-4,3
Arpan, DasIND1981WB754,556,535,500623602087,8
GMMirzoev, AzerAZE2437AZE7545839,2506227910-9
FMWagh, SuyogIND2313MAH75357,537,75062252200
IMMehar, Chinna Reddy C.H.IND2405TEL752,55739,0005218410-14,9

Full standings

The 1st Indore International GM Open 2023 is taking place in Emerald Heights International School, Indore. The total prize fund of this mega event is Rs. 33 lakhs. The event is being organized by the Malwanchal Chess Club and All Indore Chess Federation, under the Madhya Pradesh Ad Hoc Chess Committee. This is a 10-round classical swiss event which will run from 1st April 2023 - 8th April 2023. The time control of the event is 90 minutes +30 seconds increment. The 10th and final round started from 8th April 10 AM IST, and the final prize distribution ceremony started from 4 PM IST.

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